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  1. little things

    The stanza with the quotes? I told myself the exact same things. I remember in fourth grade having a crush on a girl and telling myself I was lying to myself. I told myself that all the way until this year. And I was scared to come out for the same reason! But I think I've figured it out now; you'll get there too.
  2. stairway to not-quite heaven

    This demonstrates what great friendship is just perfectly.
  3. when the bow breaks

    here is a spontaneous bad poem in response i'm reading someone else's words but they sound like mine in my head you have everything i wait for something that sounds like not me but they've perfectly impersonated my second voice you don't deserve to be proud it feels nice to fall into my own words coming from someone else your friends don't love you they aren't nice words but they belong to us together now it's good to hear yourself criticised it's good to hear yourself echoed maybe i'm a little more human other people have real problems other people say what i do other people feel like i do
  4. The End for Now

    Yes please stay here! We would miss you! But it's all right if you want to take some things down. Do what you need. We understand. I hope you feel better soon. 💙
  5. Breakup untitled

    Yes I'm young for a freshman. I'll be 15 in June.
  6. Stuck in Possum Springs

    Oh. My. God. This is so good!
  7. a collection of haikus i wrote for my friends

    I love the first one! It's my favourite. The one about sadness being like fog I would have preferred if it was entirely just about the feeling of sadness, because I feel like you portrayed the emotion very well in the first two sentences and I wanted to sink into it more. I feel like that's not really what you wanted to say though.
  8. Breakup untitled

    Oh wow @Connor! Finally someone younger than me! (I'm 14)
  9. On Forensic Anthropology

    Oh god I never thought about that.
  10. Partial Proust Questionnaire (Ada)

    I did a whole Proust questionnaire for a new character I made named Ada. Here's some parts of it: (the font is weird because I copied it from google docs) What is your idea of perfect happiness? Ada: Perfect happiness doesn’t exist. What is your current state of mind? Ada: Well, by making me think about my current state of mind you’ve probably changed it. What is your most marked characteristic? Ada: Do you mean physical or the other one? If you mean physical, then my hair, but if you mean the other one than my logicalness. Logicalness is not a word, but it makes sense according to English suffix rules, so I don’t see any problem with using it. When and where were you the happiest? Ada: Well, this one time I was playing with my band and we were outside and it was just the perfect temperature and just the perfect windiness and it smelled like spring and it felt like spring and we played perfect like we were spring and not people. What is it that you most dislike? Ada: That beautiful things are supposed to sound poetic when you describe them, despite the highest point of beauty being the transcendence of words. What is your greatest fear? Ada: That I will go too insane, or that I won’t go insane enough. Sometimes when I feel that feeling like you aren’t part of yourself anymore and instead you’re part of the world, or the world’s thoughts, or someone else, or I don’t know, just something that you wouldn’t find if you took yourself apart, I think I’ve gone to far and I try to become myself again, but when I get back, I miss that feeling, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to find it again because I’m trying too hard to shield myself from it. Which living person do you most despise? Ada: I thought this was a serious questionnaire, not a gossip session. What is your greatest regret? Ada: I never told my best friend from Kansas that I was moving to Ireland, so now he probably thinks I’m dead or something. On second thought, even if he thought that at first, he’s probably realized by now that the conclusions you draw as a nine year old are often wrong, and corrected his hypothesis to something more realistic and closer to the truth. To him though, I’m really as good as dead since we’ll never see each other again. What is the quality you most like in a man? Ada: I really thought this wasn’t a gossip session. What is the quality you most like in a woman? Ada: Well, I understand the last question better now, but I don’t understand why you asked them separately since they should have the same answer. The ability to be someone you love and someone loveable. What do you most value in your friends? Ada: The ability to accept that presentable me isn’t all of me, but it’s all of me anyone outside my head is ever going to be authorized to see, because the rest of me is in a state of permanent disrepair. On what occasions do you lie? Ada: Never. It’s mutually detrimental and therefore as useless as eloquence. I always speak as true as I can, but I don’t try to make it pretty. In short, I tell all the truth but not a bit slant. What are your favorite names? Ada: Names aren’t important. They’re just a label so we can distinguish one person from another when we’re talking. If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be? Ada: I don’t deign to know the workings of the afterlife. Knowing if there even is an afterlife is impossible since no one can experience what’s after death and report back to the living. I think the most sensible idea is that nothing happens to us after we die besides our bodies decomposing. Our “soul” is only electrical impulses in the brain. Our whole experience of living is, really. It would be nice to think there’s something more after death, but it just isn’t reasonable.
  11. this too will pass

