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  1. discord

    thank you much
  2. discord

    shit i'm sorry i was too late again. is there a way you can just add me? i'm Bluebird#5793 if that helps. if not can you send it again i'm sorry
  3. closet

    i love that so much
  4. discord

    the link expired can you send it again @The Invincible Troodon
  5. discord

    can someone give me a link to the discord? it always expires before i can join and now that cicada is shutting down i don't want to lose contact with y'all. thanks.
  6. from the fires

    “it’s funny, when i look at the sky without star charts the only constellations i can remember are orion and the dippers god, that sounds like an awful band name but somehow, i can remember that dog days came to be because sirius was high in the sky, the canine of the heavens, canis major, malam ferre fortunam now, the nights are long, sultry, days waning like the moon and i miss how the fire lit the underside of the trees and we sat too close to it, legs sticky with sweat, glowing soft orange near the flames the cicadas sang louder than the radio. did you ever point your flashlight at the sky, knowing full well that after a while the light particles spread into nothingness but wondering anyway if extraterrestrial beings, life in galaxies across the universe, would see it? different cultures saw star clusters differently, like, our andromeda could be someone’s white tiger strange, right? everyone sees the universe differently, but there’s beauty in that.”
  7. my prison is a gilded frame

    i oversaturate shamelessly, for the psyche in my brain back burners that i don’t see but that courses like electricity through my body skull cluttered subconscious parts that bleed through when i don’t mean for them to if my ichor ran like acrylics when i hurt, would you believe i was a masterpiece inside and out? i want to be your color splash, your tinted glasses, your eleventh marilyn so vibrant your eyes burn baby, i’m my own magnum opus and i know it venus, mona, they’ve got dead eyes but i’ve learned that blurry cameras equal authentic smiles and the beauty in real people so don’t be surprised i’m the heat lightning in the dark and i’m a short circuiting wire, a force like gravity, i’ll make you fall deep and paint my name inside your eyelids oh, darling, i’ll set rome ablaze before you realize what you’ve set free
  8. magnolia

    my phone won’t let me take pictures anymore because i took so many of the damn trees which is okay because they never really captured them plus things are more beautiful when you don’t see them as often in late april when i drive into urbana sometimes it’s like pink rain magnolia petals like wet cotton sticking to your skin, magenta veins when it’s overcast the trees cast shadows in the street but the sky is still white i’ve noticed when i write poems i always set the scene maybe because i loved the world outside my window before i loved any person he wants to be a writer you know i trust him because he’s a boy with more poetry in him than you’d ever know my gut is never wrong his lips are softer than the petals falling into sidewalk gutters brushed aside by windshield wipers and his music makes me feel the same euphoria that thunderstorms do i can’t shut up about what i love once this little girl with sepal green eyes told me i was a happy person and i realize now that it’s a full circle there a picture of me at fourteen months under a magnolia tree with soft tawny hair and the widest smile so many years have gone by where it’s been missing and now my hair has turned carob and my smile reappeared wider and the magnolia petals spiral down down back to the earth and everything is good again
  9. im depressed and not doing great big surprise

    i love this line a lot.
  10. Mama's face

    i love these lines so much. this entire poem is just amazing.
  11. she broke your throne

    yes! it is! i was wondering if anyone would get that.
  12. she broke your throne

    waxen citrine sunlight turns our eyes to tinted crystal from the side, they look evil- not like i'll destroy half the universe and call it mercy evil, more like i'll slice you down to marrow with a smile we sit on bottle green park benches three girls, with nihilism seared into our cerebrum (someday, our generation will get a better name) laughing into the golden hour around the peridot-hued grass is cold under bare feet, so unlike the tar lines in the road we sing hallelujah as we walk home harmony melting into the pavement and into our hearts
  13. thoughts on a cold

    i love the imagery in this!
  14. when the bow breaks

    sending all my love <3 this is a beautiful poem, queenie.