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  1. new users can't join the slam for free

    @thepensword Oh and see I have the opposite problem, my parents are accepting and whatnot but they are paranoid about anything where I talk to anyone online, so I have zero support when it comes to my LGBTQ+ness (due to living in a suuuper conservative area) I mean, I just need a way to convince my parents that this is a truly safe space and they'll keep paying for it, but idk if I can...
  2. van gogh nights

    Ohhh I really like this. I can't explain why but I do. It's kinda weirdly calming to me...
  3. and now instead of words we fight with blades, though sadly it is less vicious.
  4. How beautiful are you?

    Haha yeah. I mean, my self esteem is still abysmal, but I think it's gonna stay that way till I get to college.
  5. Weekly Poll: How many lungs do you have?

    omg yes (only been binding for six months tho)
  6. How beautiful are you?

    Is it bad that this was my main self esteem boost for today?
  7. Nakarin concept thing

    I'll be posting a ton of pics of this one character, just because I'm still sorting out her personality and stuff, and when I do that I draw my characters a ton. It was originally done on paper and I scanned it because I couldn't find my good camera so it doesn't look great. I'll probably do a digital version sooner or later tho.
  8. funny childhood stories

    Let's see... In kindergarten I had a boyfriend who gave me candy and when he pushed my friend off the computer, I broke up with him, but still kept the candy. In third grade, I convinced everyone I was a werewolf. I also managed to give everyone in my class an "are you a demigod" quiz (yes, from Percy Jackson) and then for the ones who were, I gave them a godly parent quiz and we formed a club. I somehow got the two most popular guys in the class to believe me and join the club. Currently, I have convinced myself that I have an anime boyfriend and can do magic, but oh well.
  9. intro things :D

    Hi! I'm Erin. I'm genderfluid(mostly male) and gay. I've been on the slam for about two hours and might post some stuff I've done but most of it is really lengthy and needs to be rewritten. Most of it is weird stuff that's happened in my dreams and the main thing I'm working on right now is an anthology of poems on my failed relationships but with magic and stuff.