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  1. Time

    Sometimes When I miss you A lot And I feel like I can’t possibly go another minute without you I remind myself If we’re serious about this And if We continue to love each other And if our relationship grows Like I hope we do I’ll have so much time with you I won’t know What to do with myself I’ll wake up next to you And fall asleep the same way In that large-ish house With lots of colors And a dog Or two Or more Then When we have that These classes These long weekends Will feel like Nothing Nothing at all ---------- Ta-da! Further evidence I'm a hopeless mess who procrastinates by loving her girlfriend a lot
  2. Darkness

    @Beautifulgarbage No problem!
  3. Darkness

    eep i love it
  4. Hair

    Your hair Is short on the sides But growing out slightly So not buzzed Just an inch or two It’s dark brown At least the natural color is I want to touch it On top however It’s longer It flops It’s curly I want to run my hands through it And it’s currently green It used to be blue And you said That you’ll dye it black But only later It makes me happy No matter the color Because the thing That makes me happy Is that it’s yours ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know, I know, I'm hopeless (I like the center alignment because it's symmetrical)
  5. 1 One month Thirty one days With you Falling in love before that At first I thought it was a friend thing I said to myself “she's a cool person and I want to be her friend” I didn’t realize it at the time But I was lying to myself Slowly and then, All at once I realized I want to be with this person I was nervous and anxious and excited and giddy All at once I had never Ever Liked a person this much Let alone in a “I want to be your girlfriend” way I went To a teacher You’re friends with him too I told him “I need help. I like this girl. I don’t know what to do.” He demanded he know the name I told him yours He smiled And clapped his hands He was excited I asked him why And I had to Push slightly To get an answer He was reluctant To tell me What made him so happy He told me That you had said Some things about me “Things that you’d want a person you like to say about you” I was so happy And blindsided By this information How could someone As amazing as you Like someone like me? I couldn’t concentrate On anything that day Because you liked me back I went back To that teacher And asked him “What now?” His advice Was to text you And talk About anything And everything So I did And that was the beginning Not of the month That came later ------------------------------------------------------- 2 One month Thirty one days With you After talking For a while And coming out to you I decided That I would tell you How I felt on the way back From our last football game But then That plan went out the window Because I texted you And asked for help with a story I wasn’t using names And pronouns were getting Muddled The passage Giving me trouble Happened to be About you I had told myself You wouldn’t be able to figure it out But you did And you asked me to make sure that’s what it was I confirmed And you confessed to thinking I was “brilliant” I told you I liked you We hashed out All of our feelings And we agreed That we were a thing But not a labeled thing I was the one Who said that To be sure I understood What you were saying You said “yes it hurts a little to say that but yes” I agreed It did hurt But we agreed That we’ll be okay And we were We’re better than okay now ------------------------------------------------- 3 One month Thirty one days With you At some point You called me your girlfriend That made me Very happy I was even happier When you said you loved me And would miss me But I wasn’t sure If I heard you right So I replied with “I’ll miss you too” Soon after that You kissed me It was the first time I had kissed someone It surprised me I was probably Blushing like crazy I buried my face In your hair And you Kept assuring me “You’re fine you’re perfect” I wanted to say That the perfect one is you But I was sort of at a loss For words And you Had to leave So I went to class With a smile on my face And wearing your jacket Later That same day You snapchatted me A cartoon version of yourself Saying “I love you” I replied “I love you too” There was a lot Of hearts in that conversation ------------ 4 One month Thirty one days With you I worry sometimes That I’m too Attached That I miss you too much But then It’s a wonderful coincidence You usually text me And say “I miss you” It makes me realize I’m not The only one feeling that way It puts things In perspective My feelings Aren’t one-sided Because we’re in love And maybe People might say It’s too soon To say you love her Or to know that you love her But I know That I do love you And I also know That this is sappy And you might be mad at me For being so sappy And sweet (but I know you won’t be mad, maybe just exasperated) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So obviously I love my girlfriends lots (I haven't seen her in four days and I think it's taking a toll on me) Please! Constructive Criticism! I need it! long poems about life.docx
  6. list of things

    i'm grateful for sunsets and sparkling stars warm sweaters and the generosity of friends when you're cold music that's hard and fast and music that's soft and light music with words, and music to march to words in english like "cattwampus" and words in german like "schildkröte" pixy stix wrappers stuffed inside gloves and jazz shoes to where you can't feel them scary books with bad endings and happy books with good ones ferris wheels and swinging boats, alongside tilt-a-whirls and funnel cakes spooky clouds and huge full moons connections with animals that can't be summed up by simply "horse and rider" cats that bark at squirrels plants, from huge trees to small succulents prismacolor pencils that blend well graphite that's dark enough to shade the darkest of eyes charcoal drawings that require a paintbrush monochromatic color palettes warm and cool colors that work together the ability to instantly communicate with anyone you wish people who reply quickly, even if they're not supposed to be on their phone at that moment in time science, of any kind (except pseudo) candles that fill the whole room with their scent mountains with fall colors on a backdrop of clear blue land that's completely flat, allowing you to just see blue until you can't see anymore mountain ranges that look blue from a distance layers of blankets and warm drinks cool drinks on hot days pretty rocks like dogtooth calcite and honeycomb quartz blue hair dye and pretty girls that use it all these things and more are worth noticing, and worth being grateful for, at least to me anyways.