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  1. worth

    this is really good i especially like this:
  2. scattered

    bits of words stories written torn up scattered among the hungry winds drifting through ocean tides salt-worn paper speaking of voices lost born living within the typedangeliccaligraphyscrawlingunevenuppercaselowercaselefthandedrighthandedsmearedinkroundedballpointpen#2penciltrembling script tearstained pages pencil smudged on science tables black as tar song lyrics fragments of lives drifting through society left found lost discovered read lost again again again
  3. pocket knife

    dull pocket knife sharp lines pronounced against my tan skin bleeding through t-shirts stacked lines just above my breast they heal so quickly why the fuck do they have to heal so quickly thin traced lines i hate that there's not a scar I need to cut deeper I need to cut into the roars into abandoned swing sets lost lives lost futures the charcoal soul i need to leave a mark lasting pain
  4. To the top/jump

    rough hands smooth chalk calluses I need to make it to the top Shaking hands Bleeding nails I won't leave until I make it to the top sweaty back there is fire in my veins I need to jump down straining arms aching fingers it hurts too much Jump note: This is about climbing but also other stuff
  5. Why do we march?

    Oh yea. Just noticed that, thanks. Hm.... counting... math...
  6. born to stand

    we were born to stand and now we stand up for our rights we were born to be loud to make our voices heard we were born crying and now we cry out for our freedom we were born to walk and now we walk out for our lives we were born to laugh and now we laugh because it is how we stay strong
  7. Why do we march?

    Why do we march? 1.We march for the right to love. 2.We march because we are all people. 3. We march because we are all different. 4. We march because we are all alike. My heart is no different than yours just because it chooses to love a woman 5. We march because you can't understand that our bodies do not match our spirits. 6. We march because, in your stubbornness, you refuse to believe that the baby you held up at birth could be anything different than the gender you assigned it. 7. We march because the only thing we should be worrying about in school is homework. 8. We march because bulletproof backpack shields are heavy. 9. We march because we refuse to believe that a man living in the sky was able to conceive millions of people (or however that was supposed to work) in a day. 10. We march because you do not speak for our country. 11. We march because we are all family. So why do you stand still?
  8. And we can't be okay

    We are on the brink of war With a steak salesman as our president, and We've got people in the military living in luxury With cars and houses When teachers (the ones who ensure your children aren't ignorant the ones who spend day after day in the classroom just to make sure that each and every child can make a living) Aren't paid enough buy a shared apartment in the town they teach in. We've got people walking into schools Armed with weapons that weren't made with turkey dinners in mind Taking the lives, futures, from children Something has been taken from us And it is more than our trust
  9. soapbox

    I would critique this but it's so intense and strong... Thank you for the bravery.
  10. keyhole

    There's a little house in a keyhole two tiny children they're sisters one night, at a sleepover the older one is pulled through into the strong, smooth arms of a girl she will grow to love and the younger one tries she looks staring out of the shadows into the rooms beyond she is a coward there was a time when this cowardly girl reached out her hand hopefully for a lifeline someone to love someone to like and found a girl who walks on light clasping the small girl's tiny hand in her's the younger sister is crying how can someone the same age be ten times as brave? and so the younger sister shakes her hand free and retreats back to her keyhole she can't handle it she watches her sister now outside in the rooms surrounding her and when she reaches out her hands her older sister conceals it in her grasp conceals the scars and scabs marking her younger sister's wrists she conceals the pain in her sister's eyes as she strokes her hair she lifts her sister into the house out of the tiny keyhole to join her.
  11. fingers interlaced

    don't you remember the sleepovers when the moment we laid down our hands would find each other fingers interlaced lean in, foreheads touching always checking to see if the others are asleep You can't be too careful. One time I got up in the middle of the night and while my palm was still damp with the sweat of yours i wrote a line (tracing the vein on my wrist) with that green marker you keep on your desk just to see if it really happened so I wouldn't have to wonder in the morning whether it was a fantasy
  12. my fears in a late night poem

    It scares me that I would cut deeper if I could find anything other than a Dull pocket knife It terrifies me that the thin scabs tracing my wrist could become scars remnants of my past weaknesses now, tonight, I smile at the thin pink lines just over my left breast It's the first time I've smiled at my reflection.
  13. Safety pin

    Oh sorry! I totally forgot; thanks for the reminder.
  14. Gender

    This is really good, and relatable. I like the bare-ness(word?) of it.
  15. Safety pin

    I never believed that it was possible to love so much that pain creeps up. And because for me everything must be literal; I remove it from love language and place it into a safety pin (how ironic) driven into my inner wrist. I never believed I would have such a need to see the feelings I have on the inside, but on the outside. And all I got was blood.