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  1. heartbreak has hit. expect more sad poetry

    1. Apollo's Lover

      Apollo's Lover

      Sad poetry is the most valid way to deal with hearbreak. Sending you sunshine will help to hopefully? ☀☀☀

  2. Here's your chance to become a non player character

    @thepensword Next session is in less than a week, I'll post on how it goes. (chaotically because I don't have a planned storyline and I'm literally just letting them loose in a town)
  3. hey look i need help again

    Edit: I chose Jenkins as my camp name
  4. Here's your chance to become a non player character

    @thepensword Would you be okay if I made Brandy one of these? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hsS9s8ju6zD6v9zte3YNMe94y0oRAona/view
  5. hey look i need help again

    So i need to find a nickname because I'm a camp counselor for a daycamp my troop is running and we all have nicknames and HELP
  6. Overheard Quotes

    "Hey can you give me the tablet" "You have the exact same one and we're chatting on the same app." "Well I like the case for yours" "ONLY BECAUSE YOURS HAS A KETCHUP STAIN THAT WAS YOUR FAULT" (two little kids on the couch at the ymca today...)
  7. im depressed and not doing great big surprise

    @Sunset Poppies thanks
  8. Took the SAT today. I'll post when I get results on the 11th. Now I shall spend the rest of my day dungeons and dragonsing and drawing Little Fox from Natsume's book of friends.

  9. im depressed and not doing great big surprise

    @queenie_flower mm. i'm not doing anything yet, but everythings kind of getting worse.
  10. magic items?

    Heya, so I need ideas for magic items that my players can buy. We have two sorcerers, one barbarian, and one cleric. All will be around level three when they get these, so nothing insanely overpowered. I'll need a name, quick description of appearance and properties, and if you're all experienced in D&D stuff or willing to do research things like attack bonus or damage or hey plus one to a certain skill. Thanks in advance for anything you come up with.
  11. Here's your chance to become a non player character

    Okay also more updates: I need a shopkeep for a pinterest but in real life thing. I need someone to run an antique store I need someone to be the manager of the tavern and maybe a few patrons for an inn and the tavern and I'll probably update this more because I still need to come up with more shops and stuff
  12. Here's your chance to become a non player character

    Oh and more background: this is a fifth edition campaign the party consists of an elf sorcerer, a dragonborn sorcerer, a yuan-ti pureblood cleric(the one who fell for Tristan), and an orc barbarian it started with them getting attacked by an unknown assassin that gave them a map through the mountains outside of their village they started through the mountains and stopped at an inn where they met a 372 year old dwarf woman who runs the inn, Tristan the hot elf bard, a snow leopard tabaxi named Quill, and found out about an unknown tiefling (which I'm planning to make Dragonfly thank you so much) they left the inn and got attacked by a gelatinous cube they had to answer a kenku's riddle before it let them pass they found Quill captured in a kenku hideout and had to save him they are currently in Quill's little base (a gazebo with "QUILL CAMP" printed on a sign and they're gonna end up in this town and I can't say any more or else one of them might find this and be like GASP I know what's gonna happen!!!
  13. Here's your chance to become a non player character

    @thepensword I'm definitely using this, it's wonderful. Thank you so much!
  14. Hiya, so I'm the dungeon master for my friend group, and currently, they are going through the mountains, and I'm gonna have it so that they find this tiny village, and I need NPCs. Please help. If you respond, I need a name, race, age, and backstory. Optional: job (I would like someone to work at the bathhouse, a few shopkeepers, a bartender, and some regular townsfolk) PLEASE don't be afraid to make these characters insanely weird. They've already met a 370 year old mute dwarf and an abnormally attractive elf named Tristan that one of my players proposed to. Pretty much anything goes.
  15. im depressed and not doing great big surprise

    everyone else gave up on me and it seems that there's no merit to life anymore throw my ashes off mt. fuji in springtime because if i can't see the cherry blossoms i might as well become them i don't want a funeral i don't want to be remembered but don't worry the raven queen will treat me well