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  1. Exquisite Corpse March 2018

    so when I stumble into a quiet place off-balanced by the sudden roar of silence in my ears
  2. Sticky Note Art?

    This would be fun, I'm up for it!
  3. butterfly garden

    jewel-garden flowers: daffodils of citrine, paper-thin a field of garnet blown-glass poppies cloistered in the shadows wait turquoise forget-me-nots and sailing sapphire irises, shot through with violet tourmaline pearl snowdrops, on malachite stems sweet blossoms, bobbing in the fragrant air glowing with soft refractions of soaked-up sunlight oozing translucent summer-sap from crystalline petals gold and copper bumblebees with tiny iron stripes and springs silver-veined dragonfly wings and the long-suffering monarchs with their rust-red wings they are less delicate than they look: a million tiny wingbeats adding up to a thousand miles they came all this way to see the ruby droplet flowers taste this amber nectar honey perch upon a swinging leaf with liquid emerald sun sleeping in its veins they bask in the brilliant days and glory in the dark nights quartz-crystal-stars sown in the new sky - still warm from the sun still glistening from the diamond rain they stay and then they leave again scared off by the ebony birds, those click-clacking jet starlings whose multitudes fill the sky with the noise of their wings or perhaps the creeping frost, calcite growing in cold fern-patterns made the monarchs' blood creep sluggish and so they flew while they still could away to different gardens, to sleep in multitudes of their own quiet rustling weighing down the deep jade pines * * * I dunno what happened, I've been writing realistic personal angsty stuff that I can't reread let alone edit, and then this happened yesterday. I'd love critique! (especially towards the question, do you think I went overboard with the gemstone-flower stuff or not?)
  4. intro things :D

    Hey! I've had this account for more than a month now but I'm super shy and bad at committing to things online so I've just been reading your beauiful words and pretending that I have nothing worthwhile to say - but whether or not that's true it's not at all productive to believe so yeah, here I am... I love visual arts and drawing as well as poetry and words and stuff, and you can call me Aster or Piper. @Apollo's Lover I've been meaning to read Six of Crows for like a year now, but I read the first Grisha book and although I loved the world there was something, maybe the characters? that didn't make me want to continue the series - so if you had the same thing and still say Six of Crows is good, that gives me more incentive to finally get around to reading it!
  5. on an empty stomach

    Wow this is so beautiful I can't pick favourite lines it's just so atmospheric? Actually wait: I don't know, but you made silence into syrup with those lines.