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  1. more heartbreak pt 2

    three years? it’s fun and games until you listen to and remember what most people would do in such a situation what do you see in her? she isn't good enough for him i may have dodged a bullet because he's a fool how to not be mad at someone who doesn’t love you: the emotions can be overwhelming true love requires reciprocation the sooner you accept the truth the easier it will be for you to move on ~~~~~~~~~~~ Author's note: a few of my friends found his instagram and apparently they met in middle school and they went to prom together and they've been together for 3 years and they posted a pic of them cuddling and i'm devastated
  2. more heartbreak

    how to fall out of love with your best friend: before that he was my best friend visit friends you've lost touch with your love will win out eventually what if you loved me back? every single thing in this small town reminds me of you and I can't get away from it accept that some people will never love us no matter what we do slow down or back away how to fall out of love: write them a letter (don't send it) “i want love on demand,” he said most likely will fall in love again what if it hurts too much and I don’t want to? ~~~~~ Author's note: google search poem i got another crush that ended in me finding out he has a girlfriend and i'm devastated even tho he's finishing college now and there's no chance he'd go for me but he's such a genuinely nice person and listened to me rant about how abracadabra by the brown eyed girls is such a beautiful song and i'm really struggling right now
  3. Overheard Quotes

    *while lying on the floor half crying* "SAM HIT ME IN THE DICK WITH A FLIP FLOP"
  4. got my first actual binder yesterday wooo. my friends here all donated money and we bought it but one of them was an idiot and it got shipped to the college i'm at addressed to "l r" so that was fun 

  5. Overheard Quotes

    "Dude, we should make college mankinis those would totally sell"
  6. hey so i'm at this thing where i take two college classes with kids my age in three weeks and i'm out as genderfluid/gay here and there's this guy and he told me the following: "i'm dating someone but you're very easy to look at." "wait so you practice like three religions isn't that too much?" "so i think i'm erin(name i go by at this camp)sexual now" "hey can i sit next to u at dinner" i was like sure and he said "ok it's a date then" and during dinner he was like "hey so why are u being so cold to me on our date" while his gf was sitting next to him "are you gonna get the surgery, what will that look like" "hey can i put my hand on your leg" i was like omg absolutely not and he said "okay then can u put your hand on my leg" i finally reported him to the program assistants and shits gonna go down tomorrow but im so fucking scared rn please provide guidance. also i had like just recovered from the suicidal stuff and now i've fallen back to that so agh... (oh and one of the program assistants is fucking attractive omg)
  7. hey guess what i'm at college for 3 weeks and i'm taking two classes

  8. Some tips

    @Kristen Same for the liking things. I also can't delete any of my comments
  9. well I got me a new obsession to waste my money on: land of the lustrous manga and anime and also the amethysts aaa

    1. thepensword


      land of the lustrous is on amazon prime just fyi

    2. quill in the grass

      quill in the grass

      Figured that out and got insanely excited cuz I actually have prime

  10. So sorry!!

    Ah yeah @Apollo's Lover I'm really sorry. For various real life reasons I can't access the discord...
  11. So sorry!!

    Oh gosh okay I thought my subscription ran out and was like oh no i lost my people why now. I'd appreciate another way to contact as well.
  12. heartbreak has hit. expect more sad poetry

    1. Apollo's Lover

      Apollo's Lover

      Sad poetry is the most valid way to deal with hearbreak. Sending you sunshine will help to hopefully? ☀☀☀

  13. Here's your chance to become a non player character

    @thepensword Next session is in less than a week, I'll post on how it goes. (chaotically because I don't have a planned storyline and I'm literally just letting them loose in a town)
  14. hey look i need help again

    Edit: I chose Jenkins as my camp name