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  1. im depressed and not doing great big surprise

    i love this line a lot.
  2. Mama's face

    i love these lines so much. this entire poem is just amazing.
  3. she broke your throne

    yes! it is! i was wondering if anyone would get that.
  4. she broke your throne

    waxen citrine sunlight turns our eyes to tinted crystal from the side, they look evil- not like i'll destroy half the universe and call it mercy evil, more like i'll slice you down to marrow with a smile we sit on bottle green park benches three girls, with nihilism seared into our cerebrum (someday, our generation will get a better name) laughing into the golden hour around the peridot-hued grass is cold under bare feet, so unlike the tar lines in the road we sing hallelujah as we walk home harmony melting into the pavement and into our hearts
  5. thoughts on a cold

    i love the imagery in this!
  6. when the bow breaks

    sending all my love <3 this is a beautiful poem, queenie.
  7. you will grow stronger than sequoias and in time, you will touch the sky this whole earth is a blank page and your fingers are bleeding colored ink the waves of the sea cannot compare to your eyes oracle beauty universes wait to be unravelled, secrets yearning to be found sadness sinking in like fog over fields, but soon, the sun will shine through laughter, golden smiles even on sad days, you are truly ametrine you will find your way although wolves howl at night, you are safe here with us. ~~~~~ author's note: to selah, kalani, emma, alejandro, jocelyn, oliver, and emmelia. these could be read individually or as a single poem? i think i'm going to rewrite this with different line breaks because it seems a bit weird like this.
  8. lydia, pt. 1

    i think of rich mulberry hues whenever i hear your name the kind of purple that can't be synthetic your namesake was a saint and your birth month the amethyst heart of winter i always said i wanted your eyes, terra cotta flecked copper (unlike mine- oxidized) and your freckles stippled on with the lightest touch
  9. what am i looking for

    i don't think i've ever related to a line so much o.O
  10. worth

    the simplicity of this is beautiful and i absolutely love it.
  11. i. i’m standing naked in front of the sink examining myself like a cadaver i can’t decide whether i like what i see because i don’t believe the mirror or my friends when they tell me i’m pretty maybe i’m unphotogenic or conditioned into hating myself who knows ii. my skin and the room are turned vanilla by curtains that dim sunlight and block the outside and i haven’t shaved in weeks because it’s so cold so so cold goosebumps dot my arms and dark hair grows in all the places it shouldn’t i’m iii. envious of blondes and a lot of people really iv. i’m sorry v. there are three scars on my leg from my neighbor’s dog where the skin is not real skin but stretched and red and indented another on my right hand from a plastic chair (long story) a fifth on my ankle from twisted metal and a sixth on my arm from me vi. sometimes i wish we were all blind and always i wish i saw more girls with smiles on billboards and mall store signs vii. i smile often but do i deserve to? viii. i’ve gotten so bony to the point where i can stack quarters on my collarbones and you can see my sternum in the right light but is that good or bad? am i beautiful or not? ix. i can never decide
  12. The thing about hope

    as always, your imagery is beautiful <3 i love reading your poems!!
  13. thank you so much <3 it means a lot. i'm sorry you have to deal with this too!
  14. Dreams

    had a dream that hitler came to my school, and gave my class a worksheet to do for some reason. i had so much other work to do that i forgot to do it until the day of, it was the most stressful dream ever because i thought i was going to get beaten if i didn't do it, so i spent most of the dream sitting on a playground slide with 4 other random girls i didn't know cramming to get it done.
  15. euphor

    walking like i'm tipsy even though it's three thirty and i'm wearing no shoes and i've had maybe three sips of wine in my life the hallway lights reflect in the floor tile and in your eyes it's too bright and i want to be alone with you and smiling's my thing i'll have crow's feet before i'm twenty and you said something about my laugh but never finished your sentence because i caught your eye in a drunken daze feeling like gravity was something i'd only dreamed about
  16. Overheard Quotes

    if you want context for any of these tell me "if eggos were real i'd eat them all the time" "you can't spell hayden without aids" "code name beef...can you imagine just having a girl's number saved into your phone as beef?" "i know you're talking about me!" "is this the video where the guy makes out with a statue?" "NO DABBING AT THE TABLE!" everyone proceeds to dab "I LOVE TYLER AND FRICKING PTERODACTYLS" "don't drink paint water, you might die" "that's kind of the point" "how can you not think my snape hair looks sexy"
  17. The Old Farm

    i also have a meadowbrook close to where i live!
  18. ivoire

    travertine membrane stretches over protruding wrist bones, red knuckled dried ivory foundation and eczematic winter tendencies outside, this skin is parchment paper but against cold porcelain a darker hue dad's mediterranean runs through my veins but only shows up in my sister
  19. funny childhood stories

    a place to talk about all the weird, embarrassing, or stupid stuff you did as a kid. no judging allowed!
  20. a text i never thought i'd receive


  21. Burnt Out

    holy crap, i can really feel this. i can't choose a single line because they're all wonderful, but wow !!!
  22. Overheard Quotes

    i have so many of these! i'll post some when i get the chance.
  23. never did i think i'd spend an english/lit period walking around with a cape and fake beard on my head and then having to act the part of a tantrum-throwing three-year-old...


    (we're making 'book trailers' in class, it's great lol)

    1. The Invincible Troodon
    2. bluebird


      my partner's book that i have to act for is called "the little princess". it's strange...

    3. The Invincible Troodon
  24. breathe

    this is really beautiful O.o i love this part!