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  1. When you lost a library book so you can't place a hold on anything even though you practically live in the library and shoot, you really wanted to finish reading several books but you couldn't renew them because of aforementioned missing book and by the way you can't pay the library their 18 bucks because you just deposited all your money and so you'll have to wait until you have enough cash and your inner bookworm is just dying because now the library hates you and also your back is dying because you brought seven overdue books in your backpack to the library today but at least now you have those off your back but then you realize that the book you checked out a few weeks ago that you want to start reading is lost to humanity and you really don't want to lose another book because the library will hate you even more

    1. The Invincible Troodon

      The Invincible Troodon

      Oof. My library is cool and doesn't fine minors, but that sounds rough.

    2. Over the Rainbow

      Over the Rainbow

      It's ok! I found the book and returned it and now I am freeeeee