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  1. untitled

    Oh goodness, this poem touched me on a really deep level... Thanks for sharing it.
  2. the moments between the thunderclaps

    Authors note: My poetry is slightly awful, I apologize. i. what if we just felt for the moments between the thunderclaps instead of waiting for the lightning to strike? ii. she believed that there was such thing as poetry and you found it lying just past the dust of the everyday because, after all, the clouds still have their silver linings and hummingbirds still fly iii. sunshine lights up the leaves on trees but people just hurry past iv. she doesn’t. there is always that one person who noticed they are the ones who lurk in the background and smile v. smiles are beautiful, that’s for one. and so are cups of tea full to the brim and staying up till almost first light vi. the sun rises every morning just for us just for her did you ever think of that? vii. isn’t that something to smile about? viii. she smiles. every morning. ix. she also cries, you know? we all do x. rain, you see, is just as beautiful as sunshine xi. beauty is where you least expect it the quiet moments and the hidden stories xi. she noticed and she still remembers and still smiles in some foreign bed far away at one in the morning xiii. one of those moments between the thunderclaps that shook her heart beyond return xiv. on her tongue, the taste of true happiness bitter tea they shared on that crisp saturday morning rain-soaked air salty seas and bittersweet goodbyes… xv. i know you taste it too
  3. An Unfortunate Circumstance 2

    Wow, this is beautiful! Thank you for writing this!