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  1. And it’s finally done, under an hour before the deadline. I think I can die in peace now. 

  2. Process Paper

    Okay NO. If you pick a topic you’re super interested in it’s only a week of tears after like 3 3/4 months of researching and picking layouts.
  3. Week of 2/19: CICADA-scope

    @Autumn should I go by my generic star sign for this or the one that was actually in the sky the night of my birth? Or does the universe not care?
  4. Weekly Poll: What's your favorite food?

    Um what are the two options
  5. Process Paper

    Okay that would be hilarious but process papers for NHD? My dude I RELATE! Guess who’s staying up until 11:59 tomorrow?
  6. Formatting a play?

    Okay so I’m not expert (read: I’ve got no clue mate) but I think the general idea is split up scenes by a literal change of scenery or like a short jump in time (the next morning, later that day, etc., but make it clear that it’s the next time) and acts by the Big Mood of the act if it changes (like a major plot point is coming up, a courtroom scene or something) or a big-ass time jump (weeks/months/years). Good luck, and please share it with us!
  7. Well I just learned how to code so I can work on NHD, I got that bit done, and now I’ve forgotten like 80% of what I just did. Fml

    1. Short_comedian


      Mine is due on Thursday and I still haven't written my process paper...let's suffer together.

    2. queenie_flower


      Omg mine’s due thursday too! Our word limit is 1200 and we’re already over it even though we have like a ton more stuff to write, we only have like a fourth of our process paper done, and WEEBLY doesn’t have their SHIT TOGETHER enough to have a timeline function. (That’s done though lol)

      Please I need more suffering buddies let’s do this

  8. ode to the visible universe (final draft i swear)

    Jesus fuck it’s reached its final form ajsksifsksnejdk
  9. noah

    I *really* like this. I also have a little sibling, so I get the struggle. I think Noah would adore this. (And also he’s a big kid who can filter his own tags)
  10. breathe

    if you’d just breathe you’d remember how when you left your shadow followed or how once three wasn’t lucky just one movement to make it like every other four wasn’t worth it breathe or you’ll remember rock bottom cold under your fingertips grasping at straws you couldn’t see and you couldn’t breathe one two three and four wasn’t lucky fade to black background scraping at your skin as you sink breathe waves come in and masks only cover they don’t free even if gives you room to breathe as you sink below the waves again you wonder if the iron you taste holds you tight or if the sandpaper you feel in your mind like the buzzing of flies is your freedom breathe and hope that love is found in your liver for your heart is running away too fast and you want to feel something more than dizzy breathe or the boa that you wear will gain life and pull not at heartstrings but at the throat and if you don’t breathe it will crush your chest shatter your ribs and crawl inside the cage they once were breathe
  11. Exquisite Corpse February 2018

    Well January lasted about five years, so maybe February will feel like a real month. Okay, the rules are simple: start commenting today (Feb 1, 2018) and keep adding those coherent, sense-making lines one or two at a time until February 28 at midnight, whenever that is for you. If you want a line break, please give us a line break or a / or something to separate them! Try to submit 1-2 lines at a time. If you're like, hyper-inspired, please write a full poem and post it. I endorse inspiration. Please write here, too, though. The theme this month is color! All types and shades of color. All tints and color-codes and imagery accepted. You guys are creative people, you've got this in the bag. Go forth and write!
  12. new users can't join the slam for free

    The staff is omnipotent and omniscient, I’m sure they’ve seen this. But I agree about @ ing them. It’s kinda... I don’t know. At least we all agree on this.

    @conradbirdie @drowntown @The Invincible Troodon @Short_comedian Caenus' story was terrible. It was a good story, with a happy ending, it just put a terrible feeling in her stomach. She wondered if Caenus could tell she'd heard this story before. She kept her nausea off her face and followed Harley's lead, attempting to awkwardly pat Caenus on the shoulder, even if she had to reach up a bit to do that. She recognized the fear that was in his eyes, even if it was only there for a second. Then what Harley had said really sunk in. "Are you forbidding him from getting stabbed? I don't know if... never mind. None of you are allowed to get maimed today because of me." She shook her head with a sigh, cracking her knuckles in a practiced motion. "I mean, I was ready to head out, but I'd be happy to learn how to properly fuck someone up from a dude with semi-professional experience. I'm pretty good at falling though. You need a demonstratee, Nick?"
  14. new users can't join the slam for free

