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  1. hm... biggest question is uh. why do i always date ppl who end up fucking hating me after we break up?

    1. conradbirdie


      mood except its just me pining after people who Already Hate Me and then just Hate Me More lmao- heres to 2018 being the year of Good Dating Situations!

    2. mousecircus


      oh absolutely! @conradbirdie
      like in latin a little while ago my ex stormed out of the room when the bell rang and i was like...okay

    3. conradbirdie


      ohhh thats Rude of them, im sorry, @mousecircus! i cant even call this particular person an ex of mine bc it was just 'she was a best friend of 5 years + liked to say that she loved me, i said it back and meant it, she stopped talking to me entirely except to try and get me close again, for some reason??' thing lmao.

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