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  1. Erupt

    Call me over to you in the dark, Entice me with the molten lava that seeps from your mouth. Your creeping smoke entraps itself inside my lungs. Initiate a slow burn within the veins that continue to force oxygen through me. Until I can no longer move. Turn my body into a mountain. A slowly growing rock formation that is born from the lava that singes my skin I will be immune to the incoming storm Under an umbrella of volcanic ash I am reborn as a stone. Peeking through the tide, I can breathe again.
  2. You Are A Paradox

    Eyes like the ocean they came from Or the thick green forests Rich in thorns And dew droplets Born from the condensation of rain clouds Wet. Lips like the barren deserts that offer warmth And entrapment followed by inevitable death Or tilted old trees Encouraged by the wind to fall Dry. Hands like flames Licking up and down my body Soon to overheat Like an old engine that can hardly move But only tremble Hot. Heart like the icy peak of Mt. Everest Nearly Impossible to reach Yet curiously intriguing Any explorer that gets so far is sure to freeze to death Cold. Smile like the falling fluff From the same clouds your eyes occupy Except chilling, and yet Soft. Gaze like a cliff Likely to crumble yet remains Holding a captivating view Only to be pursued with safety gear And determination Rough.