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  2. Don't Take the Money

    The sidewalk pricked my palms, denting them with those little circles I’d find myself tracing over and over. I remember ants scuttling across the white path, running for the cover of the yellowing grass. The sun threatened to burn brighter, and — being the sad fool I was — I was practically swimming in that red jacket I stubbornly wore, even in the demonesque Texas summer. I won’t say she looked like an angel or a flawless-faced goddess with flowing brunette hair that framed her face just so, with dazzling, ocean blue eyes and skin that glowed. Her hair was tangled and the color faded; her eyes were more-so gray than blue, like dust. Just above her eyes were what she called untamable, brown caterpillars. However, she sat on the concrete with power — a power a homeschooled girl playing Pokemon GO on her phone should not have. A power only an angel or a goddess could possess. She had me in the palm of her small, soft hand. The way she smiled broke through the hot atmosphere, fiercer than the sun, and my cheeks grew red. It felt dangerous. I needed to take off my jacket. I am not a bold person. The most brave, most challenging, thing I’ve ever done that I can remember would be riding the Superman rollercoaster at Six Flags for the first time, and even that sent shivers down my spine, raced my heart, broke me out into a sweat. I’d have jumped off that ride if that weren’t so scary itself. Yet on that hot summer day, I became a warrior filled with courage. In a rush, my mouth brushed against her cheek when she turned just-so, just perfectly. A cold wave swallowed me whole from the face, through my hair, down to my feet and seeped its way through my skin into my bones. My vision turned blue, and the sun disappeared from my line of sight. She was not hotter than the sun like I thought, but instead so icy it burned, and I realized it too late. I recoiled, and her fingers touched her cheek. For a moment, all was quiet. My vision began to thaw; the sun returned. She laughed. It was a gentle sound. Another wave washed over me, this one warm. She said something, but it felt like a weird game of Telephone, and I don’t remember what it was. Something about being proud, something about being worried. Something that confirmed previous suspicions. The pity on her face spoke louder to me than the smile she tried to give. She loves me, she loves me, she loves me, my mind reassured, but iron bars seemed to erupt from the ground, blocking her off from me. If I tried to touch them, they’d shock me. I could reach through them, but I’d get stuck. She loved me more than anybody else, but not in the way I hoped.