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  1. Characters!

    So, I have some original characters that I kinda love, and I figured that this would be as good of a place to introduce them as any. Please feel free to put your own here, too, this isn’t just a me-dumping-my-writing-on-you thing. I wanna hear more about these nanowrimo characters, and any others you creative people have come up with. I will say, out of the following four, only the first two exist in the same universe. Favorite characters I’ve made: Elsie Coltrane Ross Med student. Red Angel any other time, because with her mercy comes blood. Doesn’t use like real weapons bc she wants to give her victims the honor of a fight. No real family but self-named “Den Daddy Renner” is good enough. Has exploded a spaghetti squash. Memorable quote: “If I ask you if that’s blood, you’re not supposed to answer that with a question.” Hugo Kestrel Big bro and little bro. Goes by Aves when he’s busy saving Red Angel’s life. Not really sure if he’s in love with Elsie or just like absorbed her into himself. Will take apart anything and draw it and put it back together even better. Eats lemon frosting by the bowlful. Memorable quote: “That, or you're just too terrifying to have people be like, ‘holy shit! I gotta have her kiss my infant daughter!’” Tessa Emilian A living queer queen with a taste for girls and politics and paint and shipping people she sees on the street. Lives with the guilt of the maybe-death of her older bro. Stronger than everyone and will stab anyone with her stiletto heels who says otherwise. Loves her girlfriend Mahalia, who is Military but also a Cinnamon Roll. Memorable quote: “Look, I don’t ask for much in life, but just this once, could you not question my madness for like ten minutes? I know it’s three-forty in the morning, and I refuse to share my mac and cheese.” Noah Rowle Loves making his friends uncomfortable, but then hates when anyone else does. Sarcastic. A little space invasive. Down for movie nights but not people stealing his cookie dough or sharing his chair. Jealous of his best friend. Wore a beanie like once and now will never forget it because his friends are all terrible. Memorable quote: “What does ambition have to do with you throwing all the good pillows other than both involving me leaving?”
  2. mental tripwires

    The lines keep crossing in my head Where you end and begin. So I keep telling myself that if dreams were prophetic I would have died a hundred thousand deaths (But that dream definitely wasn’t death). I know that it wasn’t really your hands, With the calluses on your fingertips, And your musician’s fingers. It wasn’t those hands that skimmed my jaw, That tangled in my hair. The lines you said aloud are tripping over what you really say, Anything you would actually say to me. I am aware that while you might push me-- Gently, jokingly, defensively-- I am aware of how your hands feel against my shoulders. It wasn’t those hands that pushed me against the wall. Now any time I see you the lines get crossed, And I keep insisting that it was only a dream. That you will never know (You'll think your sparring partner is insane) I will not trip over the wires in my head For then I might fall note: *screams* This is getting ridiculous.
  3. ...so apparently I have a friend now?

    1. woundedBirds


      chug a five-hour energy and meet me in a fred meyer parking lot to duel in the Shadow Zone

    2. queenie_flower



      wait i gotta ask my mom

  4. mental tripwires

    oh yeah @Ainm pls come help me bc this feels so unfinished
  5. On Old Exes, New Hopes, and Moving On

    everyone here is so good at words like look at this boy and his words
  6. ugh this whole poem but especially this

    Annoyed “badass” wasn’t an option for number three because I feel like a badass trainwreck at the moment and don’t know how to express that? lol great idea to do this though
  8. Oh, my darling

    But oh, my darling, I wanted to give you the stars But I couldn't reach them. And oh, my darling, You could find those stars in a mirror if you just looked. Oh, my darling, You don't see the stars in your eyes The way you used to. Oh, my darling, How I wish you could see yourself the way the world does. Because oh, my darling, They don't see what you do and you don't see what they do. And oh, my darling, You aren't trying to understand, Oh, my darling, You have boxed yourself in. Oh, my darling, You are important, And oh, my darling, Don't you understand? Oh my darling, People love you so, And oh my darling, We still miss you. look it’s been three years exactly since someone I knew killed herself and I still remember how she said goodbye to me for the first time in days the last day she was at school.
  9. tired girl howls, act three

    This is really terrible. Not the poem, it’s beautiful and I love the imagery of an understudy, but the fact that anyone, especially you, would have to go through this; that is terrible.
  10. I'd never seen you mad before

    i don’t know what you would have done, nothing really happened so nothing would be the appropriate response you threatened to kill him burn him beat him even though he barely touched me he failed to touch me in any way he could have wanted i was fine because nothing happened because he failed because i didn’t say anything because i was more worried about his size and his friend egging him on than his face i couldn’t read your expression but i could almost feel how you pushed the anger down feel the heat of your anger dripping into the words i’d never seen you angry before much less over me and my panic wasn’t for meant you i didn’t need your pity i didn’t need you to worry i didn’t need you to know if you treated me like i was fragile i might snap in two and pierce you with my sharp edges as you dropped me you might ignore the fact that i was okay as an excuse to rage against a system we knew was broken what you hadn’t heard was how i shoved past him out of the cage against the lockers past the eyes and hands past the friends who laughed at him as his shoulder hit the lockers and i ran how i had escaped safely with only their words their war cries of bitchslutwhoreprudedyke trailing behind me no knights needed just one where i could sleep
  11. Alone again

