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  1. Heeyyyyyy anyone have the Discord join link? Thanks!

  2. Hey, would you mind sending the discord link? Thanks so much!

  3. Beautiful/Hermosa

    The imagery here is magical, and I love the creative form that you chose. The one thing I would suggest is taking away the two stray periods (lines 3 and 4), as they don't seem to fit.
  4. G-d, that was long.

  5. So, I'm not really sure about my gender, but let's assume for a moment that I'm a cis girl. I'm wearing a plaid flannel and jeans today, and my hair is quite short. My (well-meaning, elderly) neighbor comes up to me and goes, "I was thinking, hmm, he looks familiar, and then I saw it was you, and you're not a he!" And my face just heated up and I was totally flustered and people questioning my gender always makes me so uncomfortable because maybe, deep down, I'm doing the same thing. Like when a little kid asks if I'm a boy or a girl. Or a person, out of total respect, asks about my pronouns, but I don't think he's asking anybody else. I was actually approached by a person at school who wanted to know if I would join the trans A Capella group. And it just makes me feel so...I don't know...strange. Out of place. Like I don't fit in my skin. And she/her isn't right (why do people always assume it's she/her?) and he/him is so wrong, and they/them is ill-fitting and I don't understand and then here is my neighbor, telling me my haircut makes me look like a boy, and here I am. I wish I could say to my (well-meaning, elderly) neighbor, It's true, I'm not a "he." But I don't know what I am, either.


    1. hayfevered





      hey best of luck! i know people who use it/its/itself too, if thats ur jam! i just hope u find some good pronouns you can use to feel comfy w/yourself & i want you to feel good abt ur identity

      i hope u have a good good day!!!

    2. Pepper


      @drowntown Thanks so much, buddy 

    3. flamecoloredglowstick


      i think this explains really well how i feel too and it's the first time i've seen something that does so thanks for putting it into words

      good luck!


  6. why do i look in the mirror and think i'm ugly


    stupid teenage brain

  7. Going to get a haircut in flannel and a beanie. We'll see how it goes @conradbirdie

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    2. Pepper


      @conradbirdieSomething that helps, especially if you aren't confident, is to find a picture online and then show it to them somehow. I browse "asymmetrical androgynous haircuts" just to get ideas but I usually end up admiring how cute all the queer people with gay hair look

    3. Pepper


      me: tries to think of a witty response to @drowntown



    4. conradbirdie


      @drowntown cat?? Good. so i mean kdjfvnkjdf @Over the Rainbow thats my "witty" response. but yeah i literally just looked up 'queer haircuts' until i found stuff that i liked lmao

  8. It's not writer's block so much as writer's lock And I don't have the key For I am not a poet; I just play one on TV
  9. An inventory of things I have to carry home on the train today

    -a laptop

    -a five-pound textbook

    -a notebook

    -a history binder

    -two folders

    -two hard-cover books

    -two paperback books

    -empty water bottle that contained breakfast

    -empty lunch container

    -copy of last month's school newspaper, nearly folded

    -stress about getting work done (but really, who isn't)

    -and that's not all, folks....

    -a cardboard box containing 11 heavy ceramic tiles

    Yay fun


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    2. The Invincible Troodon

      The Invincible Troodon

      This is the mood for now until finals. Just this whole thing.

    3. Pepper


      They were something I made in ceramics class

      Well actually they weren't; I took home something somebody else made in ceramics class...

    4. flamecoloredglowstick


      well that's cool! 

      too bad about taking the wrong ones, though

  10. Exquisite Corpse, January Edition

    Through the dust something twinkles, hope or just another sun
  11. Pronouns are weird

    1. conradbirdie


      mood, lemme know if you figure them out

  12. Collective Slam Poem: Nov/Dec 2017

    As the host, maybe you could create a poll with a few titles and the authors could vote?
  13. Exquisite Corpse, January Edition

    Oh, you blighted, twirling order of stardust
  14. Night Vale, anyone?

    1. hayfevered
    2. Pepper


      @drowntown YAAAAAY

      I just started listening over break, I'm on episode 30 something and looooooove

    3. hayfevered


      i only made it to episode 104 before The Phone Debacle happened and i dont have anything that can play it, but all i can tell u is that you will FLIP YOUR SHIT on episode 100

  15. social media

    @thepensword I just checked it out; your work is really nice! I especially liked the OCs.