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  1. Glitch

    Sitting at a desk and sitting still is impossible. Medicine is there just to make you tired and forget. When it leaves you lose control. Suddenly your head is rolling and your fist is pounding against the desk. People laugh, copy what you do. Copy your words as they come out slow or in a randomized order. You say you don't mind. You do. But the robot will never tell people to stop mocking its glitches. Because then the people have won.
  2. An Unfortunate Circumstance

    The darkness, blind as he is stalks through tight corners and across roads at 3 am. What is he looking for? What does he seek? Ask him and he stays silent. He does not want to answer. The light, alive as he is dances across highways and beaches and trees illuminating the ground around him He plays and dances, chasing away the darkness. Or is the darkness running? If you ask him he shrugs. The light knows not of the Darkness and his intention. "He's reclusive. He's fearful." He's in love. This the light won't know. He can't.
  3. A Mess on the Corner of Main ST.

    Tell me Tell me Where are you from? I'm lonely and just resting on this copper toned table This iron smelling floor There's broken glass swimming around me So humor me Even for a second These Neon lights are blinding and the streets are filled with better memories than mine I'm complaining while my glass is filled with numb Can you move me to the chair? My scars are screaming and my head is spinning You are the only sane one here. You are the only one in here with me.