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  1. never did i think i'd spend an english/lit period walking around with a cape and fake beard on my head and then having to act the part of a tantrum-throwing three-year-old...


    (we're making 'book trailers' in class, it's great lol)

  2. breathe

    this is really beautiful O.o i love this part!
  3. driveway olympics

    parabolic asphalt skid marked and cracked open lead to salt-less driveways left for kids with old hockey sticks gravel to skin when our feet slip, sold saline to our past selves through bloodstained mittens with the chill in our quaking shoulder and stinging nerve endings simultaneously numb and frozen solid
  4. duck your head, cover your eyes

    i love your poetry so so much <3 it's absolutely beautiful!!
  5. van gogh nights

    the heavens seem closer than they usually do- peridot and indigo hued, the soft rustling of bottle green leaves made kinetic by lazy shadow-slinking creatures eyes so wide and gold-strung binary-star blinding, piercing heavy lidded irises poking through night's sleepy breath they crawl up with short brushstrokes over ultramarine hills the colors of the sky painted in their hearts
  6. fave out of context lines i've heard- january edition

    "hey, i'm not judging you. my sister is obsessed with warrior cat memes and eating butter, so..."

    "um, it's pronounced me-ath, not meth. I should know, it do it every day"

    "i'm not running across that raging stampede of testosterone!"

    "can you not eat like a gerbil!?"

    "i had fun faking my own death"

    "i swear veggie tales uses satanic powers... they pick up stuff without hands"

    "if you put another picture of shrek on our powerpoint i swear to God i'll slap you"

    "i'm a poet, see- my name is kaylen, i am a bitch, i murdered someone, they're in a ditch"


    1. queenie_flower


      Me and my friends have one of these, too. Glad to see the rest of the world is weird

  7. also psst i need help

    thank you sm!
  8. also psst i need help

    i need help, too, when i click on create, "status" isn't one of the options...?
  9. funny childhood stories

    I did too!
  10. chrysalis

    aww this is really sweet :)
  11. funny childhood stories

    a place to talk about all the weird, embarrassing, or stupid stuff you did as a kid. no judging allowed!
  12. her perfume smells like petrichor

    duuude, the imagery in this is incredible! each stanza feels kind of like seasons changing, i like it a lot <3 O.o love these lines
  13. ametrine

    thank you guys so much <33
  14. ametrine

    if you're dusky skies then i'm honey colored lips dripping sugar and hyena laughs sharp sunlight through venetian blinds splitting skin i'm mango and guava sweet on your tongue and quiet acoustic soft around your head you're watercolored concrete buildings bleeding micron ink into watery skies and indigo hands bruised purple amethyst and i'm citrine we're so different and the same two souls fused we exist together in this love ~~~ so, i had to do this report on a gemstone for science and i thought it would be a good metaphor for a poem?? idk, tell me what you think, critiques welcome.