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  1. The lights are on again

    There are lights on in the house next door. The glowing yellow window-eyes Shine forlorn and hazy through the evening fog. It’s been a long time Since those lights shone through the dark, And it’s been night for a small forever. The lights are full of memory, Beacons that speak of laughter, Childhood cartoons, Blue and orange play-dough. I still look out for them, even though They aren’t on much anymore. The light isn’t warm either, it’s too distant To be anything but stained-glass And unreachable. My mother says it’s not my fault, (The ghost stories) That they didn’t leave because of me. (The wild one) The doors are locked for another reason, But I can’t help wondering (Hoarse from yelling, cursing the world) Whether it would’ve been different If I had grown up normal. Could I still go back to the windows? Lay my palm flat against the clear glass And look in at past playtimes and exploration Through the orderly little neighborhood? Or would the lights turn off, blink out, Like they usually do, Leaving me in the empty winter street And the frigid, soul numbing air, Wishing I hadn’t grown up a freak? But it’s too late now. The lights are just on tonight While I’m trapped inside this box of a bedroom, Staring at them like they’re lighthouse gleams From an island far away. I think I’ll stay back here and remember them, Waiting as time takes their glow little by little. At least they won’t fade from my mind.
  2. I don't know how

    Will I ever find a home? When pigs fly perhaps, Or when I have more history Inside me than the stones do, Weathered, fingers blue with time. Will I learn how to love? I’ve lost so many friends, Too many foxes to be able to tell. Sharp teeth have left my heart Unfixable, unbreakable at least. Red fur burns like fire in my memory. I wish I could tell you that I don’t know how, But you wouldn’t understand. Can I fade away somehow? I’ll run far from here, disappear Into forgotten lands full of green pine And ancient oak trees. I could escape, search for a wild world Where no one could find me, Where I don’t have to be pretty or a good poet. I’ll be lost on an empty island Where I won’t have to wake up To the coldhearted twin in my mirror. She won’t be there to remind me That it’s too late to change.
  3. Sandstorm

    The dust rises, the wildgold shards swirling like long goneweathered away glass.I wonder if the sand will bury mein shifting dunesand this will be the last glimpseI'll get of the sky. Then the gusts strengthen and it's too lateto run away. I will be stripped bareof my body and my bones will rustunder the endless brush of time.The light's gone now, leaving everything dull andthe sun shines dim as the moon.Soon no one will remember I ever stood hereat the end of the world, the heart of a sandstorm.
  4. Alone again

    Sometimes things fall apart or start to fade away, crumbling like concrete and sandstone, tumbling down cliff sides as I watch in silence and wonder what I did to deserve this. I don't know if this time is different; it's not the first time I'm losing someone I love, but someone I'll truly miss and I won't know what to do for a while after I'm alone again.
  5. Wings

    I wish I had wings. I would wrap them tight around you And all the fragile glass people, The little blinking lights, Who I care so much about. I would reach out with soft feathers and strong arms To protect you, keep you safe. I don’t want to lose anyone else, See them slip through my fingers like pebbles Or too-smooth river rocks. I want to be powerful, a fighting force That won’t let anyone fade away, But humans can’t be those glowing angels And I can’t fly on golden wings. These are all the things that are out of my control. You’ll fall and tumble out of my embrace and I’ll stumble with the weight of letting go. It’s not fair to be so weak and frail! I rail against these little brittle bones. I should’ve been born a hero, But I’m small and ‘pure’ and new to this world and They knew worse from the moment they were born. I worry from the depths of my soul Yet I cannot save them.
  6. The Everglades

    Deep in water and light and universeLooks like an outlaw country, years old and monster.I was looking for hills, high ground,Because I'd run away on wasted time.Finally, the islands I'd been missing,A wild refuge - panthers, bears, birds, deer are abundant,So the summer assures me.Blur the outlines away of the place we're going - A land visited but completely unknown.When you've been through the submerged roots and branches,Step onto the shoreOf sun-dappled fallen leaves.Walk toward its center, disappearAnd enter.
  7. The Tree and I

    The tree and I grew up together, Watching Fall turn us red and brown And Summer cover us in a green and hidden hideaway, Sitting in silence as the world brought passers by To talk and pretend and fade away again. It was a small tree and I was a small girl. I sat on arms-stretched-wide branches And we understood, through the faint, Leaf-caught rain or dappled sun and shade That the tree and I would always be there. The maple and I, we were constant, an island in a storm, And people we loved sailed across the world And stayed a while. Then they drifted away on swift currents And we never saw them again. Me, the tree, we grew weary of new faces Becoming old faces, becoming gone. After a long time, we started to grow, Twisting into each other until nothing remained But bark and leaf and silence. We dug our roots deeper into the earth And fell asleep beneath the sky, Branches close and tight and one. Time passed. The seas stilled And no more soft hands reached up To pull smiling faces into our arms, But we didn't mind. The tree and I had each other. And in the end, that's all that ever really mattered.
  8. Wandering Monster

    I am a wandering monster, Purple furred and golden horned, Glowing eyed and warped. I am out in the woods And the old weathered mountains, Searching in the haunted breeze For lonely, wordless ghosts. I’m full of memories and lost time, Mournful wolf notes and drifting leaves. I’m tied down wings and too sharp claws For a little bit innocent monster. I’m stuck in the tumbling houses Next to the river Where rope swings in ocean-wheat fields sway in the sun. I’m hidden in caves Where crystal and water-drips Make clear hollow songs. I’m sharp teeth and clumsy paws, Full of good intentions and bumbling mistakes. I’m a beast doing humanity all wrong But maybe it’s okay, Because a wandering monster Might find its way in the world When it bumps into other misfits Out in the forest And it won’t be alone anymore. So I stay a wandering monster, Dangerous but small enough to hide away, Still waiting in the ancient trees And watching the starry sky For a sign of belonging.