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  1. Beans

    I feel as though I dropped my feelings on the ground Like a vase Possibly full of very small, elusive beans And now the pieces are everywhere! I'll probably never be able to pick them up Not in a million years of living And I'm too lazy to even try So i Just sit and sigh repeatedly on the floor tiles That may or may not be Spanish Depending on the time of day The only thing I want is to see my white blood cells darting back and forth When i stare into the sky This is probably why I don't have any friends. Oh well.
  2. Dear Airport Terminal Boy

    Dear airport terminal boy: I have to admit, you’re kind of cute My vision was a little blurry since I didn’t have my glasses on But looking at you, I began to feel something pertaining to captivation Airport terminal boy, what do you think of flying? How do you feel knowing that you’re hurtling through the air, Haphazardly stirring up wind currents as you go Personally, it scares the shit out of me But what about you? I think I like writing about you more than actually talking Since no words passed between us as I watched you from a few feet away But who knows, maybe you’re a writer too Maybe you’re thinking about me this second And feeling the phrases unfurl at your fingertips I find it incredible That you, that everyone around me, Can live lives so drastically separate and still converge at a common commotion-point Swirling memories that dart back and forth as fast as the red hand on the clock Gone so quickly you wonder if they were your imagination Was it all a hallucination? Am I really here? And though fortune favors the bold I am anything but courageous Maybe in another time I would have waved at you before walking away But right now I can only hope to cross paths again someday
  3. just some writing exercise tbh

    I love this from start to finish
  4. forth from whence they came

    1. She came from the grass Until someone yanked her up at the root Shoved in a sizable ship, she sobbed And her tears were lost instantly to the great, bellowing ocean On and on, she went O’er the tumultuous tides for eternity But hark! An island of hope! A torch through the mist A light to her beetle black despair And suddenly, upon grass she was again From Welsh dances to car radio tunes Because evolution, of course, Is inevitable A sternly gripped steering wheel was all she could see over the walls enclosing her And she wept like her great grandmother, yes indeed A misery known only to midsummer nights on an empty highway Little could be recalled about her dog eared childhood Except for maybe a pair of Nike’s loved to rags And empty crab traps perched precariously on a dusty shelf The rest enveloped in cigarette smoke like fog over the ocean Hidden maybe, but also protected She forged a trail with a heart brazened by her beloved A self-paved road in the heat of the summer To a rainier place And after that any adventures weren’t quite as arduous The paths slightly smoother Or maybe she was just more tough 2. He came from the wind Airborne with the clouds beneath his feet Growing, easing, changing constantly Until dreary drafts dropped him in central Los Angeles And left him to his mother’s hand How uncanny That a life on the move had brought him only To an apartment building filled with overhanging sedentarism The walls soaked with his brother’s tears The streets red in the eyes of the sinking sun He grew up trapped But when he met her, he felt renewed She was the birdkeeper releasing him from a cage of unsolicited sorrow And coaxing him back to the city chaos with which he belonged Off they went together Singing to guitar music played on cassette tapes Towards the unstoppable future with bright eyes and restless minds Eager to pry open the cracks in their history with worn fingertips And find a home nestled within the swirling sea of the city 3. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to SFO Airport. Local time is 3:35 and the temperature is 64 degrees. For your safety and comfort, please remain seated with your seat belt fastened unti A home they found indeed On the bank of yet another escapade With the possibility of the road always stretching out before them But perhaps there would be no need for running away Because for once in their lives They longed only to grow old in such a place that they loved
  5. melodramatic faucet

    i. hot water gushes onto my hands i turn my fingers in the light and wonder if this is what my skin will look like when i'm older worn into wrinkles by the world ii. i silently apologize to starving children around the world as i scrape excess chocolate into the compost bin after the students have moved on from their cooking classes in favor of a new adventure swashbuckling in the sandbox and pillaging the playground iii. i see the food scraps fall into the hungry jaws of the trash can and i know that it will devour me, too, if i let it maybe i can find warmth in the belly of the beast and escape the bitterness of the daytime fog a safe haven nestled into the folds of city craze iv. blankets are good for disappearing. sometimes my sister drapes herself in a fluttery pink scarf and calls it an invisibility cloak we pretend to believe her so that maybe she can remain protected by the shelter of naivety for a few years longer v. it's been said that people who sleep with more than one pillow are lonely and i can confirm that statement but when i burrow in my duvet at night to feel loved sometimes i just feel more alone
  6. Community poem 1

    Amazing idea!! Not sure how to collab since I’m still unfamiliar with the new setup, but I’m definitely in :)
  7. The Earth Post-Change

    I miss home Where we don't have to cut flowers in order to enjoy them I remember the earth before Great green gases violated its verdurous valleys When we could breathe without a mask When it was safe to run in the summertime I miss it now Because sometimes the only thing keeping me steady was the reassurance of the sidewalk under my sneakers In a persistent 3/4 rhythm every afternoon And the cold air dragging its fingers on my tongue before falling into my lungs Hospital beds are lonely The tuneless beeping of a multitude of machines form an orchestra around my body And, suddenly, there is music behind my eyes
  8. Wildflowers

    The sun Not a creator, necessarily, but certainly god like Giving life to the seeds as they sleep Two worlds, so alike in their fervor, pulsing with life And yet so different as well From darkness to the brightest sunlight they emerge The smallest of green tendrils That tie together above and below The perfect definition of a bridge between And as the roots conquer the land underground The leaves will reach towards the sky Unending, expanding Yes they will die Their leaves will wither and their roots cease to explore Their colors will fade until the brightest hues are no more But the most beautiful thing about wildflowers Is that out of their death will always come a new life
  9. Midsummer Misery

    She churns in her sleep Her mind a rose coloured ocean behind her eyes A pain tinted lightning storm of suffering Her lids flutter, lashes tangle as she falls Mummified in lavender sheets Her heart preserved in slick black oil, her body lost to the waves of her loneliness She cried out, but no one was there Just an echo of her once beating heart in the withering walls
  10. silence of the streetlamps

    Each streetlight shows it's sympathy Leans over to whisper into the eardrums of husky night walkers Holding the secrets of the universe inside an cast iron frame Tantalizingly above the heads of those who most desperately need it To cure their hearts of stone And set them on the path To love