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  1. intro things :D

    Hey! I don't really know what I'm doing, but it seems like the thing to do is to write a bit about myself, so here goes. You can call me Jane! I'm into art, music, writing, reading, films, comics, etc... I just kind of dabble around in anything I find interesting. By daytime I'm an art student, by nighttime I'm a sleep-deprived art student (trust me-- they are entirely different beings). I love The Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens, my cat, Radiohead, Franz Kafka, surrealist paintings, and podcasts. Though I've been reading Cicada for years, I'm very new to the slam. I look forward to getting to know this site, and all of you creators out there, a little bit better!
  2. spiders against stargazing

    yellowing light and busy hands. i like your eyes, I search crowds for the back of your neck. bet you didn't know. you make me laugh, you make me feel happy so i ask for this light. light and your time, light and your time. i don't ask for a whole lot from you. i try to try to be a better person. is change a myth fed to us by bright colors and cheerful music? I'll never know the answers i don't know the questions, either i'm letting it all settle into my skin: dust suspended mid-air, particles of light, your hands on the piano, stargazing blankets, but watch for spiders until all the film is exposed and i can make sense of what was of what could be we'll see it all in glorious technicolor connect the dots, constellation
  3. ode to the visible universe (tw death mentions)

    This is a stunning poem. Another commenter used the word 'haunting', which seems like the perfect word to describe it. I also thought your use of parentheses was clever, and all the references you make to astronomy and mythology give your poem a depth that is difficult to achieve-- difficult, yet brilliant. Please keep writing! I really enjoyed this and would love to see more of your work.