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  1. What if magic was a drug?~me at 2am desperately trying to sleep. 

  2. Sticky Note Art?

    I'm on board!
  3. Hows the Weather?

    I don't even know what the deal is where I live, yesterday it was 55 degrees and now today it was 20 degrees but because of the wind the weather app said it felt like 5 degrees. Tomorrow's forecast is back in the fifties. WTF MOTHER NATURE, MAKE UP YOUR MIND!
  4. Superpowers!

    @X_of_Coins The tea baroness: She has noticed that the modern world has suddenly lost interest in her tea shop, ditching her for the cheaper and higher caffeinated coffee shops. Yours in particular seems to be doing quite well. The only option... destruction.
  5. Does anyone here know how to get rid of a sore throat? That would be nice :)

    1. hayfevered


      honeyed tea :0

    2. Beautifulgarbage


      @woundedBirds thank you, I don't usually like tea but I have a slam poetry event coming up and I need to actually be able to speak. *raises fist to the sky* I will drink tea in the name of poetry!

    3. hayfevered


      ksdjgkdjfs or you can just straight up eat spoonfuls of honey the tea is no prereq


  6. Superpowers!

    If you could have one superpower what would you choose? I personally would choose the ability to manipulate probabilities. I mean then I could just go and change the probability of me becoming then richest person ever in 5 minutes to 100%. I don't know if that counts as cheating...
  7. NaNoWriMo

    So I never really got around to doing NaNoWriMo instead I just tried to write as much as possible. I've been writing a free verse narrative about my little cinnamon bun Marigold. I'm kinda bummed that I missed nanowrimo though. I could certainly do an excerpt if you guys want.
  8. Favorite music

    Honestly same. Country music is so whiny.
  9. If You Could Fly

    I love the way wings look but I feel like they'd be annoying in everyday life (you'd have to cut holes in your shirts, backpacks and messenger bags wouldn't work and they take up space.) I personally would want holo-wings. IDK if that's actually a thing but it would be nice if I could like will them to appear or something. They also would be near impossible to destroy because they're holograms. I honestly think that if I was able to fly I would probably consider it exercise and never do it.
  10. Darkness

    @(potassium)atherine Thank you so much!
  11. Darkness

    During the day I wear my mask parading around pretending to be a functional human. Nobody sees the demons hiding in the bags under my eyes. My demons come at night their whispers tell me I am nothing. I should be afraid. I should fight back. But letting them creep through my ears is easier than fighting back.
  12. polling!!!!!! heck yeah!

    Do whatever is best for you, if you think there is even a chance that it will hurt you, you may want to give it some time before creating it. Stay safe!
  13. Favorite music

    I'm a huge fan of the indie folk revival things like mumford and sons, lumineers and of monsters and men some of favorite songs are: Eet by Regina Spektor Angela by the lumineers Dirty Paws by of monsters and men Another story by the head and the heart Intertwined by dodie(I love her youtube channel so much) and Crazy=Genius by Panic! At the disco (I know that this doesn't really fit my theme but I love it anyways.) What songs do you guys like?
  14. social media

    for some reason my links did not work so my (crappy) tumblr is @mynotebooks-areoverflowing-help and my pinterest is alexandfroggy(oh my embarressing days of youth)