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    @drowntown "He was normal before all that, though! The whole origin story thing just, like-" He mimicked some kind of 90s daytime movie trailer voice, "Whoa, what a topsy-turvy mixup! Accidentally got superpowers that just kinda give me anxiety, and now my uncle and only father figure's fuckin' dead, dude! Better get into wrestling!" Still, he broke character to fumble for his own phone, patting down his pockets like that would help at all. "Fu-uck. I do, I'd love to give you some sweet music in return, but I think I left my phone back in the car. Shit, maybe- Hold on, come meet my kid." He craned his neck enough to peer into the living room. "Hey, Four? You mind hanging onto some music that's way out of both of our tastes, just until tomorrow?" With a whirr, Unit Four booted up again. "Only if the giver of strange, non-comfort-zone music explains themselves."

    @drowntown "He'll be added to the 'in deep shit' list. But he's, like, a grown, super rich dude. Peter Parker and Mile Morales are normal, non-billionare kids in, like, a ton of their content. Batman can handle his own shit, I trust him." Another laugh as he leaned close enough to try and tell if Nick was joking. "And I take it you have all four? If not, I'll totally buy them for you. Uh- If they're cheap. No offence, but I'm valuing gas money over your emo completion right now, bud."

    @drowntown @queenie_flower "Aw, fuck, is heroism illegal now? My main dude Spider-Man's gonna get in some deep shit. And apparently you, too? Did you beat up total assholes or something?" He got distracted by bumping back Nick enough to chuck his own bowl in the trash, so the full effect of how baffling Nick's attempt at a comeback was kinda surprised him. Enough that he burst out laughing before he even processed it. "I'm- I'm what? Y'all, listen up, I've gotta get my hair cut into some fuckin' Justin Beiber-y swoop and delete all my music in favor of, like, three MCR songs." He returned back to the counter, grabbing another one of his discarding candy bars and holding it out to June to toast. You know. With candy bars. L'chaim. 'Cause pretty much everyone in the group needed it. "I can add 'totally humble' to that list," he said with a grin.

    @drowntown "It's not, like, super illegal!" Harley did quiet down then, trying to make sure Unit Four wouldn't boot back up and get upset Harley was talking about them behind their back. "I have a case for the ethics side of things, anyway, where just 'cause I promised to sell them a functioning AI doesn't mean I have to sell away a straight up sentient kid. Just trying to raise Four right, dude." That didn't stop his from snorting and stealing half a bite from Nick's bowl. "You do suck at comebacks though, like- Pretty sure that was a compliment, through and through. Take two? Something more like, 'I don't actually think you're a loser, I think you're a-' Insert insult here?"

    @drowntown @Short_comedian @queenie_flower @The Invincible Troodon Harley was too busy dropping the candy bars in favor of shoveling ramen in his mouth like it was the best tasting thing he'd had in his life. It was mediocre, at best. But hey, hunger makes the best sauce and all that jazz. He sure as hell wasn't complaining. What he was worried about, though, was the various arguments going on. So once he'd managed to finish his bowl in record time, took a second so his voice wouldn't be all post-food-wide, he tried to address everything in turn. Bad habit of his, trying to lowkey mediate, highkey just wanting to be heard. "Caenus, dude, what counts as running from the law? 'Cause Four's technically 'stolen property'," cue the air quotes, "but they're, like, from my patent. And I gave the right people a refund and everything. Uh, Agnes, you could probably beat me up, I'm sure you can take care of yourself and everything, it's chill. June, you're a fuckin' blessing. But if we all share tragic backstories or whatever, know that Four's gonna butt in a lot, this is their story as much as mine. And if any of y'all are rude to them, I'll-" He made a vague gesture. "Be really pissed off, I guess? Steal your blanket in the middle of the night or something? Nick. Dude, okay, fuck- Think of it this way. I'm a fuckin' loser, June's a solid jock, Caenus is preppy as hell, and you're an emo. It's just styles 'n stuff. You dress like how bad electric guitar riffs over a front man who actually just whines and screams and calls it singing sounds. That's emo."
  6. bad news: woke up sore as hell, managed to work out for another hour to try and get rid of said soreness, but that just made it Worse so idk how i'm gonna do more physical therapy tonight :/
    good news: accidentally came out to the dude who teaches me weight training and he was chill about it

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      yeah, it was Sweet !!


