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  1. This Right Here

    Thank you!
  2. funny childhood stories

    When I was a kid I was convinced that I was a fairy and at some point my shoulder blades would develop into wings. I managed to convince my friends of this too, and they believed me. (I was about 5)
  3. This Right Here

    maybe i'm not out of the woods, but this right here is okay; somewhere, a bonfire is blazing, surrounded by people who might never understand but will try to listen. life has not hardened me like my calloused feet after a barefoot summer, caked with dirt and mosquito bites, but still there is an unbreakable something inside me. i am soft and yet i burn. Author's note: A revised version of something I wrote months ago to make up for my inactivity. As always, feedback and constructive criticism is encouraged.
  4. that time he called me his bear

    Exactly! Thanks for that comparison, because I'm having trouble putting my feelings about this poem into words. I guess it's that the sense of emotion from the poem is so complicated and rich yet specific emotions aren't explicitly defined in the poem? Idk how to describe it but it's so beautiful?! Not to derail the conversation but I also really love the Mountain Goats and I was really happy to find another person on the interwebs who liked them too.
  5. Demolished Light House

    Now that the people realize that they have forgotten Now that it’s too late for repairs Now that you and I stare at the crumbling bricks Whispering for no reason Now we realize that the old lighthouse we always took for granted is gone The old lighthouse that we dared each other to stay the night in You lasted an hour before something creaked and you ran shrieking home Now that the trees are gnarled like skeleton hands There are moments when I realize that we’ve wasted so much time in the pauses when neither of us could think of what to say Author's Note: This poem is inspired by the painting "Demolished Light House" by Julian E. Levi. Feedback and constructive criticism are appreciated and encouraged.
  6. gutters

    The way you used language in this poem is really beautiful. The metaphors are neither too obvious or too hard to figure out and I think the details make the poem even stronger. The last line is so powerful.