    I've only read up to "growth mindset" because I had to stop there because it's like my school's catchphrase and it is literally everywhere here.
  12. Does anyone know where I might put a comic?

    1. drowntown
    2. Apollo's Lover

      Apollo's Lover

      On here I mean. C'mon Logan. I don't have any social media anyway.

    3. drowntown


      press f to pay respects


      uhh try in the blogs area?? maybe??? or in whatever?

  13. Untitled

    What if I replace "but like butterflies" with but in butterfly nets for gently appreciating
  14. Untitled

    I wrote this for a school project and my teacher wanted me to publish it, so please critique before I do that. Also, I need a title. Thanks! some words need catching not in fishnets for skinning and eating but like butterflies because they are beautiful and we want to pin their wings to the page preserved forever some words need catching because they are mine and we are all greedy i want to tie myself down here keep myself safe i’m afraid to lose any flicker of me and fade to chalk brittle bone some words need catching and displaying on the wall i want everyone to hear me shouting off the paper so my words will live in all their souls and beautiful things will grow there and they will know my words are strong and their souls are good i want them to listen tell them Here I Am! and This Is Me!
  15. common name (latin name), family

    I especially loved the second paragraph about the love of circumstances. I know just the feeling you were talking about.
  16. Exquisite Corpse: April 2018

    we drift between the endless nears and fars
  17. Partial Proust Questionnaire (Ada)

    Oh sure @The Invincible Troodon!
  18. Exquisite Corpse: April 2018

    This is just a question not writing, but why are these called exquisite corpse?
  19. To the top/jump

    I didn't see the tag, and I thought the whole thing was the title. I still like it best all together.
  20. I need a name for my dungeons and dragons character if anyone has suggestions . . . They are a young and inexperienced but very enthusiastic agender wizard (because wizards always seem to be wise old men).

    1. justaddbooks


      Maybe Jamie, Cass, Avery, or Danni if you want to have a short, fun name to sort of go agaisnt all the super long serious ones people seem to give wizards. (Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, anyone?)

    2. Apollo's Lover

      Apollo's Lover

      I think their name is going to be Lexani. 

    3. justaddbooks


      Ooh, that's a good name!

  21. with/out/er scars

    my friends show me their scars made by this that and their own sword i touch my skin bruised and pimpled the hangnails are my work but not the scabs reminders of blood a girl i know walking in the rain with bair feet makes a pretty picture but sidewalks tred to escape leave sore heels i am walking through the world not stepping on myself and it feels unfair that their ways lie over their own bodies seems unfair how much they get pushed down when i am extended an arm i guess i'll be thankful you can ride on my back for a while instead of your own and we two will raise no blades against ourselves
  22. Exquisite Corpse March 2018

    where my eyes don't see but there's a kaleidoscope in my soul
  23. five-year-old's memory

    Morning in the school room I wash the dishes with my favorite friend It's just for fun Practice for the necessities of living in the world Turkeys outside the window We are the first to see these once-in-a-bluemoon visitors Soon the whole room gathers pressing to the glass hushed to watch the birds that hold a place of holiness like the god we loved
  24. Plea for help

    Here's some music. I don't know if it's the kind you like, but I don't know what else to do, and I want to help. Although I've never had depression, music helps me manage my emotions. We care about you, and like everyone said, come to the discord; it's great.
  25. Dreams

    Last night I dreamed that someone was being chased by a mob for wearing sweatpants.