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  1. Regret

    The symbolism of regret It hangs around you. What is guilt? It asks. “It’s you.” I reply. “It’s The constant reminders in Dreams. Small things like windows. And folded pieces of paper you throw at the wall. You see their face everywhere. You can’t ever touch it. Or speak to it. It’s too far away and leaves you reaching for the mirage. It is the clock on the wall. No one can ever fix. Because when he died it stopped. And he was the only one who knew How to fix it.”
  2. Unmedicated

    Stretch Fidget Curl your back and relieve your moving spine. You're tired Overwhelmed and it's only 7. 8. 9. 10. You want to hear the lesson but your hands are covering your ears. Why are they there? Why do you care? Why? Why? Why. Your eyes shake and you hold yourself Like you're the last one that'll do it. and you're curling forward. Rocking back and forth back and so on. Over and over again and again Until you sleep.
  3. LOve the sports

    mm yes


  4. Mariah Carey. A skinny legend

  5. I'm both excited and scared for hiveswap 

    Mostly I'm scared of Vriska

  6. Harvest Moon.

    The moon cries. Anger dripping from her eyes. She's pounding her fists on the table cracking shattering the table collapses. Her milky glow has been replaced with a dreamsicle orange. That was injected during dreamy summers. In fields of golden grain. She's now in full view. There's no hiding from her. She's resilient bright. Her scars are oceans of deep history. She's beautiful.
  7. Large dogs save lives.

    Thanks for coming to my TED talk

  8. An Unfortunate Circumstance 3

    One Dawn the light watched the darkness as he turned to walk away. "It doesn't have to be this way. It doesn't have to be complete surrender or Isolation. You think you are evil and doomed to die. I cannot fathom why but you aren't. You never will be." The darkness paused and turned around. His dead eyes still spoke confusion. "Why do you have so much faith in me?" Was all he managed to said before the light grabbed him by the shoulders. "Why would I not? I have watched you my entire life. You are a constant in a world ever changing. A warm heart in a small cold body. A comfort.. Every day I wish you could see what I can. I wish you could see the stars you hold in your eyes, the moonlight that is trapped in your hair. There has always been something special about you that I will never be able to name. But all I know is that I love it. And I love you." The Darkness did not know how to react. He only wept in The Lights arms. And there he stayed.
  9. Slippers and Static

    In the back of his head there are dancers. Their heels drag across his thoughts, causing him to look away from the paper in his hands. He lets them dance across the notes coming from his headphones. He watches them in an empty room take their static forms. They are static. This static he sees everywhere forms all that comes from him. He looks in a mirror and sees not himself but a face made of the same static his dancers are. It's not him. He swears to himself every night that it isn't. But there's still doubt. What if it is? What if he isn't the static everyone has knew? He shakes his head. His family would tell him it's nothing and maybe they are right. Maybe this uncomfort will pass. Maybe. Until then those dancers will make his heart race. Cause him to pause. Cause him to wonder. They'll drag their poisonous heels and slippers. With blurred faces of only static.
  10. spiders against stargazing

    I love the imagery you put into this and the tone of narration. I especially love though how it sounds like throughout the poem you? (the speaker?) is having different shifts of highs and lows. (That's just what i got out of it) Keep it up dude! I really like it!
  11. I'm trying and that's what matters

  12. A Young Man with a Gun

    Beauty is something earned You must work for prosperity and peace. War is an excuse for slaughter and exploitation. No man with power wants peace. For they benefit. While the poor suffer and pray to a God that swallows metal and turns it's head unless you pay the preachers. We are corrupt. We are alive. Living is fighting wars you didn't start and dying is for the empty promises. Your family will be proud You'll make your country proud But you'll find no honor within yourself. A young man with a gun.
  13. Our Small Savior

    "There is power in your veins and chariots running through your blood. Run. Find the Light. Find the Dark. Find Time. Our small savior." She whispered to the small basket beneath her. Her starlight was in that basket Her fragment of hope lay there asleep She lifted the child that lay there and held them She knew her fate. But not of her child's. With that in mind she hid the small being She did only what a mother could When ignorance came out to feed.
  14. Galaxy of Guilt

    Guilt shapes all beings alike it takes the stars and molds them into paranoia Into regret and supernovas The stress comes down like a hammer to fragile bone and like a hammer to hot metal Molding a brand and letting others lift it to him Branding the scope to his face Branding him a failure He let's himself be branded in the beginning He wears his failures upon his face Then he finds new purpose It takes time to move on It takes time to forget the face of those he loved But it takes seconds to make sure others live it takes seconds for him to understand He cannot be held down forever He must fight again and fight he does. With all his heart and soon his is like a wall of iron that the hammer collides with then shatters
  15. Davrin

    There is no victory In the need for vengeance There is only blood Blood you think is deserved There is no justice In the bones of children being broken Hearts being ripped apart Eyes blinded with the sharp whip Of Holy Hands It all leaves me weak And leaves others dead And leaves me to cry With torn eyes Eyes torn with the sharp whip Of holy hands If you try to Damn me to The Cold embrace of spiders I’ll run The light is a savior I cannot see It is a soft embrace and A wax figure Melting slowly as I speak The light protects me And saves me Over And Over And Over and Over Again