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  1. A new chapter begins

    When the world is dark my love for you grows brightest.You are the color to my black and white, my perfect opposite, my perfect love.The chapter is closed but a better one has begun my love.I miss those days i wasen’t here for long, but the slam was an important part of my life. The first post I saw was one of @Ainm‘s and I thought it was cool so I signed up, the slam saw most of my thought during the first fiew months of my first relationship (and a temporary split) I’m gonna miss you peoples Connor out (for the last time)
  2. Graduated 8th grade last night, i leave on my class trip tonight at 11:00


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    2. Connor


      Thank you Troodon I hope you do to.

    3. justaddbooks


      Yay! Congrats!

    4. Connor


      Thank you!

  3. Magnet poetry

    During a 30 minute wait at snow city the morning after my 8th grade graduation . . .
  4. butterfly identification

    I've had that problem it sucks. In my experience, if you lie in bed at night thinking about them you probably like them, or if you look at them randomly and you catch them looking at them, or if when you two see each other those, butterflies that you ate in biology come to life. But if none of these are true then you two were probably meant to be friends. That is my two cents, basically, follow your heart because it is usually right. I kinda like trying (and sometimes succeeding) to fix people’s problems, feel free to ignore my advice.
  5. butterfly identification

    I’m probably wrong but does Jess like 2 people?
  6. Yesssssssssssssssss 





    He fucking dumped her I’m so fucking happy me and Kate are back together 


    1. Apollo's Lover

      Apollo's Lover

      Woo Hoo! that's great for you!

  7. Moving on

    I miss you Kate More than anything Ever I miss your sweat on my palm The tingle of my lips after we kiss Knowing that I’m the only one who can make you laugh that hard But mabye we end this way As friends Seprate But together Forever It hurts A lot Mabye you still love me But no You can’t Cause I leave for high school when our eyes meet from across the room I feel empty When we don’t I feel alone When you look at him it kills me but hey you made your choice I asked “would you be pissed if I called you?” you said no I called you and we talked like we were still together this is killing me Rant finished
  8. “It’s a rather blustery day.”

    The wind blew over our fence lol.


    Coming home from school we saw a tree hit a power line and catch fire 🔥💥

    The wind is shaking our house which has neaver happened before🧐🤷🏽‍♂️

    Kate if you are reading this, quit stalking me. We broke up remember. If you decided you don’t like Kela I’m cool with that.

    Shit I’m in fucking denial.

  9. The End for Now

    I’m not deleting my account or any of my posts, but my life is fucking confusing because she fell in love with one of my closest friends. 😭😔😫😭🤬😖😞😐
  10. The End for Now

    This is the end It’s over 20 minutes on the phone In tears Both of us Fuck you “I love you with all my heart and part of that is still there.” wtf does that mean Because Kela stole your heart Because I leave in 3 weeks You always did give up to easily “what am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you” We’re finished It’s closure I loved you Kate This is probably my last post, I am erasing most things that remind me of her and most of my posts are about her Connor out
  11. Breakup untitled

    @Apollo's LoverI am to, my state’s age requirement is a year behind some🤷🏽‍♂️
  12. Breakup untitled

    This is how me and my gf are going to end up in 4 weeks. (When I graduate 8th grade)
  13. PEAKS test


  14. It's okay

    Gawd damn wow damn
  15. Overheard Quotes

    “The mamma Sphinx is coming!”
  16. Sticky Note Art?

    Probably a bit late but that would be awesome
  17. Overheard Quotes

    Omg one of my friends said that once
  18. new users can't join the slam for free

    I'ma stay out of this cause I have very bad solutions to this kind of thing. But, a scholarship system would be a very good idea. I hope a good solution is found, the lack of content posted is really sad.
  19. Overheard Quotes

    @thepensword I passed up a chance to see a showing of Little Shop of Horrors in order to see black panther with my girl friend. To the rest of you people, the best quote from all of the conversations (after the movie at, Round Table across from the theater in the mall) was said by her mom about the soda fountain that had a touch screen. "You guys have to check out the soda fountain, its the future."
  20. Looking at my journal, I notice that there aren't that many pages. This makes me sad, because it is a really old and used to be my dad's, a memory of the good old days, seeing the happy side of him that we rarely see now.

    1. Connor


      Follow up: 

      my dad's diabetes came out of remission, the had gotten irritable when he was first diagnosed he is fine, he saw a dietitian and that helped, he is less irritable.

  21. damn i just realized, your pics, Totoro and Kiki's delivery service, and your name is from Percy Jackson right?


    1. thepensword


      Yes on the Kiki and the Totoro, no on the Percy Jackson. The username is a play on “the pen is mightier than the sword”.

    2. Connor


      i'm a Percy Jackson nerd so thats what my mind goes to first. still thats cool.

    3. thepensword


      Understandable. I used to be a PJO nerd so I get it.

  22. fingers interlaced

    capitalize the i this is wayyy better than i could do :)
  23. I'm Tired of This

    wow that is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!