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  1. My City

    it's from firefly which is amazing and you should watch it
  2. My City

    also im also gonna write a city poem eventually
  3. My City

    ok this is amazing and i love it but also i read the last line and for some reason all i could think about was this: i am so sorry
  4. why is academic writing so much harder than normal writing?

  5. love letter to a purgatory

    holy shit queenie this is amazing and the perfect mirror to mine
  6. american purgatory

    concrete rivers bridges traversing open, rolling seas; brown-green grass and hay-bale yellow, scraggy trees and pickup trucks. each gas station is alike to the rest, each red pump and beer for sale each rusting faucet and shelves of cigarettes. here is a grove of old farmhouses and mobile homes. the fenceposts lead into eternity; this is a special kind of purgatory. i am nose-to-the-glass, or unsettled indifference. cow, i point— that's our game, our roadtrip pastime, though here: points are far too easy to come by. (maybe we should switch to counting tractors.) timeless expanses and rolling, similar fields. there's cotton, there, clouds cast in miniature among the brown stalks, and, squinting, can i see the ghosts of the people wronged? (how many points for that sheep? how many for a race's dignity?) this is a special kind of purgatory one in which i am a stranger passerby, migratory bird: bright feathers, exotic, flying past sparrows on fences, home to my concrete trees and shopping malls. this is a haunted universe, but who am i to judge it? who am i to judge the people who sleep beneath those graves, in yonder church after church after church, nestled among the cornfields? (i am but a stranger, and cannot know their lives. yet, with feather-eyed opinions, i will be glad to return home.) ~~~~~ aka the southeast countryside terrifies me in a guttural way and i cannot help it please forgive me it's all cowfields and republicans hhhhh
  7. In case you didn’t know @drowntown is a monster




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    2. thepensword


      It’s what you deserve binch

    3. drowntown


      ur so right


  8. i had a dream last night that someone visited the slam poem and decided to write just. paragraphs. like fifty lines, all by the one person, one after the other. and i looked at it and i was like.....'did you not read the rules???? like what??? what even???? what do....what??? wha?????????????'

    1. Apollo's Lover

      Apollo's Lover

      I have so many weird dreams. I'ma go start a topic for weird dreams.

  9. Discord?

    @queenie_flower it's cool i haven't used it before yesterday
  10. Exquisite Corpse March 2018

    quiet conversation in coffee shops is mirrored in cricket-song and summer wind
  11. Discord?

    queenie brought up the slam needing a group chat a while ago and i just got discord so i had a thought
  12. ya girl is seventeen today

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      Happy B-day

    3. Apollo's Lover

      Apollo's Lover

      Happy birthday to you!

      Happy birthday to you!

      Happy birthday dear Jess!

      Happy birthday to you!

    4. queenie_flower


      Have a fabulous day, Jess!


  13. help is this good i need advice in the next 50min

    Well I know I’m too late but it looks good to me