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  1. It’s so hard to write June, who’s very loud and aggressive and confident and then switch to writing Nik, who’s like quiet and nervous and just needs a hug and some friends.

  2. oh lore?

    @conradbirdie @drowntown What was Radish’s deal? The creepy voice freaked him out, he wasn’t going to lie, but a lot of things freaked him out a little. He looked over to Voss, who was still calm, somehow? Like, how? Dude told him not to make deals with a demon, and now Voss was the one making a deal. Nikolai opened the door quickly, looking around the room for anything they’d left behind. Almost as an afterthought, he grabbed the books and papers, as well as the chalk. The candles could wait. “Let’s go,” he said, jerking his head towards the door. He walked out into the cold, hoping Voss and Rad would follow. It’d be awkward, otherwise. He paused before he made it too far. “Where are we going?” He asked.

    June elbowed Nick before Harley could respond. “A great way to be accused of being Emo Spider-Man— and don’t try to tell me you’re no emo, you have a godfucking wallet chain— is to say like eight times some people may possibly think you’re a vigilante fighter for justice.” She looked back to Unit Four, thinking through her words once before she spoke. “If you don’t mind me asking... did your dad create you just for the fun of it, or for like... a specific task? You’re obviously more than that either way, but... I don’t know. When I woke up this morning I wasn’t exactly planning to potentially offend an AI.” She ran a hand through her hair. “Man, this whole day is a mess. I can’t even go to the police station to see if my sister’s okay.” She looked around the room and sighed. “Part of my tragic backstory, and as story time is still up in the air, I’m just going to pretend that I’m moving on and hoping Unit Four doesn’t know everything about me yet.” She shoved the last of her candy bar in her mouth, then turned and leaned back on her hands, facing the room. “So how’s everyone’s day been?” She asked with a grin. @The Invincible Troodon @conradbirdie @Short_comedian @drowntown
  4. box block (tw past abuse)

    I just read this like four times over my dude you’re so great at this it makes me sad that this is your inspiration but glad that you can at least turn the badness into something beautiful like my god this is one prose poem I wouldn’t mind hearing read aloud it flows so well just ugh
  5. little girl (tw: attempted assault)

    you’re alone now little girl and there’s nobody to save you you said it yourself you’re no damsel in distress you need no knight to save you no matter how shiny their armor you were alone before little girl blue striped shirt tight across your chest you couldn’t breathe then you couldn’t scream if you tried for all the frogs in your throat you’d think a prince would come you felt alone then little girl nobody to free you from the metal at your spine his arm at your back that leer backed by a friend whose laughs weren’t silent nobody would see nobody did see the tower was too tall the hallways too long the staircase feels too steep now the way you trudge up them tread carefully princess for a broken shard of glass may pierce your heart again no prince charming no fairy godmother you have to save yourself you weren’t alone after little girl there were people to tell people who you didn’t want to hover to swarm you to never let you escape so you told one and she became your knight your self-appointed shadow that helped you climb the tower and even if she didn’t slay the dragon she found the slipper that fit you both you’re alone once more little girl and her laugh isn’t there to smother the silence that smothered you and her sword isn’t by your side to slay any of the dragons still in their lair at the top of the stairs and she didn’t knight another to take her place and you didn’t tell anyone else kept your mouth shut as if you were gagged with a poison apple like a good princess so you’re alone again little girl

    @drowntown @conradbirdie @The Invincible Troodon @Short_comedian “Oh my god it lives,” June squealed, running across the room to kneel in front of Unit Four. “This is so cool. You’re so cool. I’m not the person you’re about to get music from, by the way. Oh my fucking god, you’re the coolest.” She turned her head to look at Nick. “I mean, now I really want to know more about you, Spidey. I was joking about the tragic backstory sharing time, but now I think we might need it. And no, I didn’t exactly get in trouble for beating up assholes. Well, I did once or twice. My really claim to fame with the cops was shooting a dude in the leg. He’s fine now, regrettably enough. I mean, he’s in jail, but otherwise fine.” She turned back to Four. “I saved your life earlier when you were asleep, by the way. You’re welcome.”

    June raised an eyebrow. “Wow. That’s... not a great comeback. To anything. You didn’t know what emo meant until five minutes ago. It’s a culture, Nick.” She dropped onto the floor and reached for one of Harley’s candy bars. “And I’ve got you both beaten in legal trouble, but I’ve technically got a clean record. Don’t bother looking me up. I want to hear that vilgilante stuff sometime though. Sounds like a riot.” She tossed her hair over her shoulder, flashing a smile at Harley, who certainly wasn’t a loser and was very much a good parent. “And I am a blessing, you’re right. Also a jock, a saint and a goddess, but who’s keeping track?”

    June laughed nervously, looking around the room to see other people's reactions. "Hold on," she said. "Nobody called you a charity case. I'm sure you had a plan when you were walking alongside the road and actually took the invitation to come to this place, bless your heart." She paused. "I mean, I came here too, but I was told my sister had an emergency and I shouldn't leave this not-murder house. So there's that. We can have a chat about our obviously tragic backstories later," she said, rolling her eyes again in case anyone thought she'd look forward to this inevitable event. "Nobody doubted your ability to take care of yourself, kiddo, just your access to running water and like, a shelter." She stabbed at her own ramen, gesturing with another brightly patterned fork from Caenus' drawer. "I'm gonna be the last person to tell you what to do. I hate it when anyone tells me what to do--" her voice was muffled now by ramen, "--anf iam no 'ypocrite." She swallowed and looked over to Caenus. "I'll abide by your rules if I get the deniability thing, too. If y'all are criminals, don't get me wrapped up in that shit. I hate courtrooms. And also, Caenus, I've already broken Rule Three. I nearly knocked your fucking awesome sword off the wall and thus had to touch it to keep it from chopping my feet off and killing Unit Four." She grinned at the room, standing to put her own bowl in the sink. "I feel like we're going to get along." @conradbirdie @The Invincible Troodon @drowntown @Short_comedian
  9. full-stop. (PTSD and abuse tw)

    this is really sad/painful and I'm sorry this happened, but at least some beautiful poetry came out of it. I'm glad you're in a place where you can talk about it now. Welcome to the Slam!
  10. oh lore?

    Nikolai flipped the light switch, watching the demon's teeth. This wasn't ideal. Voss had been scratched by the demon, and while actively trying to not have it happen again was a good idea, he needed to get that looked at. "Let's go back to your dorm. Better light, and more materials so we can figure out what the hell happened." He shifted his weight, stepping back towards the demon with his palms out. He hoped his hands weren't shaking. It was weird enough he didn't have a regular object to channel his power, much less anything metal. His mom had been worried that he was inert when he couldn't perform magic with the standard metal equipment. That really didn't matter right now. What mattered was not having his hands eaten by a demon, because then they'd both be screwed. "And no offense, man, but majority rules, here. Let's go. Maybe not to a dorm room, but out of this place." Nik glanced at the smeared chalk lines again, and then over to the stack of books and loose papers stuck in a haphazard pile. Maybe they could figure out what went wrong. "And yeah, some answers would be nice. Believe me, we want you back where you came from as much as you do. I mean, I'm sure you're great, um, but we just.... you want to go back. Yeah." He flexed his fingers briefly, sparks flying for a second. God, he was nervous. He hoped Voss couldn't tell. He'd like a friend. "Please cooperate."
  11. I hope everyone who isn't in the RP threads is at least enjoying themselves reading them bc they're WILD and deserve to be shared with the world.

  12. okay but june's concerns about this being a murder scene are V A L I D bc she might be a WOC that outclasses them all in self-defense skills, she's still the only WOC and that means "you're the first to die" in murder movie talk.

    1. conradbirdie


      Y E A H she has sense! logic! smarts!

  13. Iron

    Okay, so I have to retype my whole critique bc it didn’t post (fml) so this might seem a bit rushed, but first of all, welcome to the Slam, we’re like this all the time. Okay let’s get into it: Get rid of the first comma, you don’t need it. I see what you’re trying to do with that second line, but I think maybe something showing the effects of the acid/desire might be more effective here than the thing it should do. Try something like “a rich acid that burns as it sinks in” or “an acid with a richness that burns my throat” I’d put the with on the next line here with “another’s flame.” I love how you create space in your sentences. Give the words some breathing room. If it fits here, maybe throw in a line about how their blood isn’t sluggish as the third line, and then go onto “my own blood...” K. Love this. Again, maybe put “when I said I was heartless” on a line of its own. Give the words their space. Capitalize the b in but, just to keep with your aesthetic. Lastly, love the period at the end. Gravity and finality is a good way to end this. Sorry this was rushed, and keep writing! queenie out

    @drowntown @Short_comedian @conradbirdie @The Invincible Troodon “Is this really a party, Nick?” she asked, leaning on the counter across from Unit Four’s dad. “And yeah, I’d like a fork.” Nick still had this panicked air around him that she had noticed when she slammed open the door of the apartment. Maybe he was just like that all the time? She turned to face Caenus. “Also, Caenus, what is the deal with this place? I mean, I’m grateful you let me bunk with an emo kid, a lost-looking girl, and a genius with a cool-ass kid,” she said, pointing at each one of them. “But this is a little weird. I’m not down to get murdered or anything.”
  15. how to trick the captcha beast (and other handy tips)

    This is such a nice tribute to the now-dead CAPTCHA beast. I'd knight you for your bravery to pass it and live to tell the tale if I had a good sword.