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  1. love letter to a purgatory

    for some a purgatory filled past eternity with infinite shades in the sea of greens that surrounds the thread of sun-bleached rain-washed asphalt that twists and swoops around hills speckled with salt-and-pepper cattle and yellow-gold flecks of tied-up hay pulled and braided like shorn hair and the single store across a red-clay-streaked street yellow lines so faded that we run on assumption the dog barks and chases every car that pulls in across from her once-white house wooden siding gray as the pavement where the paint has chipped and peeled her name is lily she defends the singular store with cigarettes behind the counter and pencils beside a child’s paradise in the form of a wall covered in crayola-colored candies the woman inside is older than anyone can remember and her hair is whiter than the house across the street her son is there too his name is mike when i was smaller he’d pick me up so i could reach the dollar ice cream inside the icebox and once he tolerated me when i climbed on the counter to braid his hair and two men sit in chairs by the door they have always been there too in the half-light through the paper-plastered front window and they drink coffee careful not to spill on camouflage jackets and well-worn leather boots red from the clay they’ve stood in they talk about the before and compare it to the now and they talk about how the now can be better how nice it is that their daughter can be in the military now and how the solar panels on their hot tin roof help so much and they talk about stamps and their guns in the back of their trucks and hunting the bear that’s been killing their salt-and-pepper cows they say that the past is nice too before cookie-cutter houses sprung up and chain restaurants forged their way in before a night-black road came in beside and the days when a president’s skin was not orange or black before when anyone could come in regardless of their skin and then we could hate them for whatever else they’d got and patriotism didn’t mean ignorant so we sit in the shadows of purple-blue mountains and watch as the wind blows through the trees that line the roads that may turn to gravel and we watch picket-fence perspective lines fade into the humidity the cardinals and sparrows fly and sit on the graves of names faded with indifference some kept in the best shape are of a different shape than the rest and the next church offers hope too, regardless of who you voted for when you last stood inside but eternity isn’t so bad and purgatory is my backyard Author's Note: okay so @thepensword directly inspired me with "American Purgatory" (go read it, it's gorgeous) to actually follow through on the effort I've been making to describe the small town in the American Southeast that I live in. I want to make clear that I am NOT mad at you/offended, Jess, I just wanted to show my corner of where she's seeing from someone who's lived here for a while. Second note: the lines in this poem "some kept in the best shape/ are a different shape than the rest" refers to how the graves of confederate soldiers are a specific shape. And we've got some of those around here. Most people can recognize the shape. That said, not a single person nearby me has a confederate flag displayed at their house.
  2. american purgatory

    okay I have some respect for the southeast countryside seeing as I live there but I love how you wrote this?
  3. I’m so sorry I haven’t posted anything in ages I just don’t have any new content and I’ve been really stressed and these sound like bad excuses but it hasn’t been a great week and I’m trying to keep up with discord too but I’ve only been there to like. Check on the chaos. For now I’m just appreciating everyone else’s stuff. You go, guys!

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    2. Apollo's Lover

      Apollo's Lover

      :56_heart-red::56_heart-red: hearts for you Queenie! Feel better.

  4. Discord?

    I’ll come join ASAP but can’t this very second yay someone’s executing this idea also full disclosure I have never used discord before
  5. It’s Wednesday and I’m scared

    Cool cool cool @Short_comedian
  6. Weekly Poll: What's your favorite holiday?

    Dude say what you will about that series but George Washington deserved an Oscar for the third movie. Coming back from faking his own death? Genius plot twist, man.
  7. It’s Wednesday and I’m scared

    @justaddbooks it is a nationwide thing but Marshall’s got a hunch. @Short_comedian Okay buddy let’s figure this out without me revealing my exact location bc then it’d be too easy to find me lol. So, my school mascot is the warrior and our school colors are blue and gold.
  8. It’s Wednesday and I’m scared

    ... it’s possible. I don’t want to be specific bc I’m not a fan of publishing info like this on the internets but I’ve already put somewhere on this site that I’m somewhere on the east coast, and also the mascot of my high school in some more recent writing relating to school. I think that’s vague enough. If you actually want to figure this out I can think of some more vague clues.
  9. It’s Wednesday and I’m scared. I shouldn’t be scared. All I’m doing is standing up and walking out of my chemistry classroom at 10:00. I’ll maybe not be alone, and I’ll hold the door for someone as they follow me. There will be other students leaving other classes, and we’ll walk to the football field, behind the school. We will wait seventeen minutes. Seventeen minutes isn’t enough for their lives, but it’s symbolic. And so we will wait until three minutes before the bell. And then we will return inside. And then it will be over. The administration claims that we will not be punished. I doubt that a massive production will be made, as students across the country will be waiting outside for the same seventeen minutes. Our principal encourages us to stand up for things we’re passionate about. And yet whenever someone mentions that time frame when we will not be in class, my heart skips and my hands shake and my throat closes. And I don’t know why. Maybe my fear of failure is reminding me that I could be suspended. Maybe I’m afraid of walking out alone. Maybe I’m afraid of what will happen if I don’t walk out of Chemistry at 10:00 on Wednesday. Maybe there will be a gunman again. Maybe they’ll be someone waiting in the bleachers as the kids leave the school. Maybe we will be the next ones, and there will be a protest for the warriors who fell on the football field while protesting for the need to be safe. Maybe I’m just scared. Nothing more than that.
  10. Exquisite Corpse March 2018

    and salt may be hidden in the sweetness, but then the peace is only made sweeter
  11. help is this good i need advice in the next 50min

    Also too late but it’s great
  12. royalty name

    I’ve got seventy-eight cents and half a sesame bagel. Maybe a hair tie.
  13. It's okay

    If that isn’t the biggest mood
  14. thoughts on downed trees

    It is silent But for the crunching of twigs under feet And the scrape of kicking branches across asphalt And the wind raking through the claws of the trees That dip and dive and swoon Cutting across the sky The ghostly rattle of wood on wood A dog barks Somewhere And a chorus follows it The hands of the wind fly towards us Grabbing at loose hair Strands of sunlight Too-big jackets that flatten against skin Two geese call to each other, Touching down on the lake And the wind pulls at them, too The rattle of metal and the need for power Hums from behind houses And the sky is too blue The sun too bright For there to be such wreckage We shatter the silence with more metal Which whines as it presses against trees Sap and flesh showering from the wound And the crunching and scraping Returns again And as we pull the carnage out of the road Into the woods The whispers of needles against asphalt rise again We return home from our adventure victorious In silence once more so this came out more angsty than I wanted but I might rework it later. so many fallen trees everywhere I mean lordy. also like the generators? they kept going so long we all stopped hearing them even though they’re loud as fuck
  15. We DID it, you guys! I went to the regional competition for NHD yesterday and my group won first in our category! We qualified for states! I'm so proud of us, and i'm glad all of that stress and tracking down newspapers on half-sketchy websites was worth it. 

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      omg thanks you guys