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  1. fingers interlaced

    don't you remember the sleepovers when the moment we laid down our hands would find each other fingers interlaced lean in, foreheads touching always checking to see if the others are asleep You can't be too careful. One time I got up in the middle of the night and while my palm was still damp with the sweat of yours i wrote a line (tracing the vein on my wrist) with that green marker you keep on your desk just to see if it really happened so I wouldn't have to wonder in the morning whether it was a fantasy
  2. my fears in a late night poem

    It scares me that I would cut deeper if I could find anything other than a Dull pocket knife It terrifies me that the thin scabs tracing my wrist could become scars remnants of my past weaknesses now, tonight, I smile at the thin pink lines just over my left breast It's the first time I've smiled at my reflection.
  3. Safety pin

    Oh sorry! I totally forgot; thanks for the reminder.
  4. Gender

    This is really good, and relatable. I like the bare-ness(word?) of it.
  5. Safety pin

    I never believed that it was possible to love so much that pain creeps up. And because for me everything must be literal; I remove it from love language and place it into a safety pin (how ironic) driven into my inner wrist. I never believed I would have such a need to see the feelings I have on the inside, but on the outside. And all I got was blood.
  6. Sticky Note Art?

    sounds cool
  7. Red Sea Foam (tw)

    I really love this part. It just creates such a beautiful image.
  8. untitled

    I used to be scared of you seeing me Now I'm scared of me seeing me
  9. Untitled

    I love this poem! (I actually love pretty much all the poetry you write; I can relate to it) Thank you.
  10. The Silent Magistrate

    Just wondering because I want to understand the poem better, is it "He" as in god? or "He" as in like, he? I think it's a great poem!
  11. How to find me, a lost boy

    woah ths is really good
  12. Untitled

    i love this. I don't know why and I can't say why but I do.
  13. She's On the Floor (tw: rape)

    I'm so sorry about your cousin. I love how you say: "lives shatter from the shockwaves."
  14. suDDen realiTy

    I think that this is really good. It seems like a lot of my life, you know... the whole "expectation vs. reality" thing.