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  1. Hiya, so I'm the dungeon master for my friend group, and currently, they are going through the mountains, and I'm gonna have it so that they find this tiny village, and I need NPCs. Please help. If you respond, I need a name, race, age, and backstory. Optional: job (I would like someone to work at the bathhouse, a few shopkeepers, a bartender, and some regular townsfolk) PLEASE don't be afraid to make these characters insanely weird. They've already met a 370 year old mute dwarf and an abnormally attractive elf named Tristan that one of my players proposed to. Pretty much anything goes.
  2. im depressed and not doing great big surprise

    everyone else gave up on me and it seems that there's no merit to life anymore throw my ashes off mt. fuji in springtime because if i can't see the cherry blossoms i might as well become them i don't want a funeral i don't want to be remembered but don't worry the raven queen will treat me well
  3. I JUST GOT MY SAT PRACTICE TEST SCORES BACK AND I GOT A 1430 WOOOO! Test day is in one month!!!

    1. Short_comedian


      holy crap dude you're gonna get a fucking full score

    2. Fullmetal Sorcerer

      Fullmetal Sorcerer

      I hope so! I'm trying to get into Colby college (in Maine) and I really need top scores...

  4. breakup without an actual relationship

    I'll have to post if I actually do see him again. I've been kind of wishing that I told him I liked him now because I don't think I'm gonna see him. I'd honestly love to find his email and just be like hey remember that one person with dyed hair who always was on the weight machines? Yeah that was me! And I kinda am in love with you! It would be hilarious if all of my friends & internet friends went on a search and actually found him, but all of my friends and I are less than driving age and all have limited internet access, so I doubt that'd happen. Oh well.
  5. breakup after 7 months and 1 week

    i can't smell books anymore because i thought that we were flooding the world but the water ran dry i could swear to you that the shadows are moving i wish that i could say i'll never forget how you made me feel but those memories faded weeks before you said you wanted to stay friends but the lamb couldn't keep up with us tigers and the leaves fell from your branches one last time and you couldn't replace them like you could for so long and when you asked for a break i knew it was the end and i didn't try to keep pushing through the gap that had opened and been open for ages you should have known that what had cracked during winter would shatter eventually and it just happened to be one week after 7 months all in all i knew it would end this way and i regret those last three months where we were trying to regain what we knew was fading but as of now us is nothing than a strange stringing together of two letters not two people ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay so this was something I wrote at like ten last night cuz I really need to make peace with this. I broke up with my boyfriend of 7 months on April eleventh. We both agreed it wasn't working, and I was obsessed with Taako(anyone listen to The Adventure Zone? I love it cause there's some really good LGBTQIA+ representation even though it's four straight white guys playing D&D) and my other anime crush(Deidara) and the guy from the YMCA (his name is Hayden) but it's still pretty difficult... I've been going back through my poetry and editing him out of all of it. Sighhhhh...
  6. breakup without an actual relationship

    It's like when you walk into the bakery and you just see that one cupcake. It's THE cupcake that you must have. And then for some reason, whenever you go to the bakery, they always have those cupcakes on Monday around lunchtime. And then you go to the bakery one Monday and it isn't there. I love how I fell for someone at the local YMCA, I mean, me: a genderfluid ace person falling for a probably perfectly straight guy who works for a Christian organization. He probably thinks I'm scared of him because whenever he's around I always run away. My friends all thought that it was hilarious, and they started egging me on to talk to him. I told them no, but only because I would probably have said something dumb like, "I think you're very attractive." I don't know what happened. All I know is that as of today, March 2nd, I haven't seen him for two weeks. I spent all morning trying to find him on their website, trying to see if he moved, if he was fired, or if his schedule just changed. I can't find anything. My friends don't get it, they said that I haven't ever talked to the man, how could I miss him? I caught him staring at me the last time I saw him. He was talking to another guy but kept glancing at me. I can't decide if that had anything to do with why he left. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay so I just needed to get this out because all of my real life friends have just been making fun of me for it, but yeah. I got a crush on one of the personal trainer guys at the ymca. And he pretty much broke my heart.
  7. HELP

    Okay so I promised my friends that our first session of D&D would be in the week after school got out for them but that's in like two weeks and I have like maybe the first hour of gameplay figured out and AGHHHHH. What I have so far is that they'll be talking in a tavern and then my assassin npc's gonna attack them and "ACCIDENTALLY" drop this map that leads through the mountains. Then I'm gonna force them to go through the mountains where there's a blizzard and they have to stop at this tiny inn run by this little old dwarf lady named Laslen and then they have to talk to Tristan who is an abnormally beautiful elf bard who's just there, and then they get some low key magic items, and then they run into that assassin in the hallway but they don't know he's the assassin cuz he's in common clothes that time, and that's literally how far I've gotten with planning. I really need help coming up with other stuff so please give weird ideas.
  8. when you're over here panicking because you have to lead a troop of stereotypical teenage girls in a Dungeons and Dragons session thanks to your mother....

  9. untitled

    nothing compares to first love. in those rare times when you rush in, don't hang back, saying that you're good out here, sometimes it doesn't matter that you'll be in danger. you watched your friend wither. humans don't have near the lifespan that elves do, after all. you did hold back when the wheel was spun. still you paid dearly. i still can't believe you gave up your beauty. you watched seven years go by in a heartbeat, you relived one horrible hour too many times. you came out of it with a worm friend, though. magic brian might have liked you. i never could tell for sure, but the way he talked to you made me jealous. Author's note: So this was a random thing I cooked up (aaaaa sizzle it up with taako) this morning because last night i found the suffering game soundtrack and haven't stopped listening to wonderland - round two, wonderland - round three, and sauté! so that's where this came from. all of my friends are making fun of me because i think taako's adorable. oh well.
  10. this too will pass

    So I don't have anything intelligent to say about this, but I really like it.
  11. dear father

    i don't know how you haven't noticed the resentment flowing from my spirit when i'm around you surely you feel the acid in my bones filling your veins when you touch me and i recoil i don't try to mask the hatred in my eyes even when i'm laughing at something you told mom thank you, father, for giving me life and then trashing it with your disrespect
  12. These Arms

    oh my gosh I love this so much. also going on my wall. this is seriously amazing. if you couldn't tell I have a weakness for love poems
  13. hey, so you're the only one online and I need to talk to someone, is that okay?

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      Fullmetal Sorcerer

      and crap i have to go I'm sorry. 

    3. Fullmetal Sorcerer

      Fullmetal Sorcerer

      this did make me feel better though. thanks.

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      ok i'm glad you feel better! bye!

  14. what happens when you procrastinate before you take a shower

    Oh my gods this hit me. Yes, I was reading a book that had rape in it and that's a huge trigger for me earlier, but I just took a shower and just did all of these things. I just can't even. Oh my gods.
  15. letters to my past self V

    you and phoenix will be clinging to a balcony railing, trying to see as far into the night as you can, when he asks if he can tell you something. you nod, not sure what to expect. he tells you he loves you, that he's been in love with you ever since the night when upon seeing him--a stranger at the time--said "who are you?" "go away." alas, you put my lesson to not trust towards the wrong person. phoenix backs away when you start shifting. the dragon you will become is large, winged, and most importantly, spiked with poison. you tell yourself it's a joke. after all you've been wronged so many times before, why should this be any different? he doesn't try to block the thorn that enters right below his heart.