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  1. here's to us

    Yes give it to her! My best friend and I are like that too. We haven't gone to school together since kindergarten.
  2. Happy pride month y'all! (I know I'm a bit late but still)❤♥💛💚💙💜

    1. Apollo's Lover

      Apollo's Lover

      No clue why the pink and orange hearts are different from the other ones?

  3. the one who tamed the wolf

    The fairy tale language use is sooo gooooood.
  4. say you’ll remember

  5. Here's your chance to become a non player character

    Owner of the tavern: Rogli, half dwarf, warlock, 52 Spends a lot of time upstairs working on alchemical and magical experiments, but comes downstairs every once in a while to check up on things. This usually happens to be in the middle of one of Dragonfly's performances. Everyone is a little afraid of him because they're not sure what he's up to upstairs and he's also pretty muscular. He's fine with dark dealings going on in his tavern. The usual fights are also allowed, but he'll brake up any brawls that get out of hand.
  6. Secret Diary

    I wrote this a while ago when I thought we could all use something a little less heavy and meant to post it here but then I didn't, so here it is now: We should all keep a secret diary in which to deposit our stupidest thoughts and lamest jokes that no one else will laugh at you know, the ones that follow no reasonable logic and reference 3 different fandoms and a good handful of inside jokes We all need a secret diary inside a well-worn leather cover or a very private online document or maybe in the margins of our most boring notebook whatever suits us best It's all right to have a secret diary it's not silly as long as no one finds out and they better not find out 'cause if they do we'll be in trouble, won't we people might find out who we really are what a scandal! no no we can't have that So let's hold on to our secret diaries don't let go of who we've learned to be or who we've just stumbled into becoming or who we've run away from but ended up as anyway because it's not just any old person who can see us all the way through so we'd better look good and hard ourselves
  7. Spinal Cord Staircase

    So this was really spontaneous . . . When I climbed the staircase up my spine I hoped to reach my brain but the road was littered with so many other people's thoughts I got lost but that's alright it's beautiful here full of words and music people singing and arguing my brain I think would be far too lonely
  8. Week of 5/7: CICADA-scope

    For you to die, Jess.
  9. Snippet of Dialogue I Like but Don't Know What to Do With

    Nice dialogue! Very natural. You could make a mini comic? Just for fun? Until you find a place for it.
  10. Soldier

    I'm working on editing some of my better poems from middle school right now, so here's one of those edits: someone lit your Hate aflame and taught you not to see when you Kill now you're shooting bullet holes in the cosmos splashing the night with Blood and everything you've forgotten
  11. jeans

    I love this metaphor! It's not what one would usually think of, but it works great. The first line was a little unclear though. It took me a few reads to get it.
  12. I Want

    Thanks Queenie! You're wonderful.
  13. I Want

    I know I wrote this a while ago, but I want to submit it to Asterism, so can y'all please edit it first? Thanks!
  14. butterfly identification

    Jess has ingested her science homework, and is worried because she can therefor not complete it.