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  1. Reflections on a Content Count of Two

    It's not writer's block so much as writer's lock And I don't have the key For I am not a poet; I just play one on TV
  2. An inventory of things I have to carry home on the train today

    -a laptop

    -a five-pound textbook

    -a notebook

    -a history binder

    -two folders

    -two hard-cover books

    -two paperback books

    -empty water bottle that contained breakfast

    -empty lunch container

    -copy of last month's school newspaper, nearly folded

    -stress about getting work done (but really, who isn't)

    -and that's not all, folks....

    -a cardboard box containing 11 heavy ceramic tiles

    Yay fun


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    2. The Invincible Troodon

      The Invincible Troodon

      This is the mood for now until finals. Just this whole thing.

    3. Over the Rainbow

      Over the Rainbow

      They were something I made in ceramics class

      Well actually they weren't; I took home something somebody else made in ceramics class...

    4. flamecoloredglowstick


      well that's cool! 

      too bad about taking the wrong ones, though

  3. Exquisite Corpse, January Edition

    Through the dust something twinkles, hope or just another sun
  4. Pronouns are weird

    1. conradbirdie


      mood, lemme know if you figure them out

  5. Collective Slam Poem: Nov/Dec 2017

    As the host, maybe you could create a poll with a few titles and the authors could vote?
  6. Exquisite Corpse, January Edition

    Oh, you blighted, twirling order of stardust
  7. Night Vale, anyone?

    1. drowntown
    2. Over the Rainbow

      Over the Rainbow

      @drowntown YAAAAAY

      I just started listening over break, I'm on episode 30 something and looooooove

    3. drowntown


      i only made it to episode 104 before The Phone Debacle happened and i dont have anything that can play it, but all i can tell u is that you will FLIP YOUR SHIT on episode 100

  8. social media

    @thepensword I just checked it out; your work is really nice! I especially liked the OCs.
  9. Exquisite Corpse, January Edition

    you have always been the one with toes in line, back straight, obeying gravity to necessary extent
  10. When you lost a library book so you can't place a hold on anything even though you practically live in the library and shoot, you really wanted to finish reading several books but you couldn't renew them because of aforementioned missing book and by the way you can't pay the library their 18 bucks because you just deposited all your money and so you'll have to wait until you have enough cash and your inner bookworm is just dying because now the library hates you and also your back is dying because you brought seven overdue books in your backpack to the library today but at least now you have those off your back but then you realize that the book you checked out a few weeks ago that you want to start reading is lost to humanity and you really don't want to lose another book because the library will hate you even more

    1. The Invincible Troodon

      The Invincible Troodon

      Oof. My library is cool and doesn't fine minors, but that sounds rough.

    2. Over the Rainbow

      Over the Rainbow

      It's ok! I found the book and returned it and now I am freeeeee

  11. Book suggestions?

    Update: it's checked out! boo.
  12. Book suggestions?

    Gay? School play? Fanta-say? That sounds perfect! I'm at the library right now, I'll check it out if its available.
  13. Book suggestions?

    I just read Beauty Queens. Aaaaah it was so good! Appreciated the gay sideplot a ton.
  14. I'm supposed to be writing an important essay but I keep checking the Slam instead... 

  15. intro things :D

    Hey! I'm Jewish too. I go to a Conservative synagogue, but my family isn't observant--we celebrate all the holidays, though.
  16. Collective Slam Poem: Nov/Dec 2017

    At the same time, too many metaphors leave sweet crumbs that scatter.
  17. Christmas is annoying when you don't celebrate it.

    1. conradbirdie


      i hope you had a good day anyway, even with tons of chirstmasy stuff all over!

    2. drowntown


      yeah dude hang in there i know the Hyperreligious Christians get to be fucking too much esp at this time of year....sendin' good vibes atchu!

  18. Tourists ogle and students smile sheepishly saying "yes, I'm so lucky to be here" A squirrel is lucky when a hollow is cozy and ignores the magnitude of august institutions ------------------------------ Author's note: If you're stressed, remember the squirrels!
  19. A Walk Through Harvard Yard Reveals That Some Know Better Than Others

    It should be "ignores the magnitude of/august institutions." That way every line is seven syllables. I kind of like it better the war I posted it, though.
  20. Report From the Outer Layer

    Coat: Disgustingly purple. There is an excuse in the pockets. Shirt: Orange with threads of rainbow plaid and creamy buttons up the front. It’s a boy’s if you check the tag. Skirt: Ties at the waist, swishes below the knees. Floating. Hair: Lots where it shouldn’t be and less where it should. Skin: Making space for weight. I look the most like me and the least like me. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Author's note: This is a poem about all the mixed feelings I get from my clothing and gender presentation. I'm supposedly a cis girl, but I also don't like it when people perceive me as girly. I feel at home in skirts but also in "boy's" clothes and it makes me so confused. It's fun.
  21. I'm honestly scared to post any writing because I haven't written anything outside of school in a long time...

    So either I would post something really old or have to write a new piece. I'm rusty, though.

    1. flamecoloredglowstick


      I'm having trouble finding things to post as well... but it's mostly because i'm lazy and haven't written a lot. We'd be happy to see an older piece, though! 

    2. queenie_flower


      lol I find something to love about almost everything here. Also, we won't know if it's old or not unless you tell us. Half the stuff I post is old stuff i've reworked and people seem to like it well enough.

  22. Hows the Weather?

    Warm and then cold and then sort of warm and then very cold and I don't understaaaaand.