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  1. i'm not dead, everyone, just up to my ears in writing and reading for my prose class, and young adult lit, and prepping for a job interview. i shall become a youth librarian. i wrote two stories to turn into novels. and my professor wants me to become a high school english teacher. i graduate college in may. i am drifting into a void, i feel like. my anchors soon gone. school is structure, and who am i without it? agh. so much work to be done.

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    2. The Invincible Troodon

      The Invincible Troodon

      "...and who am i without it?" A wonderful person, writer, and youth librarian to boot! 

    3. Apollo's Lover

      Apollo's Lover

      Agh. Sounds scary. Good luck! I'm sure you'll be fine; you work hard.

    4. mouse


      @queenie_flower  @The Invincible Troodon @Apollo's Lover

      you're all so sweet gaaaaaaah thank you so much xo