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  1. i forgot my best friend's birthday and now i think she hates me but she's too nice to say it outright but i texted her and she was really curt and then she said 'we don't have to talk about it anymore' and 'i have to get ready for work i'll see you later' and she said it was 'chill' and now she won't answer i don't know what to do and my birthday is tomorrow and she's coming over even though i forgot about hers and i have a present for her but that doesn't make up for it what do i do please help

    1. MissingBit


      First of all, happy early birthday! Second of all, I'm sorry but I can't really help you cuz I don't really know you. But I hope you figure out something if that means anything to you from a stranger.

    2. Apollo's Lover

      Apollo's Lover

      Augh. I always do that too. I wrote my best friend's birthday down in my google keep, though, so I don't forget it again.