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  1. Dreams

    I'll go first. So this was a really long dream, but to start out I was at a Rush concert (yes I actually like them enough to dream about them) with my mom, but we were way in the back and couldn't see anything. It was outside, and all the seats and the stage were flat on the ground. Then I was in a dystopian society where girls got arrested if anyone found out they got their period. I bled on my sheets and I was trying to clean it up, but then someone saw and I got arrested. Then I was at school and one of our administrators was trying to make an announcement, but she kept miss speaking so she asked me to do it for her. I was supposed to say that girls in this one program we have couldn't where high heels like they had been while they were sleeping because they were setting a bad example. I kept practicing, but I still messed up and everyone was talking over me. Then I was eating lunch in the cafeteria, and I was getting coffee, but I couldn't tell if I should drink the coffee out of the cup it was in, or pour some in a new cup. I just chugged all the coffee real fast and figured it would be ok. Some boys from my old school were there too. I was eating a bunch of really unhealthy food. Right after I got my second donut, a priest who used to preach at my church showed up, so I was trying to hide my unhealthyness. A girl from my old school was also there. The priest said we could call him "hat" because that's what his son called him. (Even though priests take a vow of celebacy) I was eating pineapple with nerds candy on it, and it was actually good. Then I realized there was no one left eating and class had started, so I freaked out, but then the bio class that is during my free block was taking a test in the cafeteria, so realized I didn't have class. Then I woke up. I may have left something out, but that's what I remember for the moment.
  2. Dreams

    So I know I can't be the only one who has really weird dreams. If anyone wants to share . . .
  3. I only have one day left until spring brake!

    1. MissingBit
    2. MissingBit


      My spring break is a couple weeks away :(

  4. roadside flora

    maybe you should write some music Hydralio! (i mean if you're a musical person)
  5. It’s Wednesday and I’m scared

    We did it. Snow was blowing everywhere, and it was freezing, but I can endure seventeen minutes of being cold if other people had to endure losing a loved one, fear for their lives, or dying.
  6. The Old Farm

    I have a Meadowbrook near me too, but it's in the suburbs.
  7. I have to take a swimming test tomorrow, and I haven't swum in about a year. I'm not even sure I've got a swimsuit that fits. Well, we'll see how that goes

  8. Weekly Poll: What's your favorite holiday?

    What about Lincoln?
  9. Overheard Quotes

    "Don't put your wizard in the freezer."
  10. also psst i need help

    Ah! Thanks. Sometimes I'm really clueless.
  11. and what if they were angels?

    d harmonic minor is my favorite key! He must have really been an angel if he felt d minor. I also love this phrase! It sounds so nice with the alliteration, and I can identify with it, too.
  12. I Want

    I want to be satisfied with what I have I want the whole glorious world in my arms I want to laugh until I can't breath and talk for hours without losing our casual flow I want to touch the hair he keeps shaking out of his eyes I want her curves against mine and no hesitation I want to do more than imagine and not be afraid that outside my head nothing grows I want the soft-blankets past and the open-air future I want confidence when I step with my eyes closed I want to cradle you in my arms and be reassured by the beat of your human heart I want the wind and the storm and pure power in my veins I want the gentle darkness under the ocean's lull I want to be frozen until I am ice immune to winter and to this illogical species I want to know everything including that I am right I want perfection that never stumbles though the way is bleak I want to be strong enough to stand alone until death welcomes me and I lay down in that good house
  13. The Greater Good (Pt. 1)

    I love the premise here! The tenses were a little mixed up though.
  14. To Fall In Love With Writing Again