    I don't have a way to coherently say what I think about this in print, but I have a lot of feelings about all of this. I had a community, in reality, who loved and accepted me for whatever I was, and I still do. However, there are a lot of people who aren't as lucky as I was and am, and need another space to exist. And even if you're like me and have an existing community offline, this is still a great place to be and to express yourself. I have nobody offline who critiques my work, or is interested in sharing any of theirs with me. I had no idea that online RPing was a thing that people did, or even really how to do it (still working on that, btw). I think that unless Cicada is in Massive Financial Trouble (and if they are, I can accept their decision better, I will admit), they should keep at least a basic version of the Slam up to everyone, for free. I know that eventually, I might not be able to stay, and I don't want that to happen yet. Ideally, all of the Slam should be open to all of the people who want to use it, but I understand that stuff happens and money exist and not everything is ideal. Excluding people is the exact opposite of what the Slam tries to do.
  15. infinite sky excerpts part 1!!!

    I'm sorry I didn't react to this earlier, but I've read all three and think that you did a great job! Awesome job on actually having the drive to finish nanowrimo as well as having a product that includes quality as well as quantity.
  16. @Short_comedian when you began the OC RP thread, did you expect that it would turn into a "let's go and illegally investigate a crime scene oops there's robots and guns and a vigilante and cops," or were you expecting something far more... peaceful?


    June grinned at Caenus. "Welcome to the dark side, Caenus, hope you enjoy your stay!" She then whipped around to call after Nick: "Don't worry, Emo Spidey! You can drive your own car!" She turned back to the room and in a voice that was slightly quieter said, "I don't have his number either. Can someone hook me up with that so we can like, communicate? Dude split up the damn operation. We were a well-oiled machine. Also, a disguise would be nice. Even just a hat and five minutes for me to do some intense makeup. I'm gonna grab my camera, and then you're going to tell me your cop story. I know some cops are good cops, for the record. It's just the bad cops that make it hard. When you can't tell is what gets me. Anyway, story time!"
  18. oh lore?

    Nik stepped away from Radish now, fingers safely hidden back inside his pockets. "I'm gonna go get the gift cards," he said, choosing to ignore the fact that he and Voss would probably be defusing arguments between Mop and Radish until they got un-slurped. "Nobody is threatening your campus cryptid title, Mop. Radish is just visiting. Unless they want to stay, and even then they're like, not a cryptid. Just... I'll be back." And with that, he walked quickly up to the door with the dented knob and shoved the door open (it stuck at the bottom) to get inside. The gift cards were easy enough to find, he had a stack of them in his desk. Nik shoved as many of them as he could find in his jacket pockets, swept the room for anything weird, and walked back into the hall. "Lets go," he said.
  19. oh lore?

    @conradbirdie @thepensword @drowntown okay first of all this is *gold* right here: Instead of shrinking back behind Voss' shoulders, which were broader than his and naturally the best place to hide behind, Nik stepped halfway in front of Rad, who was definitely more hostile than Mop. Not that Nik would be able to admit that and survive their combined wrath, but it was something to take into consideration. Nik looked over at Mop. "I mean, it's the hallway. We're not in your dorm, that'd be weird. We were just trying to get to Voss'." This was going great. So great. He could almost picture how Rad's teeth would sink into his hand. It was already practically in their face. This probably wouldn't end well, but at least Nik had the promise of free food. "And I can pay for McDonald's. Um, my aunt gives me gift cards for McDonald's because she gets them free. I have like 50 bucks worth of them. All the fries you could want." He forced a smile, looking around at the group. That was diplomatic, right? McDonald's itself was neutral territory, with sketchy-low wards to boot. Nik looked at Radish, trying not to loom over them too much, or act like he was restraining them. Not what anyone needed. "Um, Mop knows a lot about stuff. She can help us. And, um, Mop is a very... it's a name, too. Lots of people are named after inanimate objects. Like, I had a friend in fourth grade named Looseleaf." Looseleaf was great. They were born in fall. When the leaves became... well, loose. They had a brother who was supposed to be named July, but he was born two days late, so his parents decided to name him August. Very risky. "Radish," Nik said, hoping the shiver he felt was just from nerves and not from invoking something, "Can we talk this out? We don't hear of Mop trusting... anyone, really, so she's not insulting you specifically. She also probably didn't want to mis-species you, and just used creature as a general word. We're creatures, too. Please, just don't duel. We've got rules about noise and stuff. And vandalism." He sent a desperate look to Mop that he hoped conveyed please just be civil and help us out, and please just go along and don't call me out if i'm wrong, we need this to work
  20. funny childhood stories

