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  2. thanks a million, dude!! i really need to edit this poem so if you have any suggestions, i'd love to hear them!
  3. i like the harmless habits, above all the ones that shy away from shoving they leave gentle touches, instead across the line i used to think of mentality like that some great towering 2d plane of black, deeming you in all caps: HEALTHY (in smaller letters, ‘good’) UNHEALTHY (even smaller, ‘bad’) a blue moon good day would let me inch forward, getting to dip my face through the curtain plunging my face in instead of just few hesitant fingers, just to squint at what could be better to catch my breath and the next thought, moment, minute hour, day, week, month year, years, endless cycle would drag me back down into the water, where my thoughts turned shifty, hard to catch red-handed and still, the harmless habits cradled me bathing only in strawberry shampoo made me feel warm against the pressure of approximately a fuckton of cubic meters of 3 point font ‘bad’ laughing ten seconds too long because i was grateful to get to smile dropped two more labels on top of that but it felt like a triumph, still its the harmless habits that got me by
  4. Discord Link, But Like, It Works Forever

    so i realized the link to join the discord kept not working? and guess what folks it's because the link to join keeps expiring. discord is giving us the two week old milk of links. i think i set it to n o t expire, so if case anyone wants to join but was confounded by Link Issues: https://discord.gg/YGXn5wu
  5. Plea for help

    i know i'm crazy late too, but im gonna see if i can give you a summary of what i wished i knew when i was going through this about a three years to a year ago: there is always going to be people there for you, that might be online and that might be in person, but they will still be there you will have days where it seems worse and days where it seems better, the worse ones do not mean you should give up or give in, and the better days dont mean that you were somehow faking everything all along i know everyone probably keeps saying this and it sounds kinda fake in the middle of it all, but really, everything does get better. it takes time, it takes a lot of effort in places, and its really hard to recognize when its happening, but i can guarantee there'll be a day when you go, "oh, whoa. i'm getting more confident, i haven't thought about suicide in a good while, i feel like i can do things again- today was a good day." you can always talk to me if you want, i'd also love for you to join the discord if you felt up to it, and here are some links to online suicide help line chats, so the phone issue won't be a hassle there: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat/ (these look more like databases of chats, but i'll put 'em here in case you're looking for something different!) http://www.suicidestop.com/suicide_prevention_chat_usa.html http://www.suicidestop.com/suicide_prevention_chat_international.html
  6. its all good my dude!! i always mess up grammar like its going out of style so i Get It dkjfbkfg
  7. I Want

    this isnt fair yall are all s o g o o d im. emotional. im an extra big fan of the last stanza, it combines like. everything into one
  8. Untitled

    yall are all making me cry on this fine night, huh. holy s h i t this is good. feels like anger in all the right ways, if that makes any sense?
  9. Exquisite Corpse March 2018

    white noise generators hold the same lullaby of constancy but lord knows mother nature does it best
  10. tie-dye mind

    hey this is all beautiful?? relatable, definitely, and just wonderfully achy and familiar to read.
  11. fragile anarchies

    okay this is w a y too gorgeously well written to actually articulate everything good about it. holy shit, thank you so much for sharing this, dude.
  12. yo im emotional?? gotta love kids enjoying a nice night together wow. uhhhhhhh i think you m i g h t want to add a little more detail but that might just be bc im always a sucker for some good ol' fashioned random specifics. also. the name callum. S o l i d i love it
  13. The Greater Good (Pt. 1)

    my dude i am ALWAYS glad to see robot characters floating around here!! cool idea, love that, you might wanna fix the tenses like @Apollo's Lover said and maybe tighten up the dialogue a little, but whoa! the world building is interesting as all get out, dude!
  14. Discord?

    i feel bad for not being Productive on here so consider this: im gonna give some feedback to peoples stuff bc y'all deserve it. and THEN join
  15. most of my classes are fine but theres one (1) where

    1. the teacher won't grade the short answers to any of our tests, so we have to explain and re-explain to our parents why our grades look like shit
    2. the teacher doesn't answer emails until the day before class, which results in such classics situations as 'cool i now have 24 hours to study for the entire exam, because you didn't give me the class recording or the reading, even though i emailed you about it a week earlier and sent you three follow up emails about it'
    3. the teacher likes to test us on things we have not even seen yet. and then, in the next class. Teach Us What We Needed To Know A Week Ago.

    in conclusion: not the worst class ive been in. but also wtf

    1. conradbirdie


      new things to add (i apologize for complaining but i just. cant fathom this class):

      1.  oh boy, extra credit questions!!! they're for 0.01 points
      2.  why do the answer choices go like:
        a. F
        b. W
        c. I
        d. K
        like did she shuffle them up just to fuck with us???? whats going ON