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  1. wishing my words could dance

    my attempt at perfectionism emptied my appetite for the pizza they give us afterward the microphone in the library that echoes my words is as hungry for control as i am my forever craving for the lines i wish i could’ve wrote the microphone i like to blame for my skipping of syllables-- not quite filling the silence the other poets leave for me it’s okay because they don’t have high expectations, i tell myself but when i finally make sense of the whispers that can’t reach my voice and pencil clearly i spit them out in chunks of too quiet and too fast that don’t match the letters twirling in my head
  2. Sound

    waves drop, noise falls, bouncing off the idea of flight and sinking into your reflection. losing the definition of my existence in the color of your eyes, my earmuffs warm me not at all compared to the perfect shape of your nose. happiness contained only by the headphones that can't quite block out the traffic falling into the waves of never overcoming the white noise the sound of mountains in between us. note:i know this is really cliche, but any advice or critisms are deeply appreciated