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  1. discord

    https://discord.gg/Rzwk42 @bluebird
  2. I know this is bad but if anyone has advice please let me know

    I really like this, and I appreciate the variation in paragraph size, which corresponds well with the flow of the writing. [insert thumbs up here] I'd love to read the whole thing if you're considering publishing it. If you want advice on anything, I'd point out that if you attach a segment of dialogue to another fragment of non-dialogue without special punctuation (!, ?, etc) you should use a comma and not a period. For example: would be "Elise, dear, calm down," Aunt Delilah says, glancing at me from the table. Other than that it flows well, but that repeated grammar issue just pulled me out of the story sometimes. I want to read the whole story now! It's an interesting story.
  3. So sorry!!

    @Autumn Thank you so much! I'm glad that it was just a malfunction because part of me wondered if the site had just been shut down and abandoned Roanoke Island style, but it's good to be back.
  4. Weekly Poll: Are you a morning person or a night person?

    What if... hear me out... I'm always awake.
  5. How is it that whenever my grade is at stake I lose all my ability to write?

  6. Fashion

    we are the goon squad & we're coming to town *beep, beep*
  7. Mama's face

    @hayfevered Yeah, I remembered. Thanks!
  8. Star sisters

    heyyyyy please help @ everyone
  9. Star sisters

    Two star sisters, too busy for time Grew up in a house a bit like mine A few more windows A few more birds But if you were to describe it you would use similar words So what became of the gross-green sides? What was the fate of the light-leaning leaves? When you wake up what cracks do you see in the plaster? Or have you taken to sleeping past dawn? Star sister, your grease-gleaming puckered skin used to reflect light like the spotted moon Your deep blue veins flew out like flares from your wrists Star sister, you were never pretty, but you still made a sweet poem One star sister, empty as rhyme Her home merely a place to dine New curtains for the windows New roof spikes for the birds And none of it's that different now from my life, or yours
  10. Mama's face

    @Ainm Your assistance is requested.
  11. Mama's face

    I find no solace in safety The curling breathing breakingness of pain gives me more opportunity for introspection Than quiet rooms or soft sandy coves I adjust So quickly I forget Everything but today My face changes every hour. My Mama is different. Seeing her face reminds me of a thousand things Like the paintings of a blind man, Her skin is all furrows and bumps Coiled, hardened hair. I have painted over the canvas of her So many times I can feel yesterday’s expressions beneath the surface. My Mama does not let go. I dreamt that I was full of medicine That even in the hospital there was a half chance I would survive Half chance I would not. I asked her “talk to me” but she was silent. Grabbing my body she threw me into cars, beds tables. 50% chance that I would die before I ever caught her eye. Her too busy worried about whether I would decay Than if, should I live, I would ever be okay. That’s Mama. Perhaps, It’s fair. Sometimes my Mama touches my hair. I wonder if she feels its smoothness And wonders how I forget so quickly. But I hold nothing. Sometimes I wish I worked in a mine. My weak heart and frail limbs could bend and twist and shudder. As I so frequently bend against what is probable, With each day a half-chance to make it out alive, I would arch my spine And I would, perhaps, survive. There’s no point in holding on. There’s no reason to step back. I cut off my hair where it began to tangle I rode the bus back home where I paint the face of Mama again I wait for my hands to finally rest When there are no more faces to paint, and night falls.
  12. Weekly Poll: How did you celebrate Earth Day?

    I really did congratulate a duck on Earth day. How did they know?
  13. Sorry for not posting any of my writing lately... I have two poems I'll probably post soon, but until I get more of my schoolwork out of the way I'll have to keep lurking.

  14. On Forensic Anthropology

    Oh dear. This.... This I had not considered.