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  1. how to trick the captcha beast (and other handy tips)

    You are an amazing poet! Keep it up😄
  2. Seven Impossible Things and Jokes that are Totally Jokes

    That is amazing! my family used to have a magnet that had that alice in wonderland quote on it.
  3. Sometimes I Ramble Nonsense

    I wrote this about a month ago, and today I opened word and it caught my eye, so i decided to post it. Please give me edits i am very bad at spelling. When the bombs came we didn’t run we hid. We survived. When we, hid we hid well. We are a group of Alaskan survivors the bombs, some of the many who survived, some of the few who were un-scared, some of the very little who’s friends and family survived, each one of us were changed to a point where we would never be the same. We never wanted a dictator, we got one, we never knew or wanted to go to the safe house, we liked our life however boring or uninteresting. This is a story about me my friends and our lives shortly before the bombs and our lives after they came. We hid, we couldn’t go back. In the days and months and years before the bombs came we didn’t care or rather we didn’t think about them the under-ling agencies who had been taking control through the years, the bombs weren’t part of a war. The bombs were meant to lessen the population which had, over the years, grown at an alarming rate, putting stress on the food economy and creating hunger even under you’re your nose, hunger in every city, hunger in every county and district, hunger on most streets. We didn’t notice we went to a private school. We, are Alaskan. We are middle schoolers. We were clueless, clueless of the future, clueless of what was happening behind our backs, clueless of the pain and suffering in front of us, clueless even of who we were. Here is a story from my point of view. A story of life, a story of death, a story of happiness, a story of sadness, and most of all a story of love, and a story of hate. Funny how in the moment you can hate something so much, but looking back on whatever it was you were doing it seems stupid to be complaining. In the hours before I was vacuuming. I hated vacuuming, I still do, but sometimes I wonder was it really as bad as I remember?
  4. A Tale of Pilot Bread

    Kid: Mom can we get pilot bread? Mom: No, it's gross. Kid: but it tastes good! Mom: No, it's gross.
  5. Work

    Leaves scatter before me, And my giant blow dryer. The noise is loud, I must wear a mask. The world has changed, For better or worse.