    @Connor Not Waldorf school, but I knew a kid who went there. Secondly, that sounds like a story that you should tell us. Did your friends just pull the alarm? or did they set like an honest to god fire (side note: at that same school the toaster just spontaneously burst into flames once. We were horrified. True story) um, i did not want to *be* Mike Rowe, but I watched that show pretty much since my parents could explain that there were words on that show you COULDN'T SAY. he was a defining part of my childhood and i still watch reruns and have favorite moments. That's another story, unless anyone has seen the episode where a) he's on a pig farm or b) is trying to get a post out of the ground (it's around some cave hole in the woods, idk) and hes S T R U G G L I N G but he refuses any help for about four hours.

    June grinned at everyone. “Aw, this is going to be great. I’ve got my own phone, Harls, but your number would be great. Not hitting on you, just trying to stay in touch. Your car would be fabulous, if you don’t mind. I’ll promise you it won’t be totalled, and I’ll totally bring it back.” She paused, looking over at Caenus. “This totally invalidates the liability clause, by the way. Just so we’re clear. Now,” she said, clapping her hands together for effect, “who wants to go illegally investigate a crime scene? I’m bringing my camera! Agnes, Harley, you wanna come with? We might also beat up a cop, but only if he provokes me enough for it to be legal.” @conradbirdie @drowntown @Short_comedian @The Invincible Troodon
  22. oh lore?

    Nik has assumed his utterly panicked-looking grin wasn’t helping anything, so he wiped it off his face just in time for Voss to say “makeup removal party.” And then Mop was there. The famous (or infamous, depending on who you asked) Mop. If he had known Mop had lived down his hallway, he’d have been way more excited to move in. In any case, she was giving them some weird and unsettling glare that made Nik’s insides flop a little bit. He let out a laugh he would readily admit sounded appropriately nervous. “We don’t think you’re stupid, Mop. Just maybe not as all-knowing as you’re rumored to be. And um, Rad here could pass as a student kidnapped by the drama department.” Facing the threat of an awkward silence and probably the wrath of Mop’s cat, he babbled on. “We don’t really know either, to be honest. We should all go and talk about it. Maybe we should go to McDonalds. They probably don’t care what we say. They’re all minimum wage employees. They’ve heard some shit. Then we can come back and fix this,” he said, taking a breath. @thepensword @conradbirdie @drowntown
  23. if YOU lied, and YOU lied, and I lied, WHO'S DRIVING THE SPACESHIP

    Alexa gave herself approximately two seconds to be thoroughly stunned, then snapped back into action, hair whipping around her face as she turned to survey Jack and Koz, who was still in the out. “Of course I didn’t give them permission! Even I wouldn’t do something that stupid!” She opened Koz’s comm link on the screen closest to the steering controls and screamed into it, dramatically leaning in even though it could have picked her up from across the room. “KOZ! Get back inside the ship, you little shit! At least explain why we’re going to die!” She looked over at Jack. “I can totally land the ship. Don’t worry about that. And I’m going to do it carefully, so Koz doesn’t die alone in space, even if that idea is tempting,” she said in a much more confident tone. She was visibly nervous though, free fingers drumming on the edge of the panel. She shoved at her sleeves again. This sucked. All of this kinda sucked. At least she didn’t have to go to more slimy political dinners, she thought, jabbing at the screen. And at least she got to make a decision of her own for once. She twirled her fingers against the glass, steering their ship closer to the far moon. Hopefully Koz wouldn’t be targeted. They were pretty visible against the outside of the ship. @Rye @thepensword @Short_comedian
  24. bloody bandaids (tw: blood)

