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  1. hello humans, I had a Thought and opinions would be appreciated??

    sO I did nanowrimo 2017 and I "won" (!!!) but my novel was kind of trash. I guess it was just an outlet for me to vent because the main character was loosely based off of me (okay, in some aspects, not loosely at all. but anyway.)

    since slamming my laptop shut after finishing on november 31 and letting out a long, long breath, I didn't even open the document again until 2018. and when I did I just read it over and didn't do any editing. BUT there were some parts that I liked, so,,, I thought about posting my favorite excerpts on here, idk, for the heck of it?? because my novel is probably never gonna see the light of day?? but. would anyone care?

    ((is this a good idea, plz, I need validation))

    1. queenie_flower


      Um, im always a fan of people posting fiction here bc I like reading it for my own validation that I found a group of Good Writers, and 10/10 please do that, I’m already psyched even though I have no clue what it’s about


      also I totally get it with the character thing. I have one of them, too. Her name’s India and she’s cooler than I’ll ever be but we have the same mannerisms and thought process so...

    2. writeandleft


      yeah, the main character's called Alya and it's in first person so a lot of her internal monologues are literally just...my exact feelings. about a lot of emotional crap. the story is mostly a romance (here, it's me writing Alya the ending I wish I could have, haha) but it has elements of family struggles/some death/just a lot of angst in general.

      also I'm just totally in love with the second-to-main-character, Jade?? they're the love interest but also so much more than that?? I feel like my writing didn't do them justice but :/

      time to find excerpts!!