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  1. Overheard Quotes

    For the past year and a half, two of my friends and I have been keeping a list of quotes we’ve overheard. Some of them require context, but I find the best ones are better off without it. For example: "You don't want to get in a fight with him. I think he kills people for a living, he's been pretty vague." “No, he’s just scared of girls. That’s not his problem, though.” “What’s in the fanny pack?” *unzips neon yellow fanny pack with a straight face to reveal fruit snacks* “You don’t want to get stabbed? That’s so extra.” “I mean, the guillotine had a pretty sweet pulley system.” “You’re overlooking all the other perfectly valid reasons I’m going to hell.” “Shrek is NOT a folk tale!” “You shake my spear.” “NO.” “FUCK YOU.” “I love it when girls say nice things.” “Do I have an ass?” “Well, all your shit has to come from somewhere.” “the gate keeps out T H E B E A S T” “We didn’t play like the fucking goose.” “How’s your boyfriend?” “Still nonexistent.” I have around 100 more pages of these, but feel free to add your own. If anyone wants more of these, I can attach more. If nothing else, it’s C O N T E N T Update: this had a great response, so enjoy some more. Like, this is the highlights of last semester's list, just to give you perspective of how many damn quotes we've collected overheard quotes pt 2.docx
  2. giving myself up

    At first it was my words that I said I would protect. Then, once that was gone, I said I wouldn’t make friends. It would be professional. And after I grew too close and realized too late, I said my age. My face. All of that was gone. My voice was one piece of identity I was determined to hold onto. Even though the odds of you knowing me in person were low and the odds of you finding me because of my voice were lower, my dad’s Red Scare-esque attitude towards my identity running loose on the internet was enough to keep me as a listener. But then there was that one little lapse of judgement, just once, just for a few seconds. It was quiet in my room. My breathing kept getting picked up, so I moved the microphone away from my face, twisted the cord in my hands. There was so much you didn’t know about me. There still is. Logan said he was leaving. His voice was as high-energy as I had expected. Not valley girl. I remember wondering what you guys imagined my voice sounding like. I knew I wouldn’t ever ask. Jess said something I didn’t quite hear. It made sense that her voice sounded like music. Logan repeated, my phone’s going to die and Jess replied something I couldn’t hear over my pulse in my ears and then I did it before I lost my nerve. I’m a calculating person. I have a hard time making snap decisions. But here I was, clicking and catching my breath and suddenly I just wanted to say hi before you left. That was it. But even though my pulse was still in my ears, I could hear a gasp from Jess’ mic and Logan make some unconscious little “woah” because I had said so many times that I wouldn’t say anything. And then I laughed. One more piece of my identity lost. I won’t say lost. Given. I gave you my voice. It makes me sad sometimes when I realize you don’t know things about me the same way my friends in real life do. You haven’t seen me break down in a classroom and then deliver a flawless presentation that was the cause of said breakdown ten minutes later. You haven’t seen my face light up, haven’t heard me scream at a basketball game. You haven’t rolled your eyes in unison when a new person tries to say my name. But you know other things. You know me, differently but the same. And I said I wouldn’t give myself to you. I’m glad I did.
  3. the one who tamed the wolf

    (I know sweetie I love you too)
  4. the one who tamed the wolf

    @thepensword Flattered bc I was like “this is so great” and actually sent it to someone and secondly since never bc your tumblr is open to the whole wide internet I just found your url
  5. monster gf?

    woah hey look queenie’s indecisive about content that’s new and original
  6. the one who tamed the wolf

    I read this on your tumblr and was like “this is so good” but then I saw it here and for a brief second was like “plagiarism? My jess plagiarized?” and then I realized that no, you didn’t plagiarize, you’re just a lovely writer and I don’t read urls.
  7. I lost my motivation on a take-home test so I put on heels and now I feel like I can take over the world. Test? Aced it. Projects? Done. Patriarchy? Uprooted bc im wearing these heels for my damn self.

