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  1. intro things :D

    @bearboy six of crows is one of my favorite things ever let’s be friends
  2. The Light Unwinding

    Strands of gold in the sunlight, pulled apart so you could wonder. So you could see your dreams unfold in all of the colors you could not see, and all of the dreams you say you don't believe in. Rumplestiltskin made the gold, but you found the golden in Rapunzel’s blonde. You found the light in the darkness, but saw the beauty in shadows. All that glitters isn’t gold, so you caught the sparkles in my eyes and gave them value. And all that shines isn’t sunlight, but my smile still brightened your day.
  3. Well, I just wrote a poem that sounds deep and meaningful, but it’s actually about my colorblind friend looking through my hair to find a proper shade for Legally Blonde.


    @The Invincible Troodon @drowntown @Short_comedian @conradbirdie June wasn’t sure how she’d gotten roped into grocery shopping with a group of strangers, but as she yanked half the stock of fleece blankets off the store’s shelves and threw them into a cart, she decided that at least she had a place to stay. She didn’t expect to volunteer to pay for the supplies, either, but this seemed like an important restocking mission, and damn it all if she wasn’t going to get a Wonder Woman blanket out of it. At least, that’s the excuse she used when she rode down the aisle on her cart and nearly crashed into a display of canned foods. She was doing this for the blanket and as a ‘thanks for letting me apparently crash here, even though I’ve never met you’ type gift, not for this group of weirdos.
  5. oh lore?

    Name: Nikolai Helge Age: 18 Gender/Pronouns (if applicable): male, he/him Species: ¼ elf, but is otherwise human. Doesn’t really know he’s ¼ elf, just that his grandpa was a weirdo. Height: 6’2” Appearance (plus a visual reference if you’ve got one): Very lanky, just past chin-length hair that’s usually under control but occasionally gets put in a (subtle) man bun. Kind of angular face, high cheekbones and sharp jaw, etc. Dark brown hair, weirdly light green eyes. Freckles and smirks for days. Has been described as “pretty.” Applicable Quirks (accent, biases, languages spoken, phobias, etc): Doesn’t have an accent unless he’s really tired or been talking to his grandma a lot, but then a little Scandinavian accent is there if you listen. Not scared of the dark, but hates being surrounded by a lot of metal. Claustrophobic. Loves being outside, can climb trees really easily from years of doing it. Vegetarian, but will go back on his own rules for some really good bacon. Quick Backstory: He’s studying magic because for some weird reason his General Magic hasn’t been working well lately and he wants to get past that, especially because his family is all really strong magic users. Weapons Abilities (if applicable): Pretty good at just throwing like bolts of magic if he has an amplifier of some kind, but again, General Magic has been kinda iffy lately. Favorite amplifier is a wooden necklace-type deal supposedly from his absentee weirdo grandpa. Powers? (if applicable): LOL again he needs an amplifier (idk how it works in this universe but it just helps refine/amplify existing power). Has low-key elf magic too, but he doesn’t know that’s what’s conflicting with his General Magic. Not really strong but is unparalleled in the act of running away. Nik didn’t want to be here, but he figured there were worse ways to spend a Saturday night. That is, until a FUCKING DEMON came out of the FLOOR. Now, he stood behind the... creature? with his palms out, even though he probably couldn’t hurt a dandelion at the moment. But what... it said was interesting. Nik might not believe in luck, but wishes were another matter. ”um, what kind of wishes are we talking about?”
  6. Okay I know we JUST started one RP thread and I still have NO CLUE what I’m doing at all but I have an idea for another one some other time. Hear me out: supernatural detectives. Like, a union of them with different specialties and methods for solving cases. Maybe one can talk to ghosts. Maybe another can see auras. Idk it’s magic. Anyone’s interested just like say something?

    1. conradbirdie


      cicada's not letting me like stuff rn, but that sounds super neat, dude! color me interested!


    June was in the middle of the cereal aisle when Keith called. And when Keith, who hated phone calls almost as much as Fox News called, it was urgent enough for her to pick up. Keith spoke quickly, detailing his little sister’s emergency and why he needed her to get to her apartment sooner than she possibly could. He said he’d send the address, that Laurie was fine, that June just had to get to this strange apartment NOW. So, still grumbling, she grabbed the nearest box of cereal and sprinted through the checkout, with half the groceries she’d come to get for Keith, and stabbed the messily texted location into her phone. It wasn’t a long walk to the apartment, but when she slammed open the unlocked door on the third floor so it hit the wall, it definitely wasn’t Laurie’s. “Oh,” she said as eloquently as one could while holding a tearing paper bag of groceries and standing in the doorway of a stranger’s apartment.
  8. RP OC Update: just realized I roped me, a straight girl with no gay boy in person friends, into maybe writing a gay boy. Well, let’s hope I don’t get offensive. *throws confetti*


    Name: June Lisabeth Andreson Age: 19. She’s not sure when her exact birthday is, but her dad always said she was his sweet summer child. Gender/Pronouns (if applicable): female, she/her Species: human Height: 5’3” but is a tall person on the inside Appearance (plus a visual reference if youve got one): pastel pink hair, dark roots because who cares about dying it regularly? Brown eyes, skin someone once called mocha-colored, made of like 75% muscle, no tattoos but a scar going from the base of her left pinky to her wrist. Applicable Quirks (accent, biases, languages spoken, phobias, etc): bi? pan? Who knows? Who cares? Hates black coffee because of her dad, loves curry because it reminds her of her dad, takes stupid risks, will do anything for a bet. Quick Backstory: Got in trouble with the police occasionally but she always talked her way out of it. Her dad died two and a half years ago, and she left the foster system as soon as she could. Will use her dad’s military college credit to go study photojournalism, but first, a gap year to make some cash. Somehow. Still close with her last (and also first) foster brother, who grew up in a southern, mildly homophobic/transphobic rural town. He liked boys more than she did. Weapons Abilities (if applicable): basic self-defense, loud scream, determination, can shoot a gun. Powers? (if applicable): none Keith is the only good thing about this town, June thought as she walked towards the grocery store with headphones in and camera around her neck.
  10. Still in progress

    Marshall my dude you’ve done good with this group of words
  11. The ways we’ve changed (by accident-on purpose)

    My bby I’m sorry. It does get better eventually, even if it doesn’t feel like it now.
  12. Exquisite Corpse, January Edition

    How could we forget we carry the weight of the atmosphere on our shoulders, and that the air around us has already boiled?
  13. Exquisite Corpse, January Edition

    The universe is ever-expanding, but that’s not why we’re drifting apart.
  14. Book suggestions?

    @mousecircus @Over the Rainbow I read beauty queens, too, and loved it SO much. definitely recommend also for the crazy plotline and commercial breaks. Also awesome that I’ve reread about 10 times in a week; In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan. The main character is a *very* bi Sassy Little Shit, there’s multiple gay characters, and it’s got misandrist elf civilization. Also mermaids and harpies and dwarves. And a school play. If you’re not sold by now, get tf out.