    @drowntown @Short_comedian @queenie_flower @The Invincible Troodon "Valid questions, y'all. I'm gonna just, like, rummage through your shit? Sorry, Caenus. Gotta find forks." He started peeking in various drawers and cupboards with no visible pattern to it. "My bet's on Caenus just being really chill. I'm pretty sure he was just as cool when I first met him, so, I mean, I'm just going with previous patterns 'n shit. But yeah, I can't get murdered yet, I've got work. Any of y'all can hit me up to murder me in, like, three years or something. Not now."
  8. oh lore?

    Voss made a face, even though they were pretty sure it was barely visible in the candlelight. "Uh- Nik, right? Do you mind just flicking on that light switch right there? Just- A little more light would be much appreciated right now." Voss was uncomfortably aware of how sharp this demon's teeth were. Even though they shouldn't have been surprised, considering this was a genuine demon they were talking about. "Whoa there, buckaroo. I'd highly recommend letting us just shoot you on back to wherever you came from, okay? I won't get in your, uh, personal space bubble of magic tat shouldn't be fucked up. And you'll answer a few questions so we can figure out how to get you back. Deal?" They paused for a moment, before amending their words. "I'm not going to shake. This is a verbal deal." All the better to try and keep their fingers safely unchomped. But then a bell rang out, and even if Voss didn't start swearing again, their eyes showed all that distress anyway. "Okay, so- Demon-dude. Would you like to stay in here, or would you like to come back to my dorm room? Because the school's getting locked up, and if you want to come somewhere that's not going to get below freezing in less than an hour, you're going to need to play nice."

    @drowntown @Short_comedian @queenie_flower @The Invincible Troodon "Nick. Sweet hair, dude. I'm just gonna-" He scooted back around to try and poke though the groceries, before settling on just grabbing a candy bar or two. Not the most nutritious meal, but it had been a while since Unit Four had been around this many people besides back in the police station way back when, so he wanted to be able to dash over the second they powered back on again. He still couldn't tell if it was sheer pattern recognizing that freaked Four out or if it was straight up flashbacks, but hey, distress was distress. Come to think of it, everyone in this room seemed at various levels of distress. "So. Should we sort out who's gonna sleep where? Should we have a feelings sesh'? 'Cause I'm cool talking about 'yeah, I'm on the road to try and get my kid ultra-therapy' but not much beside that."
  10. intro things :D

    little known fact that i just made up: the proper singular of beeves is boof

    @drowntown @Short_comedian @queenie_flower @The Invincible Troodon "June. Got it. Month-name. And Agnes. Haggis, but, like, not." Harley's face lit up the second June asked a question, and just like that, he forgot about the food he'd been trying to sneak away in favor of leaning onto the counter to get a little closer to her. "They're called Unit Four. I keep asking if they, like, want a more human-namey-name but they said it 'just proves that they're better than at least 3 other AIs'. And they, like- Learn off of what folks say around them and sometimes the internet 'n shit? So trust me, they swear like a truck driver when they want to. You're not gonna harm anything. God, I'm so glad you asked that." Still, he pointed back at Agnes, eyebrows raised. "Good fuckin' question. Caenus, dude, are you just- That nice? What're the chances of us all being here at the same time, anyway?"
  12. my new physical therapist is the most dudebro guy i've ever met?? hes sweet but bless his h e a r t

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      him: HEY ! YOU TIRED YET ???
      me: yeah
      him: :O ?????

    2. mousecircus

    @drowntown @Short_comedian Harley managed to both get Unit Four completely set up so they could power themselves back on whenever they pleased, and was suddenly struck with the realization that he was really fuckin' hungry. But when he wandered into the kitchen, he was met with an air of- Awkwardness? Considering this whole situation was weird as hell, it didn't deter him from scooching past the emo looking dude to look through the groceries brought along. "Hey, y'all. Don't mind me, just-" He turned to look at the apparent host and snorted. "Oh my fuckin' god, you seriously do look like art student Poseidon. I'm Harley. Don't touch my kid. They're the one in all the wires 'n shit. So you're Caenus, and I probably don't know you," he said, pointing to each respective person.
  14. and what if they were angels?

    hell yeah dude!! and no need to stress about what the Rules Of Cicada are, i still dont know what im doing and it seems to be going ok dkfjvnkdjnfv