    (and then the high wears off and I realize I have nothing done and no clue what I’m doing and it’s going to take a lot more than me wearing heels for an hour to uproot the partriarchy and

    1. thepensword


      add red lipstick and take over the fucking world

  8. say you’ll remember

    @Apollo's Lover not yet, but I don’t think my subscription’s renewed after the free year is up so idk. Maybe. And also just a irl friend/having to acknowledge aging situation
  9. say you’ll remember

    say you’ll remember me when my time runs out when my lights fade now will I have been enough? my words my ideas myself will anything I have to offer everything I have to offer will that ever be enough to remain afloat in the waters of time not tossed below the waves I have no lifeboat will I have made a large enough crater drawn enough lines in the sand pulled at heartstrings held enough hands will I have been enough to be so outside the prison of my skull don’t let me disappear for though you glow I am still afraid of the dark
  10. im depressed and not doing great big surprise

    Tough shit, Fullmetal. We’re going to remember you no matter what. And I’m going to worry. I hope I’m not too late.
  11. Here's your chance to become a non player character

    Maericia.Tabaxi. 26. Bard, but a shy bard who doesn’t really like people oohing over her singing voice. Bartender at a tavern close enough to Dragonfly that she knows about the singing and the table-jumping-lute-playing fire/hire cycle. Collects stories from everyone, people go to her for advice because she just seems to KNOW. People watcher. Will throw people out if they’re disturbing the peace, and by peace she means controlled chaos.
  12. möbius strip questions

    set me free from the möbius strip infinity of this ever-expanding universe where I keep asking myself too many questions what are you asking from me? I will not learn the answers when every answer is itself a question the tilt of your head how you bounce on your toes the curve of your smile a flicker of something in your eyes you stand in my way on purpose? another game? nothing is certain I know not which way is up I never know why or what or the universe curls in wavelike collapsing on itself chaos dangerous evolution beautiful restless or running or maybe something? nothing
  13. Star sisters

    I can’t help too much right now bc I have tests to study for but I love the parallelism here and if I were to change one thing it would be the last line of the first stanza, which feels a little bulky.
  14. corinthian

    let my walls crumble even if I am tossed beneath the columns the rubble of what I was once constructed of the remains of my potential, all my what-ifs and coulds and shoulds red-smeared marble is impure crumpled; unnatural in texture corinthian carvings etched onto my skull for now I see through the glass darkly and commaless phrases only add my dearest to my destruction of structure the demolition of myself from the inside daggers wedged below my skin since childhood cloaked phrases swim below the surface there is beauty in destruction in pain in ruins no candles to light the way to the top sparks must come from somewhere else one by night two by water maybe the sparks have died when they touch the ground dew-coated grass smothering the small infinity of an explosion my walls will fall from within
  15. untitled ii (phoenix wings)

    You reminded me I could fly then set my wings alight So I tear off my dress And laugh at the scars For I will be here when the winter comes And I will stay Until my soul is burned away by envy Spring will bring forth the good in me And force vines Through the calcium shell that encases my heart May butterfly wings fuse to my spine And let sparks fly from the lightning branded at my hips Perhaps ice will fall from my touch As well as my lips Or maybe my voice Will crack the frost around your heart And the heat from my wings Or the fire from my tongue Will melt the steel that encases your mind How you forged it I’ll never know In the meantime I will fly far from here Far from your words pressurized by time Fireworks spark inside you I will fly further than the embers On wings that cannot be taken from me
  16. breakup without an actual relationship

    feel free to dump stuff here any time. I’m sorry that happened, and I hope you feel better soon!
  17. infinity must be shades of blue

    infinity must be shades of blue war paint old brushes flutter over forearms fingers sweep across jawlines in groups of three drips of royal rain collapse down necklines drizzle into hair (stained further as we card our hands through) legs are pressed by palms handprints left as memory streaks of darker-than-sky swatches bridging wrists ocean-dipped fingertips tangle drying paint coats the curves of our necks a second splintering skin splattered inverse stars freckle cheeks stretched by grins lips half-touched by blue
  18. butterfly identification

