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  1. Weekly Poll: What's your favorite food?

    Cicada I want you to know that while my favorite food is far from undecided, tomato is literally my least favorite food on the entire planet.
  2. untitled

    the more i see it the more i know your tumblr posts full of lonely uncertainty leave me alone! i cried, thirteen and emotional but i am ever glad that they did not that my fears are not greeted with silence
  3. i listened to heathers for the first time and it is very much stuck in my head now please send help

    1. conradbirdie


      mood but the weird cafeteria horror movie sounding soundtrack that's in the 1988 movie is just. There, Also

  4. Exquisite Corpse February 2018

    and i think, perhaps, that would be alright— that i would welcome the sunset vibrance and the crashing cyan waves
  5. noah

    hey, he says, leans over my shoulder hey. he's soft against my cheek but his chin is boney on my arm it's a weird sort of closeness where close is glue? or maybe a lifeline. we used to fight. like, you are so damn annoying but without the cursing because we were young like shut up you're the worst like don't speak to me at night if you don't want to be yelled at but hey, we're older now and it's different? or maybe it's not, like we were always close but now i finally see it when your sibling is the worst, am i right? ten things only a sibling will know: 1. beating each other up over the last cookie that's just wrong? it's fighting but it's gentler it's i don't want to give you the front seat but i will it's bake me a cake for my birthday or good morning here's a hug or here are my secrets that you already know did you know when i came out he hugged me? he didn't say a word. just, leaned over and hugged me. i like to touch his face ruffle his hair poke fun at his gangly limbs and sharp, sharp bones and high-pitched, low-pitched voice. i'm gonna get a tumblr holy fuck noah i'm filtering out tags for you it's weird to think we're getting older when just a heartbeat ago he was playing with trains on our white-carpet floor thud, thud of the soccer ball against the front door, and at least that hasn't changed but now to look at him i have to look up and now when i hear his voice i think it's our father's and he's fifteen on tuesday and it's such a slow-paced, rapid change whiplash through the years because when did you grow up? (((AN: do you think i should give this to him for his birthday? like i already made him a cake but i don't have an actual present because he's impossible to shop for but the lil bro is gonna be FIFTEEN and i feel like i should do something other than a three-layer cake.)))
  6. breathe

    i'm not sure what this is about but i heard it like a song as i read it so um. this is beautiful and i love it.
  7. *21p voice* i-i-i have a migraine

    i hope you feel better soon!
  8. new users can't join the slam for free

    You know, I was thinking about this the other day and @drowntown you reminded me. The main page says "it’s a space where teens can see their truths explored and celebrated." The Slam is, by Cicada's own description, a safe space for LGBTQ+ and other marginalized teenagers, and such spaces are frighteningly lacking. I'm lucky in that my parents are supportive, but I looked at the now-you-have-to-pay announcement and I thought, "what about the kids who aren't so lucky? what about the kids who need that safe space because they don't receive it in their home? what about the kids who can't ask their unsupportive parents to pay for a website that calls itself 'an intersectional, LGBTQAI+ friendly publication' on its front page?" It's not fair for those kids to lose that. It's not fair for those of you who need this the most to be cut off because they can't pay. It's fine to put a price tag on a magazine, but on a forum for us to connect with each other? It's just not right.
  9. damn i just realized, your pics, Totoro and Kiki's delivery service, and your name is from Percy Jackson right?


    1. thepensword


      Yes on the Kiki and the Totoro, no on the Percy Jackson. The username is a play on “the pen is mightier than the sword”.

    2. Connor


      i'm a Percy Jackson nerd so thats what my mind goes to first. still thats cool.

    3. thepensword


      Understandable. I used to be a PJO nerd so I get it.

  10. @thepensword can you please edit this valentines day is tomorrow and i am in a panic.



    what is love?


    Love is the feeling of falling,

         The flying feeling of weightlessness,

         And the fear of loss at any moment.


    Love is the time before dawn,

         The sky growing more beautiful by the moment,

         And the silence, intentional and calm.


    Love is the meaning of life, 

         The ups and downs that define it,

         The moments of pure joy and utter sadness.


    He was right, she is beautiful,

         She is kind, and caring and smart, 

         I love you to the stars and back Kate,

         Don't ever forget that.




    "He was right, she is beautiful," He, is her late grandfather, this is a refrence to his last words, looking at a picture of her.


    BTW I will post this tomorrow

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    2. Connor


      thank you you saved my procrastinating ass 

    3. thepensword


      np! happy valentine's day!

    4. Connor
  11. ok so how is it that snowboarders aren't constantly dying? cuz i'm watching the olympics and it sure seems like they should be dying all the time.

    1. queenie_flower


      i saw some interview with one of the winter olympians this morning and they had blood and bruises on their face from when a gust of wind made them fall while doing a flip and they were like laughing so, i agree

      i think the answer is they're above death because they're olympians

  12. Mist

    oh, i feel this immensely. also, very nicely written.
  13. oh lore?

    Mop frowned and crossed her arms in front of her chest. This was just unbelievable. She'd held the title of campus cryptid for centuries without a glitch, and now some obscure demon thought they could challenge her? She didn't think so. "The whole building is my dorm," she said curtly, graciously ignoring the jab about her name (she'd chosen it a long time ago, thinking it had a certain air of abnormality to it without being particularly attention grabbing that she'd found rather fitting. She liked her name, thank you very much, and she wasn't going to put in the effort to defend it against someone named after a vegetable.) "This campus is my territory. And I don't appreciate being spoken to in such a matter, Radish, especially not on my own turf. I am well within my rights to defend against intruding entities, and so no, I am not throwing down any metaphorical gauntlets like you seem to think." She turned towards Nik and gave him a dignified sort of nod. "I already agreed to this McDonald's trip, didn't I? Before I was so aggressively interrupted." ((((Jesus Mop is pretentious.)))) @queenie_flower @drowntown @conradbirdie
  14. i've hated the 'win the day' thing since i discovered it because i am deeply competitive and now it's not just about the poetry and i can't even help it