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  1. Exquisite Corpse, January Edition

    How did our lives scatter away as we danced on forbidden Solar flares? Surely they were not the cause.
  2. Love Burning

    @Autumn thanks!
  3. Love Burning

    Should have called it Love Burning... and I can't edit it anymore Ugh.
  4. Love Burning

    With air I grow Bold and strong Flickers of doubts Shall be washed away When rain sputters against my flame And thick black smoke will blind you to my faults As I burn the world around us To Ash and Dust For love I must
  5. Untitled

    The warm pink glow Of a tethered heart string frayed on the end On the hill of here & there All Alone in the dark Calling out to another Because X Marks the spot And only one has a map
  6. Exquisite Corpse, January Edition

    Hoping that astroids will spin us apart
  7. Book suggestions?

    @mousecircus Don't mind at all. A steep &thorny way sound cool.
  8. Book suggestions?

    Hello, So I read a lot so this may or may not be an easy question. Looking for new books to read. I'll be honest I really like books with odd musicians. And the rest is all fantasy stuff. Soo what do you like to read?
  9. It started out okay But as time went on And the sun started to set The will of one thousand bees began to snap Bending under the weight of knowing The knowledge that as of 12 am this was the last day you existed It sent my heart into a frenzy Pounding out an unfamiliar drum beat It hurt Beyond my limited words And all I could do was hear the buzzing inside my head And watch my breath come out in heavy clouded puffs And feel the tears prick at my eyes burning But not one slipped And the will of one thousand Elephants replaced one thousand bees Buzzing became trumpeting And I was no longer bending No longer breaking. At least on the outside... For I was already broken inside Lost in a swirling black hole of everything and nothing But now that your gone It's doubled in size And now bees have been replaced with elephants And I can already feel them fading And when they start to kneel There is nothing left for me to be But broken bug wings and shattered tusk
  10. Collective Slam Poem: Nov/Dec 2017

    Swirling Van Gogh yellows will sweep you away with glittering shards of glass
  11. Music stinks butt. Im writing a song right... Well half way though it's a train wreak. Like crashing and burning. There are explosions involved. People are screaming in terror... not even Riggs has ruined something this badly.

  12. A Dragons Place (mention of death)

    Heated breath Rotten eggs hot Reaping flames of terror Stollen sheep's bones Witted to tooth picks Charred A collection Of dented Smoke damaged Crimson jeweled Knights helmets Stached in a corner Left to rust Down beyond Past the bones And knights who lost their last fight Lies a princess Tucked away among silver and gold Jewels and Gems Life and death In a nest only fit for a dragon _____ Not really sure I like the ending but the other ones I have are kind not so nice? Any way how would you end it ?
  13. Hows the Weather?

    To be honest I'm really not liking the cold. And because of it I now have a chicken (Rooster) his name is Bronislaw.
  14. buzzcut season

    Welp... Is it cold or warm where you are? If it's cold... do you like hats? otherwise I would wait till early spring that way your hair has time to grow before the weather goes cold again.
  15. ugg snow. At least there will be pretty late  nights.