    This is that sort of beauty coming from sadness that I see way too much on here. Can’t the world let good people be happy?
  12. im sorry, mom

    Dammit I keep coming after people have said what I want to say. I’m really sorry, Logan. I also love you and your words, if it matters.
  13. Ainm's chapbook!

    I agree with that statement.
  14. A letter to wishgranters

    Dear Higher Powers that Be, You granted a stupid, ridiculous, childish, wish from my past. You have made a mistake, I hope. For there is nothing I could have done so good as to receive my wish, or so bad as to be put through this. My eight year old self, sitting bored on the scratchy grass of the soccer field, she didn't mean it. She was only a child. I know that something like yourself(ves) exists now. Was it my lack of faith that brought this upon me? I can't think of a single person who would thank you for this late gift, which quite literally took the air from my lungs. Thank you for the scars of purple lightning etched into my skin, For the reliance on the steroids that I am dependent on and are supposed to save me. Thank you for the panic caused, for all of the special exceptions. For all of the hundreds of dollars spent on medicine so I could properly do the easiest thing in this world. I never wanted their pity. My younger, silly, self sitting alone on the soccer field, she wanted attention. But not pity. My younger self didn't think of the pain I would have to go through. She was merely being selfish. I would like to that you, Power(s) that Be, for the knowledge that I am not, in fact, invisible. I am sure that if you had only given me time, I would have realized this myself. I thank you for my stupid childhood wish, to be different, and all of the pain it had brought everyone around me. Thanks a lot.
  15. A Mess on the Corner of Main ST.

    I really like this. The repetition of "tell me" at the beginning almost gives it a sort-of-eerie nursery rhyme vibe? But only for like a few lines?
  16. where do you see yourself in five years

    I always love your writing (not a stalker, just a fan who maybe traced you back several years), but this piece is really wonderfully worded. I especially like the lines
  17. An Unfortunate Circumstance

    Okay first of all I love this. Secondly, the imagery is beautiful. I've reread this multiple times.
  18. Not This Shit Again (Always Unwanted)

    I second that. Feel better.
  19. A Lost Boy's Christmas List

    As someone who's used a lot of parentheses in poetry before, I commend you on how you used them here. Also, I've been reading your work for about three years now, and I've loved seeing your thought process through the years as you've figured out how to say who you are.
  20. The Tree and I

    This is so beautifully written!
  21. A series of grays

    Dorman was known for its grayness. The weather was infamous for being a myriad of grays. The people weren't much better, with their gray faces and morals, particularly on this side of town between the cracks of the tall buildings and in the slits of light that reminded the people of the sky behind the gray clouds and concrete trees. The people weren't more colorful as a result. Their language could be described as colorful, their characters could. Their clothes, however, were mainly as a washed-out gray as the world surrounding them. This made any color stand out even more dramatically against the range of grays, including a periwinkle trench coat. The wearer of the periwinkle coat was named Arali, and she was in a hurry. She wasn't a woman who liked to waste time, nor a woman who could afford to at the moment. The bell would strike eleven at any moment, and she needed to be five blocks further east. There was another woman waiting there, five blocks east. She fell into step beside the woman in the periwinkle coat, tossing confusingly wavy hair over her shoulder. “Arali, you're late.” Arali glanced over her shoulder. The clock had just stopped ringing moments ago. “No later than the clock. Do you have them?” ‘Them’ could mean anything in their line of work. ‘Them’ could be anything from a goldfish to a poison to a group of people. Maeve managed to keep all of the various ‘thems’ in order. If Arali was feeling particularly soft that day, she might tell Maeve that. She certainly suffered enough by Arali's hand. I might not be doing nanowrimo this year, but I am editing a bunch of old work and welcome feedback.
  22. intro things :D

    Congratulations! I hope it was a good experience. Cleansing and everything. It sounds like a very symbolic experience.
  23. nanowrimo excerpt

    Honestly now I'm irrationally upset over this even though I've read about three paragraphs of them together. I need more context. Any would be nice.
  24. nanowrimo excerpt

    This is so adorable. PLEASE keep sharing them with us.
  25. Invasion

    This is incredible!