    Hugo couldn’t believe it had taken him this long to come to the conclusion that his partner was an impulsive idiot. Elsie had demanded to be released from the hospital early, and the doctors had okayed it. Idiots, all of them. There was space in the ER on a Tuesday afternoon. You’re going to be spending a lot more time here after you get your medical license, Hugo had said as he tried to block the door, but Elsie had whacked him with her crutch and that was the end of that conversation. Their car had been wrecked by whoever they were fighting. Hugo didn’t know when Elsie was getting a new car, or if it would be Renner with his drill sergeant body and mother bear attitude terrifying some used car dealer into giving them one. So now Hugo was helping Elsie home on foot, both of them still in bloodstained uniforms, and people were taking pictures, which wasn’t helping anything other than their follower count. Elsie demanded to walk herself home if she had to use the crutches. Hugo threatened to carry her if she tried that. Idiote, he had said. Tu es putain de fou. And then she had hit him with her crutch again and mumbled through the painkillers that she couldn’t stand him. Hugo had said it’s not like you can if you wanted to, and she had found that hysterical. She made it back to their apartment, and Hugo had gallantly not screamed at her for jumping out a window fourteen stories up and shattering her ankle along with the expensive car she landed on. He wouldn’t admit it was cool, either, and very badass. It was idiotic, and he told her so again. “At least I didn’t break more bones,” Elsie argued, wrenching herself free of Hugo’s grasp. She hadn’t needed to. Hugo threw his hands into the air, slapping them down on the edge of the counter. “You broke your ankle, seven ribs, and your collarbone, not to mention the fact that your arms are still bleeding. That’s a lot of bones. You only have 207, you know.” “206,” Elsie said without looking up. “Except I had an extra bone in my foot when I was a kid, so I did have 207 for about twelve years.” Hugo shook his head, watching the blood wash off her hands and spiral down the drain of the sink. She swore and shoved some dishes aside to keep blood from getting on them. He stood up again, pulling his shirt away from his skin where blood had dried it to his ribs. The hospital staff hadn’t cared much about him. “Did they at least tell you to sit down for once in your life?” Hugo asked, grabbing rubbing alcohol and gauze from the top of the fridge and beginning to clean his own cuts. “Did they tell you that you’re only the second emergency contact and I don’t need you to worry? I’ve got Renner for that. And let me clean that, you’re going to get an infection. Take off your fucking gloves. And take off your knives, I don’t want to be stabbed.” Hugo complied but shoved her into his chair, which squeaked as if in protest. Elsie stood back up. “Ross, sit down or I’m going to tie you to the chair,” Hugo threatened, turning away just as Elsie’s eyes lit up for the first time in days. “I’m not really--” “If you say you’re not into that I’m actually going to leave.” Elsie sighed and sat back in the chair, which squeaked again insistently. She held out her arms obediently enough when Hugo motioned for her to do so, but she couldn’t stand his running stream of you idiot you shouldn’t have I’m going to have to revive you from the dead just to kill you again that he mumbled as he wiped at her injuries angrily. Elsie made an annoyed sound, yanking the rubbing alcohol out of Hugo’s hands and pouring it over his shirt. Hugo yelped and grabbed a dish towel. “Why’d you do that? You’re supposed to be the professional one!” Elsie rolled her eyes, dabbing the rubbing alcohol into the cuts. “I’m trying to keep you from getting an infection, idiot.” Hugo gave a long-suffering sigh. “And I’m trying to stop Renner from breaking down the door and crying when he sees you,” he replied. Elsie looked out the window. “You know he wouldn’t cry. He’d punch you for not keeping me safe,” she said, rolling her eyes again. She looked back to Hugo. “And then I’d tell him I can damn well take care of myself.” Hugo shook his head. “Tu ne peux pas prendre soin d’un plante, ma crotte,” Hugo muttered. Elsie sighed. “You know I hate it when I don’t know what you’re saying.” “Obtiens un putain de dictionnaire français,” Hugo called after her. Elsie slammed her door. Hugo went back to cleaning his cuts, grumbling under his breath about incompetent doctors and annoying partners. Note: so, it only took me like two months, but I did finally post this! Anyone has any opinions or whatever, I have more where this came from. Note pt 2: Renner is their handler of sorts, and also would kill a man to help Elsie. Possibly multiple, if he was motivated enough.
  25. Exquisite Corpse February 2018

    silver swoops over sea salt soaked skies, something is clearer than the color of clouds: