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  1. you boast your roman nose your french blondeness your curly spanish hair but flinch when i mention that aztec blood flows through my veins that my nose is as wide and as stunning as the templo mayor. the first word you think of is sacrifice speak to me of ripped out hearts and disembodied heads never mind that your romans watched blood sport. once i tried explaining that i’m not spanish i’m mexican and you said “well isn’t that a hispanic country?” i wish i had told you hispanic comes from spanish comes from conquistador comes from genocide i do not define myself by the conqueror. tenochtitlán was called venice of the new world quetzalcoatl and his fellow gods watched and approved. it sank under the weight of those who could not stand to see anyone rival them in brilliance. náhuatl is not practiced outside of the one million natives who still speak it. it was never an option to learn one million out of seven billion. i try to learn i fail i’m sorry. my vowels are as twisted and unchecked as the words in our history books. spanish is the language you gave us but the moment the words touched our lips the america you stole deemed them dirty. you rant about mexico crime filled country poor and unclean look me in the eyes and tell me whose fault that is. you seized our scripture, our knowledge called it the work of the devil how are we supposed to catch up with your technology we had the math had the means you burned it all. i have heard aztecs described as bloody brutal and this is true but if you are allowed to celebrate your violent heritage then i am damn well allowed to celebrate mine. i do not justify the sins of my people but that does not mean i will ignore the sins of yours. you came to our land we offered riches and you offered us death offered us rape we were kicked from our golden cities like so many rats just something to be exterminated. even today i look back at the history written in blood and i ask you why? why did you hate us so much? why do you hate us still? why the fuck are you so scared of anything that didn’t come from europe? we were not scared of you. we should have been.