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  1. Summary of my Hell of a Life:

    Early January: I read 13 Reasons Why in one night.

    January and early February: Nothing abnormal here, moving on.

    Last Friday: my school's barn dance, Zach and West got in a fight. I found out that my girlfriend (Kate) has depression and has thought of killing herself.

    Saturday: I called her, but she wasen't home, naturally that freaked me out. 

    Sunday: She called me, right after the Super Bowl (we are both eagles fans), probably the high point of her weekend. The call lasted 1hr 46min.

    Monday: Me, Micaela, Courtney, and Zach did what friends do, and made her tell her mom.

    Tuesday: I started getting sick, Kate looked depressed all day.

    Wednesday: Native Youth Olympics for the 4th graders. the cold affected my head and I couldn't think, we were out of Sudafed. Kate looked happier, I think.

    Today: After going to Walgreens to get Sudafed, I could think properly. Kate looked fine. I didn't talk with her on the deck today, so she dosen't get sick.

    1. Connor


      also I have 3 late essays. 

    2. flamecoloredglowstick


      oh dude im sorry

    3. writeandleft


      I really hope things get better for you (and Kate)!! sending <333333