    @thepensword R E L A T A B L E
  19. On Forensic Anthropology

    hate to ruin this thought-provoking depression/dysphoria train over here but science says your “female skeleton” literally might have slightly more mature bones (by like, three years) and some slightly rounded hips. It’s close to impossible to tell male from female by skeletons alone. have fun, don’t think too much, love you no matter what gender your bones might potentially suggest you could be
  20. safe wall

    Because, what if it happens again? What if the hallways are full of children and you can smell the fear in the air as we run? Because nobody will be walking. The teachers told us to run now. Forget order over safety. How disturbing is it to hear that for the students? Because we know that we need to cut the shit, nobody will be walking if we don’t run. What if there’s nothing we can do? What if it’s one of our own, and warriors are left fighting for their lives instead of the state championship? What if we hold the door for them to turn on us? What if there’s more than one of them, and there’s no longer safety in numbers? What if they get onto the roof, and blood and bullets water the grass? What if they come during lunch when it’s sunny, and three hundred students are outside enjoying the sun, and not paying attention? What if there is no safe wall? What if the announcement comes on while we’re changing classes, and nobody hears the PA? What if not enough people hear? What if there’s not enough rooms nearby? What do you do when the doors and windows are staggered? What happens if the forty-year-old blinds jam? What if were are faced with the reality that a glitter-covered poster can’t stop a bullet? What if we have to move the filing cabinet and the bookshelf and the ancient pink couch to barricade the door with the key that has been lost over the course of forty years? What if the multimillion dollar renovations leave freshmen hiding on the floor below broken windows while history is made instead of taught? What if the teachers have to make good on their promises? What if someone does come in? Will we all throw our shoes like we’ve been told, battered Converse and strappy sandals and fresh new sneakers hurled in the direction of the door? Will she actually throw diluted lab acids in their eyes? Will they even need their eyes to shoot? Will award-winning yearbooks be enough to hurt? Would they actually do impossibly more for us? Would they leave us all in their debt for the rest of our lives? Because what if it happens again, and we aren’t ready, despite everything we’ve tried to do? Will leaving the school where we’re supposed to be safe be enough to remind people what if? What if nowhere becomes safe? note: I wrote this between the parkland shooting and the walkout. Just decided to post it. My teachers talked about it almost non-stop in classes the week after. We have new rules because of it. It’s created way too many alternate pathways for what could happen.
  21. I Want

    The repetition of “I want” in the first three lines of each stanza is good, I’d keep that structure even if you change individual lines. Breathe* consider changing “our” in the first stanza to something like this or a, it doesn’t match the second stanza First of all, relatable. Secondly, this is a strong parallel structure. To make the poem flow better, maybe take out the second to? Still grammatically correct, in case you were wondering. I don’t see many (if any) issues with this. I say submit it! Ainm will take care of you. queenie out
  22. when the bow breaks

    and it’s horribly cruel but who would ever love you? red marble is bloodied not pure unnatural in texture and weak lunged slow-witted wild hair (knotted mess) obvious blush ugly tears liar fishing for compliments and playing dumb isn’t a good look for you and not much is a good look for you purple veins seen beneath pale palms bloodied specks hiding in shadows of knees and elbows smooth you are not with tiger-clawed hips a patchwork of scars and dependency who would ever love you? never first except in birth mantle heavy on your shoulders tied back to them by love and deep-set fears of losing failure is an old friend or at least it pretends to be masks only cover they don’t free stop and let your breath catch catch your breath instead or you are weak sick fragile useless undeserving why do you think you’re good enough you should be grateful loving family some money friends that care they do care a school an education a future white straight cis neurotypical (probablies) those curves are ones nobody will ever want to touch the eyes shine not from tears but determination because big girls don’t cry unless they’re disappointing unless they’re failing but then they see they’ve gotten to you they will remain cloaked daggers already under my skin
  23. Threat (tw, death, implied school shooting) (unfinished)

    I’m going to edit this later bc I have a lot of feelings about this as well as a thing I didn’t post yet
  24. Moving on

    you dropped the pen names my DUDE I’m sorry it still hurts, but at least you know it meant something if it does. Your tags are relatable btw