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  1. oh my gd so... my sister is in an iop (intensive outpatient) program right now, and she showed some of the other girls in the program some pics of me.

    apparently the three girls who saw my pics all said i was cute, and one girl said she's going to set me up with her sister? i am not sure if she was serious but gd i hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. queenie_flower


      I’ve been asked out directly as a joke many times and it’s the worst when you don’t know if it’s a joke or not

    3. mousecircus


      @queenie_flower she didn't even ask me out? she told my sister that she'd set me up with her sister and when my sister told me about it she like. didn't specify that it was a joke :(

    4. queenie_flower


      Um that’s even MORE stupid at least people had the grace to do it to my face