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  1. He is The salty grey fog rolling in from the deepest regions of the Alantic Yet also the underside of summer leaves a Golden green The loud and proud religious notes of an Organ Beautiful if played properly A smile so kind and sincer it rivals the sun in warmth Eyes a color, none compares too As if glass hanging from a sill My own joyful rainbows Laughter that sounds like wind chimes and song birds Embraces that melt everything to mist And mist to air A voice smooth and intelligent Itself a brook warbling through the woods He is Light shining from the sky like Orion's belt Bow poised directly at my heart Arrow notched with love light Ensnaring my soul in a vice Never to let go For he is my kindest love -- Note: So I want to put this in a contes however a NOT asking my mother for advise on this one... Like I read the first line with out the He Is and shes like "is it a love poem?" no not happening so do that word ,that I cant spell or pronounce but I know it exists the heck out of this. And tell me I did not screw it up after the organ part because I kind of think I did but it would be crushing

    I shall fix the spots! Glass hanging from a sill should be Like a/as if Prisms hanging from a sill. My phone just really didn't like the word and this is the first time it's not changed to glass. I'll say more when I have time but anyway thank you :)
  3. Depression

    @bluebird so I realised after sleeping... After a seven mile walk that I didn't mean to take... that it was not the best answer to you comment . So I shall try again. Thank you for the kind words, this actually was part a much larger poem but this was the only part I could stop myself from using as rabbit bedding so I'm glad you like it.
  4. Depression

    The cluastrophobic feeling of drowning in dust At twilight When everything is muted blue
  5. I feel like a rose

    I feel like a rose Not red or white But yellow Soft Kinda pretty Over looked Often... And worn out on the edges But lovely all the same I'm trying not to drown in fertilizer That some one keeps adding to my vase But I'm not sure because The lamp isn't the sun And my stems have been cut Leaving me floating _ I kinda like this but it's just so weird. I just was playing around looking at my favorite tiny rose bush .Tell me what you think.
  6. and then she smiled

    It's not bad really. In a few spots it can be a bit rough but honestly it's way better then some of the things I've written.... And posted here. And those rough spots just make it more... Natural you know? Like I can understand/see this.
  7. inspiration

    Well most of the time I just write what I feel so does emotional trauma count? Seriously I think I have a problem. Hmm where I live... people are so weird. This site, my job/animals. And when I really really want to put entirely too much effort into something I go outside find a really quite spot or loud and close my eyes and when I open them I just look and see the beauty it what's around including people. Like really really look and just think how lucky I can see all this. It's amazing but less when I think how other people can't see everything the way I do. That's about it. PS. Lama thing is so great like I've seen something's but that is next on my list.

    @queenie_flower thank you!
  9. Depression

    Awe thanks!
  10. Announcements

    @Autumn Thank you I've gotten the Mag for Christmas for years and years now and was so sad I didn't get it this year. Just made my day. And to be honest I like the giant bug it's funny...
  11. Announcements

    What is the giant Bug? And question so now ANYONE who had an account say for a few years now has a free sub for a year... Sorry for some reason I'm not comprehending this information.
  12. An Untitled Poem About My Boyfriend

    He sounds lovely :)
  13. Mother May I? Tw death

    Mother May I hop three times? One to the brook One to the pond One to the tree just beyond Mother May I tell you what to say? Down by the brook A king Fisher took to a tree Disturbing a bee Who thought it was me And stung me right in the knee Mother May I take your tears away? I shall wipe them dry Please don't cry Mother May I say just one more thing? It wasn't your fault Nore the king fisher Nore the Bee Nore the tree It was my time to go So I took three hops One to the brook One to the pond And one to the tree just beyond -- Author note: So this is like really dark I was just going to toss it. But the way it reads is nice... Best read out loud however if in public... Best not. Tell me whatcha think.
  14. Sticky Note Art?

    I'm in!
  15. Red Sea Foam (tw)

    I thought is sounded nice... Thank you :)
  16. Red Sea Foam (tw)

    A soft pen writes Gliding across white lined paper Writing heart broken words On shattered tear drops Smearing ink across their page With Ruby crimson blood pooling in my throat Like acid No more words will pass my chapped lips For night has fallen upon my voice In its velvet darkness Crushing Pulverizing every gold coin Melting it to molten red The others speak their words Cold and bitter But burning rage As I sit in the bathroom trying to drown it all out Cold tile biting my back As the blood in my throat spills from my mouth Like red Sea foam Do you think Aries can birth a child from its depths? From the foamy red Like Poseidon from blue waters? Will it be the child of rath or rage Will it look to me, smile and wave as it slinks out from under the bathroom door? Or will it stay And clear my throat of the burning blood Give me words I could not speak before Show me the path the others take Heat the slow killing poison Rolling gently in my veins Giving it the will to eat my heart away And then will my own bitter words And cold hearted rage Rise to the surface To slay them where they stand Will it make me a perfect bride for the god of war Who's pain boils to hate? Or will I still be the broken bird Writing heart broken words In screaming red ink?
  17. I'm trying to come up with something so clever to say... Amusing even. It's just to hard right now . So Ill just say I hope you all are happy and doing well and if your are not well maybe you'll be tomorrow :)

  18. Exquisite Corpse, January Edition

    How did our lives scatter away as we danced on forbidden Solar flares? Surely they were not the cause.
  19. Love Burning

    @Autumn thanks!
  20. Love Burning

    With air I grow Bold and strong Flickers of doubts Shall be washed away When rain sputters against my flame And thick black smoke will blind you to my faults As I burn the world around us To Ash and Dust For love I must
  21. Love Burning

    Should have called it Love Burning... and I can't edit it anymore Ugh.
  22. Untitled

    The warm pink glow Of a tethered heart string frayed on the end On the hill of here & there All Alone in the dark Calling out to another Because X Marks the spot And only one has a map
  23. Exquisite Corpse, January Edition

    Hoping that astroids will spin us apart
  24. Book suggestions?

    Hello, So I read a lot so this may or may not be an easy question. Looking for new books to read. I'll be honest I really like books with odd musicians. And the rest is all fantasy stuff. Soo what do you like to read?
  25. Book suggestions?

    @mousecircus Don't mind at all. A steep &thorny way sound cool.