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All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us.

Hey, I'm Ainm (they/them/theirs pronouns). 

I’m a poet, author, screenwriter, and occasional essayist. I write about the personal, the political, and intersections thereof, with occasional deviations from seriousness into adventure or fan fiction. 

I also provide editing services on request. (If you ever want critical, detailed feedback on your writing, tag me personally, and I shall be happy to provide. )

More interesting tidbits:

If I write it, I’ve researched it: The science is always there. 

I am constantly cultivating skills for the apocalypse. 

..  ..-  …  .  –  —  .-.  …  .  .–  ….  .  -.  ..  –  -…  —  .-.  .  -..