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  1. have you ever really been in love? it's easy to find reasons to love someone, but it's so hard to believe someone could actually be in love with you. we often spend to much time trying to impress the person who impresses us by simply existing.

    i mean, my bangs are always too long, i'm awkward, built like a praying mantis, my laugh either sounds like a hyena with a cold or a constipated gorilla, i have an unnatural obsession with lego ninjago, i laugh at the sad parts in movies, i eat more gelato than any human should, i desperately want affection but am afraid of giving it, i can't cook anything but cheese omelets and baked beans, i'm either too quiet or too loud, and i have the sense of humor of a ten year old. is it possible that someone could see me as anything more than how i see me? do i stand out in any way? because when i try to look at myself as someone else might, all i see is average.

    1. writeandleft


      girl you are like, my fave person on the planet never forget that <3

      (plus you make a mean omelet. maybe it's all you can make but that stuff kept me alive in sixth grade)

      anyways I love you. and maybe this isn't called for but I felt the need to say that. carry on

  2. dust bunny

    thank you love!
  3. funny childhood stories

    well, when i was very little i used to call green "bob", and whenever i was asked what colors there were, every time, and without fail, i would say - "red, orange, yellow, BOB, blue, purple!" because i thought i was hilarious. sadly, my sense of humor is still just as terrible. also, for whatever reason i was very indecisive about not only my webkinz' names, but their genders, so i have a couple trans webkinz. and a gay one. he would pretend to be a girl because he was in love with my sister's (male) webkinz. so, yeah. hope you're entertained by this!
  4. dust bunny

    here's a little something i wrote a long while back, it's open to interpretation - let me know what you think! :-) i just have to crawl under the bed blow away the dust that's all in my head the monsters aren't there, so no one welcomes me; living free isn't free when you're a dust bunny. mirrors make the bed, if i lie, they'll crack will a frame hide my secrets if my image bleeds black? if i drown all my sorrows then what is there left to keep? do the pillows listen when i talk in my sleep? the blankets will cocoon me, i'm a prey of their touch falling while unconscious never hurt as much my dreams all seem real 'cause reality's a haze so is that why sleeping's how i spend my days? as i delve into darkness, praying not to wake yet, the tears only last a moment, so they leave a silhouette.
  5. repressed memory resurfacing:

    one time i accidentally entered the shower with my socks on and i will never forget the (oh, yes, this word) moist, clingy, alarming feeling of the wet fabric against my feet and i am shuddering

    i assure you it is, and always will be, 100x more uncomfortable than stepping in a puddle and the water soaking through your shoe

    i dare say it is even more uncomfortable than accidentally touching soggy food in the sink.

    1. writeandleft


      this makes me uncomfortable to read ThhTtaaANkkks soomuchh