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  1. The only problem with the digital Cicada is that I keep trying to comment on the magazine and that's not how logic works.


    @conradbirdie @drowntown @queenie_flower @Short_comedian @thepensword Agnes wasn't about to pretend the gun didn't freak her out, but she was more concerned about how fragile the others seemed. Even if she knew near nothing about them, Caenus had let her stay here, and June was a badass, and Nick looked like he was in a chrysalis, and Harley's love for Four was more than she had ever seen before.... But oh God, here came a gun flying at her, and guns were dangerous if you didn't know how to use them. After she caught it Agnes just stared at the gun in her hand. "Oh, sure," she said. She headed into the bedroom and stared at what she assumed was the safe. "Hey Caenus, can you open this thing?"
  3. Dinosaur train was my favorite when I was a kid 

    1. The Invincible Troodon

      The Invincible Troodon

      Yuss! To be honest I saw it for the first time when I was about eight, but dinosaurs were always my favorite, and that show speaks to me.

      P.S. Not in a weird way, just in an, um, slightly less weird way.

  4. Looking ahead/Checking in

    I was wondering? If there was a way to save? Some other people's stuff here? Instead of having it in a document somewhere else? Or copied into a notebook? Or however else you guys don't lose them? Because I have a lot of question marks here?

    @conradbirdie @drowntown @queenie_flower @Short_comedian @thepensword "Oh wow, thanks!" Agnes took the keys from Harley and ran out of the apartment to his car and searched around for a while before she found the phone. She decided it would be better to think out here, where there weren't guns or AIs or Oreos. She struggled to remember her brother's phone number, but once she had punched it in there were still no ideas. Craning her head to look up and down the quiet street, Agnes settled on: Hey Simon, it's Agnes and I'm fine, just staying with some friends for a while. Let me know if Pearl has the baby. Was that too blunt? And friends was a bit of a stretch for people she had just met tonight. Anything else and he would panic, though, so she sent it, and on second thought, deleted the message from Harley's phone. You could never be too careful. Then she went inside.
  6. uh... so I'm glad the rp is alive again but the whole thing's just...

    everyone: *beautiful characters* *moving the plot along somewhat*

    me: um, have some lame inner monologue and Agnes sitting in a corner being shy as hell

    1. queenie_flower


      Dude I have no idea what I’m doing at all times I’m just decent at dialogue-heavy character-based storylines Agnes is precious


    @queenie_flower @thepensword @Short_comedian @conradbirdie "I'd prefer if you just called me Agnes, or, you know, well, anything, never mind, Agnes is cool." She was trying way too hard. Nothing good would come of pretending to be popular, or assertive, or mature. Four's occasional whirring sounded soothing from across the room. Caenus was easily the most nonchalant person in the entire world, and everyone else, albeit in a tight spot, was rather put together. Oddly she wasn't that stressed either. "Hey Four," Agnes whispered. "Can you send texts or something?" If her family was organizing search parties she might as well let them know she was okay. Even if it looked like she would be eating nothing but junk food for the rest of her time here.
  8. The Glass Wall

    The door is open at a ninety-degree angle and my view down the hallway is completely straight. The wall on the right is made of glass, and the left, wood. Through the glass I can see nothing from this angle but the reflection of the lights in the hallway and the pattern of the wood. The sooner I make the run from this room to the other end of the hall, the less likely it is that the policeman will be on the other side of the glass waiting to stop me. However, if he is already on the other side, he cannot see me from this room, nor I him. Should I run now, and he is not yet here, then I will make it, or, if he shows up while I am running, I will make it, but then I will die. Should I run now and he is waiting on the other side of the glass, then he will shoot me. The policeman is not a policeman right now, though he is in uniform. The reason he is no longer a policeman is on the other side of the hall. This is his house, but I know it as well as he does. I sold it to him for this express purpose, to trap him, and while I am effectively trapped by him, I know he is just as stuck as I am. We are waiting. The room I am in used to be mine, as did the hall and the room at the other end. The money he gave me for them was fake, and although I knew this at the time it means these rooms are mine, and the policeman is the intruder. Based on my knowledge of his routines he is likely watching the glass now. As I step forward I hear his gun move towards me. I can see his silhouette in the dark. I run, and as I stumble into the room across the hall the glass shatters. I hold the evidence in front of my face for a moment, before I look at the policeman, and he starts to aim, and my son’s bullet hits me in the chest.

    oh god I had finals! did it die? RESUSCITATE! I drew all your characters they can't leave now!
  10. I have all this honors work that I've been putting off, but turns out most of it's creative writing and that's my jam so life is good after all!


    @Short_comedian @drowntown @conradbirdie @queenie_flower "Tell me about it," Agnes muttered. She shrugged off her coat despite the chilliness of the apartment and squatted across the room from Unit Four and their new fans (and old ones if you were counting hardware). She set down her bowl and said bluntly: "If any of you get the cops over here I will possess this coat when I die and haunt you with it forever." That had sounded way cooler inside of her head. Time to change the subject again. "Are there any cats in here? Dogs, lizards, fish? A herd of mustangs?" Agnes could use an animal to befriend. The faster and toothier the better. (Note: Is toothier a real word? Because if so I'm using it in everything from now on.)

    Lost-looking? No thank you. Call her parents? This would not be good. Then again, her actual parents? One was dead and the other hadn't lived with her in ages. She supposed her brother was "in charge" but he pretty much left her alone. "Look, I'm not the charity case you seem to think I am, okay? I know how to take care of myself and I will do as I please. How much older are you?" Agnes snapped. She angrily stabbed her ramen with a patterned fork before looking up again. @Short_comedian @drowntown @queenie_flower @conradbirdie