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  1. its all good my dude!! i always mess up grammar like its going out of style so i Get It dkjfbkfg
  2. I Want

    this isnt fair yall are all s o g o o d im. emotional. im an extra big fan of the last stanza, it combines like. everything into one
  3. Untitled

    yall are all making me cry on this fine night, huh. holy s h i t this is good. feels like anger in all the right ways, if that makes any sense?
  4. Exquisite Corpse March 2018

    white noise generators hold the same lullaby of constancy but lord knows mother nature does it best
  5. tie-dye mind

    hey this is all beautiful?? relatable, definitely, and just wonderfully achy and familiar to read.
  6. fragile anarchies

    okay this is w a y too gorgeously well written to actually articulate everything good about it. holy shit, thank you so much for sharing this, dude.
  7. yo im emotional?? gotta love kids enjoying a nice night together wow. uhhhhhhh i think you m i g h t want to add a little more detail but that might just be bc im always a sucker for some good ol' fashioned random specifics. also. the name callum. S o l i d i love it
  8. The Greater Good (Pt. 1)

    my dude i am ALWAYS glad to see robot characters floating around here!! cool idea, love that, you might wanna fix the tenses like @Apollo's Lover said and maybe tighten up the dialogue a little, but whoa! the world building is interesting as all get out, dude!
  9. Discord?

    i feel bad for not being Productive on here so consider this: im gonna give some feedback to peoples stuff bc y'all deserve it. and THEN join
  10. most of my classes are fine but theres one (1) where

    1. the teacher won't grade the short answers to any of our tests, so we have to explain and re-explain to our parents why our grades look like shit
    2. the teacher doesn't answer emails until the day before class, which results in such classics situations as 'cool i now have 24 hours to study for the entire exam, because you didn't give me the class recording or the reading, even though i emailed you about it a week earlier and sent you three follow up emails about it'
    3. the teacher likes to test us on things we have not even seen yet. and then, in the next class. Teach Us What We Needed To Know A Week Ago.

    in conclusion: not the worst class ive been in. but also wtf

    1. conradbirdie


      new things to add (i apologize for complaining but i just. cant fathom this class):

      1.  oh boy, extra credit questions!!! they're for 0.01 points
      2.  why do the answer choices go like:
        a. F
        b. W
        c. I
        d. K
        like did she shuffle them up just to fuck with us???? whats going ON
  11. i fucking finished. my entire nhd website. in the span of those last couple weeks and tonight its done and all in all: i still love my topic, i'd love to do this again WITH MORE TIME, but i never want to hear another documentary in finnish again

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    2. justaddbooks


      I had to do NHD recently aaah 

    3. conradbirdie


      it seems like everyone here does nhd, wow?? but hey, cool!! what topic did you do, dude?

    4. justaddbooks


      I did mine on the Chicago Handgun Freeze! It was a really interesting topic, but there wasn't a lot of sources and things so my thesis was scattered and my project could have been a lot better. What topic did you do?

  12. Question For The Editors?

    Extra question in addition to this, @Autumn and @CICADA: what about other places to submit? Do you think, generally, they'll take something that's been posted on here as if it's brand new, or does that also count as it being 'published' in a way?
  13. i know i've barely been on here but lemme just say? i had a very sweet old lady all me a 'kind young man' on a day i was feeling like i couldnt physically get to the level of masculine i wanted to and uh w o w that felt good?? i mean, obviously i cried happy tears within the next 5 seconds, which wasn't really the look i was going for kjgfbkjfg

  14. hiatus

    i didn't see this before, i'm so sorry! i don't even know if you're checking this anymore, but i got a discord, so i sent you a friend request if you wanna talk. we'll miss you on here!
  15. new users can't join the slam for free

    Yeah, I agree with everything said before. I'm even gonna use proper capitalization and everything for this because I do really feel strongly about this- Especially with what Logan said about the problem with paying for a subscription. Even if kids can pay for a subscription,we don't have credit cards. (To the best of my knowledge, at least. I'm a kid, I should know, but I dunno what my peers are up to these days!) The Slam is purposefully made to be somewhere that it's comfortable to be totally and completely yourself, and that raises a lot of questions when it comes to getting parents or other adults with credit cards to pay for access to it. Keeping at least part of the site free gives kids a chance to express themselves without having to get permission from other people in their life to express themselves, just as making it pay only limits that chance for a lot of kids. I dunno, that's my major qualm with it, but I also get they need money to keep everything up, so it's all kind of an unfortunate moral gray, I think!