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  1. flesh & bone [huge ed tw]

    also like this is basically just Disordered Eating Word Vomit (haha punny) but like... idk just please don't feel obligated to critique it bc ik it's bad lol
  2. intro things :D

    excellent!!!!!!!!!!! @conradbirdie
  3. H fuck ... whom else drinks too much coffee and gets caffeine headaches daily bc i...suffer :)

  4. intro things :D

    NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @bearboy
  5. flesh & bone [huge ed tw]

    skipping all the meals i can get away with and telling lem that i’m fine, i’m eating, i’m not starving myself. telling myself i don’t have an eating disorder (no really! i don’t!) because if i did, my mom would kill me. can’t have both daughters hospitalized within one year, especially not for the same thing. feeling guilty for getting a second helping of dinner, because it’s all i’ve had all day and if i’m gonna shrink down to skin & bones, i’ve got to be a lot more serious about this, right? right? not telling alex that it’s getting ugly again, because we met on the second day of my first fast and he had to make me eat. i don’t want anyone to worry, but especially not him or lem. but really, all it comes down to is that i’m tired of having a body large enough that it can be violated easily. author's note: can y'all tell i'm Fucking Suffering?? (relatedly if anyone wants my personal blog url hit me up)
  6. update on last status: i think i'm gonna write some UH edgy eating disorder poetry and hide it :)

    1. queenie_flower


      boo... at least share it with us

    2. mousecircus


      but it's gonna be Bad!

    3. mousecircus
  7. HHHHHHHHH i want to write but my brain is A Dumb Fuck and will not provide me prompts :(

  8. intro things :D

    octopodes is correct i think @drowntown but beef doesn't have a plural form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. who else is Loving their Friends on this fine day??? i posted so much pda abt my friends...good thing they can't see it <3 
    i'm just. they're both so good?

  10. (comp het?) crushes & squishes

    ahahaha Mood i wanna date a girl who makes me not as scared of driving @drowntown
  11. (comp het?) crushes & squishes

    disclaimer: this thread is basically just an excuse for me to ramble about my two comp het crushes (who i do love dearly, just not in a truly romantic sense). okay so!!!!!!!! there's alex and he's a sophomore (i'm a junior) and!!!!!!!!!! he said he loves me last night (as a friend lmao :D) when i was super paranoid? love him!!!! and he's really smart and funny and cool and and and!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah :) And Then There's Lemmings... he's my comp. het crush best friend older brother figure!!!! he tries to make sure i'm taking care of myself but given that we live on opposite coasts, that doesn't work so well :( but he tries and i love him for it! and i've known him for. idk math but early in my 7th grade year (when i was 12) which was his 9th grade year (when he was 14). i'm now almost 17, so!!! i've known him almost 5 years!!! which is a Very Long Time slhflksdfh...and like, yeah lem and i have had some Rough Times but!!!!! i love him!!!!!!!!!!!! and like... idk if he Knows that he's like? my older sibling? i'm sure he's aware but. i might show him this post later today just to be sure he Knows :) anyway!!!!!! tell me about y'all's comp. het crushes / Real Crushes / squishes! :D
  12. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  i love lemmings he's my oldest + closest friend and i'm just, heart eyes he's so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. mousecircus


      he is gay and i am ga y but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love him

  13. oh my gd... so. do y'all know the band rush?? bc i just learned that the lead singer (geddy lee) is jewish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am Excited :)

  14. big ed tw, suicide tw i guess

    my sister claims i never had an eating disorder even tho i rly rly did in 7th grade
    like i was super underweight and i was using a lot of behaviors and stuff and my sister is like "oh but you ate"
    dumb bitch my psychiatrist said the amount and type of behaviors i was using could have killed me 
    like i could have had a heart attack from how much i was purging, but apparently it doesn't count because i ate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    anyway i want to fucking die :)

    1. conradbirdie


      @mousecircus i'm really sorry that happened to you, dude. let me know if i can help, okay?

    2. mousecircus


      i will, birdie! thank you <3

  15. true solidarity (idk WHAT kinda solidarity but...definitely some kind) is when someone makes a tide pod joke in latin class and you fire back with a "rosin is the TRUE forbidden snack" joke...and then your latin teacher agrees with you!!!!!!

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    2. mousecircus
    3. drowntown


      it tastes the same as pine tree sap but less acidic

      i licked it

      dont ask me how i know what pine tree sap tastes like

    4. mousecircus