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  1. untitled

    nothing compares to first love. in those rare times when you rush in, don't hang back, saying that you're good out here, sometimes it doesn't matter that you'll be in danger. you watched your friend wither. humans don't have near the lifespan that elves do, after all. you did hold back when the wheel was spun. still you paid dearly. i still can't believe you gave up your beauty. you watched seven years go by in a heartbeat, you relived one horrible hour too many times. you came out of it with a worm friend, though. magic brian might have liked you. i never could tell for sure, but the way he talked to you made me jealous. Author's note: So this was a random thing I cooked up (aaaaa sizzle it up with taako) this morning because last night i found the suffering game soundtrack and haven't stopped listening to wonderland - round two, wonderland - round three, and sauté! so that's where this came from. all of my friends are making fun of me because i think taako's adorable. oh well.
  2. this too will pass

    So I don't have anything intelligent to say about this, but I really like it.
  3. dear father

    i don't know how you haven't noticed the resentment flowing from my spirit when i'm around you surely you feel the acid in my bones filling your veins when you touch me and i recoil i don't try to mask the hatred in my eyes even when i'm laughing at something you told mom thank you, father, for giving me life and then trashing it with your disrespect
  4. These Arms

    oh my gosh I love this so much. also going on my wall. this is seriously amazing. if you couldn't tell I have a weakness for love poems
  5. hey, so you're the only one online and I need to talk to someone, is that okay?

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    2. Fullmetal Sorcerer

      Fullmetal Sorcerer

      and crap i have to go I'm sorry. 

    3. Fullmetal Sorcerer

      Fullmetal Sorcerer

      this did make me feel better though. thanks.

    4. thepensword


      ok i'm glad you feel better! bye!

  6. what happens when you procrastinate before you take a shower

    Oh my gods this hit me. Yes, I was reading a book that had rape in it and that's a huge trigger for me earlier, but I just took a shower and just did all of these things. I just can't even. Oh my gods.
  7. letters to my past self V

    you and phoenix will be clinging to a balcony railing, trying to see as far into the night as you can, when he asks if he can tell you something. you nod, not sure what to expect. he tells you he loves you, that he's been in love with you ever since the night when upon seeing him--a stranger at the time--said "who are you?" "go away." alas, you put my lesson to not trust towards the wrong person. phoenix backs away when you start shifting. the dragon you will become is large, winged, and most importantly, spiked with poison. you tell yourself it's a joke. after all you've been wronged so many times before, why should this be any different? he doesn't try to block the thorn that enters right below his heart.
  8. Why do we march?

    This is fluffing amazing. I'm printing this out and putting in on my wall. Alas, my parents would never let me go to a march...
  9. Plea for help

    Oh and I don't have access to therapy right now because I got switched to doing family therapy and am not on any antidepressants. Also lol, @The Invincible Troodon my parents now think I'm addicted to boys' love manga and just manga in general, and think that I'm running away from life with it. I'm actually supposed to be studying for psychology right now, but oh well, I'm feeling awful and kind of need to talk about it.
  10. Plea for help

    Okay, first, thank you all so much, I can't even put into words how much I appreciate this. I should probably give you background so you can understand what kind of situation I'm in: Call me Tau (yes as in the number, i'm kind of a nerd) I'm a genderfluid individual, currently being forced to live as female. I have alopecia so my hair fell out, which stinks. I'm currently homeschooled due to overwhelming social anxiety and preparing to go to college this fall (i'm still 14 btw) but yeah. I'm just really not in a good place right now.
  11. Plea for help

    Thanks all. Alas, I can't do hotlines because my parents track my phone use, and I have very limited internet access, but I will probably take you up on your offers to talk.
  12. Plea for help

    Okay, so I'm really depressed, very suicidal, and my self esteem is at an all time low which is saying a lot. This is the only place I have left to turn to, and I'm not technically supposed to post anything, but please help anyways.... I honestly just really need to believe in the kindness of strangers again, and this seems like a good place to start. Thanks.
  13. Overheard Quotes

    So context: *my friends are walking home from bus stop, talking about how gorgeous Draco Malfoy is* *little kid staring out of a car window at them* one of my friends: *notices little kid* "DON'T SMOKE" little kid: *looks terrified* my friend: "THAT'S RIGHT I'M TALKING TO YOU"
  14. new users can't join the slam for free

    @thepensword Oh and see I have the opposite problem, my parents are accepting and whatnot but they are paranoid about anything where I talk to anyone online, so I have zero support when it comes to my LGBTQ+ness (due to living in a suuuper conservative area) I mean, I just need a way to convince my parents that this is a truly safe space and they'll keep paying for it, but idk if I can...
  15. van gogh nights

    Ohhh I really like this. I can't explain why but I do. It's kinda weirdly calming to me...