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  1. Community poem 1

    Amazing idea!! Not sure how to collab since I’m still unfamiliar with the new setup, but I’m definitely in :)
  2. Ainm's chapbook!

    wow man
  3. The Earth Post-Change

    I miss home Where we don't have to cut flowers in order to enjoy them I remember the earth before Great green gases violated its verdurous valleys When we could breathe without a mask When it was safe to run in the summertime I miss it now Because sometimes the only thing keeping me steady was the reassurance of the sidewalk under my sneakers In a persistent 3/4 rhythm every afternoon And the cold air dragging its fingers on my tongue before falling into my lungs Hospital beds are lonely The tuneless beeping of a multitude of machines form an orchestra around my body And, suddenly, there is music behind my eyes
  4. Wildflowers

    The sun Not a creator, necessarily, but certainly god like Giving life to the seeds as they sleep Two worlds, so alike in their fervor, pulsing with life And yet so different as well From darkness to the brightest sunlight they emerge The smallest of green tendrils That tie together above and below The perfect definition of a bridge between And as the roots conquer the land underground The leaves will reach towards the sky Unending, expanding Yes they will die Their leaves will wither and their roots cease to explore Their colors will fade until the brightest hues are no more But the most beautiful thing about wildflowers Is that out of their death will always come a new life
  5. Midsummer Misery

    She churns in her sleep Her mind a rose coloured ocean behind her eyes A pain tinted lightning storm of suffering Her lids flutter, lashes tangle as she falls Mummified in lavender sheets Her heart preserved in slick black oil, her body lost to the waves of her loneliness She cried out, but no one was there Just an echo of her once beating heart in the withering walls
  6. silence of the streetlamps

    Each streetlight shows it's sympathy Leans over to whisper into the eardrums of husky night walkers Holding the secrets of the universe inside an cast iron frame Tantalizingly above the heads of those who most desperately need it To cure their hearts of stone And set them on the path To love
  7. mother

    Isn't it so difficult, you say to your friends, to have this teenage daughter who hates herself who talks back when I tell her that it will all work out in the end Isn't it so annoying how she can't accept that she's good enough that she carves holes in herself with extracurriculars and stabs at her eyes with a black paintbrush in order to think that she might even pass as mediocre Isn't it so frustrating to be late to work because she has to put makeup on straighten the worry kinks out of her hair powder her cheekbones and blend her blemishes all for a sleek disguise I bet she knows she's pretty, and she's just acting all dramatic to get attention she has my nose, you know Isn't it just sad that she uses a blade instead of a paintbrush to draw blood is very expensive these days, she shoudln't be wasting it in an attempt to curb her suicidal thoughts she should be out inventing an app with her friends or getting into Stanford three years early And what is it with that attitude? she always acts so depressed it's not like we as parents are doing anything to put pressure on her we would never. But that's not what you say you comment on maribel's dance recital and throw in some gossip you heard from soccer practice and suddenly, i no longer exist
  8. Popular

    she has long known that inferiors and superiors alike fall prey to our judgements like mice in a trap she looks upon the sea of skin with manicured malice curling her fingernails into claws of silver and gold bringing her palms to rest on the armrest of a throne carved from insecurity and polished with shame she is the queen of them all