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  1. intro things :D

    hi! have you been to the stone gardens climbing gym in bellevue? (i’m frickin ecstatic about the snow, except it was snowing when i went for a run yesterday and that was kind of cool at first but after awhile it just sucked.) i’ve seen song of the sea, yes. have you watched the secret of kells? it’s in the same style and i’m pretty sure it’s done by the same people.
  2. i am not haunted by the dead

    This is... wow. This section in particular really gets me -- the rhythm here is breathtaking. And the overall meaning of the poem is a sucker punch, tbh. i'm sorry this is something you've been forced to go through.
  3. intro things :D

    hey guys! i'm saoirse, i'm 15, this is my first year on the slam, i'm a dude from the pacific northwest. i'm really into poetry (both writing and reading). my work currently has a lot of themes of rot and decay... but in a nice way??? i don't know, man, all i want is to lay down in the middle of the woods. really excited to get to know y'all.
  4. let a poor kid cut their hair

    oh man i know this feeling. hang in there.